10 Best Air-fuel Ratio Gauge 2022 – Reviews & Guide

10 Best Air-fuel Ratio Gauge 2022 – Reviews & Guide

In the world of tuning, knowing your air/fuel ratio is key to a healthy and powerful engine. This is because the AFR reading can tell a tuner a lot about whether or not an engine is making power, or if something is wrong.

In stock form, most cars have oxygen sensors that send a signal to a control module, which then adjusts the air/fuel ratio so that it’s optimal for all conditions. When you start modifying an engine, the factory ECU will no longer be able to properly adjust to all types of driving conditions, so you will need an aftermarket exhaust gas temperature gauge (EGT) to properly monitor temperatures.

Matching an exhaust gas temperature gauge with your vehicle’s powerband will give you the knowledge needed to keep your car running at its best.

1.AEM (30-4110) UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge


AEM’s UEGO wideband AFR gauge utilizes the Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband sensor and features a weld-in bung for accurate oxygen measurement. The gauge has an in-house 2-1/16” diameter lens and includes black and white interchangeable bezels. The gauge includes a tuning adapter to allow users to calibrate the wideband gauge in their application for free.

2.GlowShift Black 7 Series Digital Wideband Air / Fuel Ratio (AFR) Gauge Kit

Let this GlowShift Black Digital Wideband Air / Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit help you monitor and maintain the proper air/fuel ratio in your car. With its easy-to-use, 7 colors LED display, this gauge allows you to monitor the status of your engine has a multi-color LCD panel backlit with a cool blue hue.

This kit includes an oxygen sensor and a data logging output with two sets of wire harnesses for easy installation. It’s also easy to install and requires only basic hand tools to complete.

3.AEM 30-0300 X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge


The X-Series Wideband UEGO AFR Sensor Controller Gauge (PN 30-0300) features a modern, visually striking faceplate and new seven-segment center display that is 87% larger than the 30-4110 AEM Wideband Controller Gauge. An optional added-cost 7″ full-color TFT digital screen is available in some models.

The gauge includes a 0-5V output for feedback control, and an RS232 serial and CANbus (AEMnet) output for data logging and on-the-fly switching between AFR target table and sensor inputs.

4.GlowShift Tinted 7 Color Analog Needle Wideband AFR Gauge

In our continued effort to provide you with awesome gauges, we bring you an analog air/fuel ratio gauge for E85 and alcohol-based fuels.

This gauge features a 7 color needle with a 1-10 scale dial. Needle color changes from dark blue through to green as the AFR (Air Fuel Ratio) changes from rich to lean. The white backlight display changes from purple to green as your AFR swings around the stoich line varying from 0.71:1 at full rich and up to 2.88:1 at full lean on this gauge.

5.Innovate Motorsports 3918 MTX Series MTX-L Plus Wideband Gauge

The Innovate Motorsports 3918 MTX-L Plus gauge is the latest model to usher in the next generation of Multi-Use Digital Gauges. This gauge features a high contrast user-friendly LCD display and an intuitive menu system with dual-function programmable touch screen buttons.

With a choice of two touch screen colors (white or black) the MTX-L Plus makes your gauges come alive in full color with an easy-to-read green display. The MTX-L Plus uses new water-resistant connectors and industry standard 0-5v outputs for fast and easy integration into any vehicle.

6.AEM 52mm X-series Wideband UEGO Air/Fuel Ratio Sensor Controller Gauge

Install this AEM 52mm Wideband UEGO Air Fuel Ratio Sensor Controller Gauge (W-AFR) Kit and have the power to monitor your engine efficiently.

This W-AFR Gauge Kit consists of a 2 ½ inch air fuel ratio gauge and a wideband oxygen sensor that is designed for vehicles with forced induction engines. It also collects data for average temperature, pressure and humidity readings from an external sensor.

7.Innovate Motorsports (3837) LM-2 (BASIC) Digital Air/Fuel Ratio


The Innovate Motorsports (3837) LM-2 (BASIC) Digital Air/Fuel Ratio Air/Fuel Sensor incl. Bosch LSU 4.9 , Black is a high quality replacement part for your stock or aftermarket exhaust air fuel ratio sensor.

It measures the hydrocarbons in the exhaust and calculates the air-to-fuel ratio in order to better tune your vehicle for maximum performance. The digital display has a large needle over a smaller needle, displaying the exact air-to-fuel ratio in real time on one screen making it easy to see where the adjustments need to be made when tuning.

8.ESUPPORT Car 2″ 52mm Air Fuel Ratio Gauge

This 52mm digital panel air fuel ratio gauge is the perfect solution for your car tuning need. It reads the air/fuel ratio of your engine on your vehicle dashboard. It’s easy to install and read. ESUPPORT offers this 52mm digital air fuel ratio gauge with precise features, solid construction, high reliability, and durability, which makes it ideal for daily use. The red LED illuminated needles make it visible in daylight and complete dark environment. The performance of this gauge is phenomenal!

9.Auto Meter Wideband Air/Fuel Ratio Analog Gauge

The Auto Meter Sport-Comp II Air/Fuel Ratio Gauge Kit features a modern white LED through-the-dial lighting that provides clear visibility during nighttime use. The gauge kit also includes a Bosch LSU4.2 sensor for increased accuracy over generic sensors. This performance tuner gauge is the perfect addition to any performance vehicle that desires accurate A/F ratio information.

10.Innovate Motorsports 3918 MTX Series MTX-L Plus Wideband Gauge

The Innovate Motorsports 3918 MTX Series MTX-L Plus Wideband Gauge, Black/White, 52mm is a very lightweight and convenient air fuel ratio gauge. The wideband Bosch LSU 4.9 wideband O2 sensor can read measurements in real-time while you make adjustments to your vehicle.

A very useful feature is the faster analog output which helps ensure that your engine control unit (ECU) sees changes in air/fuel ratio as they happen. The Innovate gauge is equipped with great features such as an enhanced heater control for superior sensor performance in forced induction and other high-performance applications.