10 Best Tower Speakers Under $200 2022 – Reviews & Guide


Our first standing speaker comes from Yamaha, this is a very high-quality yet affordable floor-standing speaker under 200. The design of these speakers is not only compact but also it is very stylish and modern. The front grills are made of high quality and the wooden finish on the outside would make your place look beautiful. It has a frequency response of between 28Hz – and 22kHz so you can expect to hear a clear and crystal sound.

The good thing about these speakers is that you don’t have to make a lot of room for them, they are designed to fit in small places like the side of the couch or TV because they take up more space vertically than horizontally.

This speaker has a two-way bass reflex system which means that you can expect to hear a rich and clear sound along with some bass as well.

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The front grille is magnetic so you can easily remove it without damaging it in any way, plus it also has a removable cloth which makes cleaning much easier. You can buy this speaker in pairs as well but the price might go up in that case.

1. Pioneer SP-FS52 Loudspeaker


The SP-FS52 floor standing speakers were designed to offer extraordinary performance and remarkable sound quality for music and home theater at an affordable price.

The SP-FS52 floor standing speakers come with two 5.25″ structured surface woofers with oversized magnets that provide improved bass response while maintaining excellent resolution. The 3/4″ silk dome tweeter delivers smooth, clear, and extended highs.

The RF Molded Curved Cabinets have exterior curved surfaces that reduce internal standing waves for less audible coloration, improved imaging, a more open sound stage, and tighter bass response. The cabinets have a beautiful black ash finish that blends well into any room setting.

A keyhole slot is provided on the back of the speaker to allow wall mounting using a single screw (mounting screw not included). A detachable base allows the speaker to be placed directly on the floor or shelf without using the provided feet.

2. Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker



  • Speaker Type: Tower
  • Brand: Sony
  • Model Name: SSCS3
  • Special Feature: Subwoofer
  • Subwoofer Diameter: 5.12 Inches

The Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker is designed to amplify your movie, music, and gaming experience with a speaker that provides full-frequency audio with a three-way coaxial, four-driver speaker system. With the right setup, you can create a robust 5.1.2 home theater setup perfect for Dolby Atmos surround sound with the complete range of CS speakers from Sony.

The ¾ in. super tweeter and 1” tweeter featured in the Sony SSCS3 3-Way Floor-Standing Speaker accurately reproduces high frequency sounds for an expansive soundstage. The dual 5.12” woofers deliver deep, stable bass and detailed mid-range sounds. Optimized crossover componentry creates clear crisp sound with 145 W maximum input power. This product comes with one speaker per carton.

I am using these with a Marantz SR7012 receiver and they sound perfect. When playing a CD or watching a movie when there is silence on the screen you can sometimes hear the internal amplifier on my Marantz receiver but that may just be because they are so sensitive they will pick up any sound coming from my Marantz receiver including the sound it makes when it is in amplifier mode but no music or sound is playing through them. I don’t notice this when playing music but only when it is silent on my TV or CD player although.

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Polk Audio TSi300 Floorstanding Speaker – The new TSi Series is a quality-built, affordable line of high-performance loudspeakers for music and home theater. The TSi Series boasts a stylish look that complements today’s flat-screen technology, with wood grain finishes, piano black top plates, and pewter trim rings. All TSi Series speakers feature Dynamic Balance drivers and tweeters for crisp, clean, natural sound.

For the best surround sound experience in your home, the Polk Audio TSi300 floorstanding speaker is the ideal choice. This single tower speaker features one 1-inch silk/polymer composite Dynamic Balance dome tweeter, two 5.25-inch diameter bi-laminate organic fiber cone woofers, and a powerful neodymium magnet structure for clear, crisp sound reproduction.

Thanks to its patented Dynamic Balance technology, which eliminates issues that reduce speaker performance–such as uneven response, frequency interference, and distortion–the Polk Audio TSi300 delivers incredibly accurate sound reproduction across the entire audio spectrum. What’s more, this floor-standing speaker’s proprietary Terylene high-resolution dome tweeter brings you crystal-clear highs without harshness or listening fatigue.

Sony’s new SSF-7000 floor standing speaker is the flagship model in their new 4K & 3D-Ready Home Theater System line. The SSF-7000 was designed to deliver the next generation of audio performance, with all the power and precision needed to fully enjoy everything from 3D movies to the most popular music formats.

The SSF-7000 features a newly developed 8″ mica reinforced woofer that utilizes a black ash wood fiber cone for higher rigidity and lowers internal loss. The result is a powerful bass response that reproduces every note, even at high volume levels.

A large diameter voice coil ensures high efficiency and low distortion, while a large magnet circuit provides plenty of power handling capability. In addition, the speaker features a 2nd 8″ enhanced H.O.P. cone woofer for ultra-low bass response. The H.O.P. (Highly Oriented Polyolefin) cone provides excellent damping characteristics for improved transient response and excellent linearity in both mid/bass frequencies.

The SSF-7000 utilizes Sony’s highly regarded Nano-Fine balanced dome tweeter with an ultra-wide frequency response of up to 50 kHz, which allows you to hear every detail in today’s high-resolution movie.

The Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II is a floor-standing speaker that combines the looks of a good-looking speaker with an affordable price and a great sound. The sound is rich, full, and very detailed and it can fill the whole room. This makes the Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II one of the best-selling floor-standing speakers.

The Polk Audio Monitor 60 Series II has three 5 ¼ inch woofers, a 1-inch dome tweeter, and a 6 ½ inch bass driver built into its cabinet. This gives you exceptional power in a 3-way design. The speakers have a very linear response and they can handle loud sounds without breaking up.

They have no problems reproducing the deep bass or the high-frequency sounds from the audio signal that is input into them. In addition, the woofers are constructed from polymer/mineral composite, which is strong and durable. They also have rubber surrounds for long life and improved performance.

There are a lot of good speakers out there, but there is something special about Polk Audio. With the trio of speakers in the new R50 series, Polk has managed to create an entry-level speaker line that is not only affordable but offers excellent sound quality and ease of use. It’s not an easy feat to make a speaker that sounds good, looks good, and doesn’t break the bank.

The R50 is a tower speaker with dual 6.5-inch woofers inside. These woofers are made with Polymer composite materials and feature rubber surrounds for smooth performance without any unwanted noise or distortion.

The mid-range driver/tweeter cohttps://amzn.to/3x4uW9nmbo is also quite nice. The 1-inch silk/polymer composite dome tweeter sounds clean and clear without being harsh or overbearing. The midrange driver is made from Kapton which allows for fast transients and a smooth response over the entire range.

This is a great speaker. I have it paired with the JBL ES 250P-powered sub. In my small room, they shake the walls without ever getting distorted. The tweeter is awesome, the midrange is perfect, and the bass is fantastic. I was worried that the bass wouldn’t be enough but it is more than enough for me. I have not tried them in a larger room, but in my 17′ x 14′ room they are perfect. I am just using them as stereo speakers and not with a center or surround channel speakers.

I have seen some reviews that say the speaker sounds muddy at low volumes, but I find that to be completely untrue. They sound just fine at low volumes and I don’t ever turn them up very loud.

I tried many different speakers before settling on these JBL speakers and for me, these are perfect for my needs and preferences.

everything you need to DJ your next party or gathering. The powerful 2-way speaker features a 15″ woofer and 1″ tweeter, which combine to produce 1500 watts of pure power. Equipped with the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology, you can play your favorite music instantly from any Bluetooth-enabled device such as iPhone, Android, iPad, or others.

I have a set of 4 of these in my family room. They are excellent speakers with great bass for their size. I can’t tell the difference between these and my Klipsch RF series when listening to music. They sound as good as the RF series but not quite as loud. The sound is crisp and clear even at medium volume. At higher levels they do distort a little bit, but probably no more than any other bookshelf speaker.

I use these with an Onkyo TX-NR676 receiver and an SVS PB1000 subwoofer, so I don’t expect them to produce much bass on their own. However, they do go a lot lower than most bookshelf speakers without having a boomy bottom end like tower speakers can sometimes have.

If you’re looking for good-quality speakers that don’t take up much visual space, these are great speakers. I was surprised how well they worked in my setup as I didn’t think they’d be able to provide enough bass, but they do a good job filling out the bottom end of my sound stage.

The BIC America DV84 2-Way Tower Speaker is a slim, floor-standing speaker system featuring a dual 8-inch woofer and dual 8-inch passive radiator system designed to provide a deep bass response.

The speaker can handle up to 250 watts of power, creating room-filling sound with minimal distortion. It has a frequency response of 24 Hz–22 kHz with 3 kHz crossover and sensitivity at 90dB 1W/1m.

The included 0.75-inch tweeter provides crisp, clear highs while the side-firing ports generate powerful bass output with low distortion. The speaker’s stylish cabinet is made of black ash and comes with removable carpet spikes and rubber feet for use on any surface type.

Enjoy clear, high-quality sound with the BIC America Venturi DV84 2-Way Tower Speaker. It’s suitable for stereo or surrounds sound applications. This 2-way tower speaker features dual 8″ poly woofers and dual passive radiators to ensure extra bass extension.

The protected .75″ titanium tweeter delivers a crisp sound to complete the listening experience. This BIC tower speaker can handle up to 250 watts of power so you can enjoy loud, clear music. It has a wide frequency response for accurate sound reproduction in the highs and lows, and a sensitivity of 90dB 1W/1m for optimal results at any volume level.

The removable cloth grille adds a clean, sleek look that enhances your home decor. This BIC America Venturi DV84 2-Way Tower Speaker comes with everything you need for easy installation.

In the early days of recorded music, one of the most popular products on the market was a loudspeaker called an electrostatic speaker, or ESL. Electrostatic speakers are still available today, but they are expensive and don’t always sound good. But now Amazon has come out with its version, called the Amazon Basics Bookshelf Speakers.

The Amazon Basics Bookshelf Speakers have a “2-way acoustic design for optimal sound quality.” These speakers are designed to be used in a stereo or home entertainment system. They can also be used to power a TV or computer. The speakers have a 50-watt power rating and can handle frequencies from 50Hz to 20kHz.

The speakers have a handsome brown wood finish with black accents. They measure 6.9 by 7.4 by 10.6 inches and weigh 13.9 pounds each. The speakers are backed by an Amazon Basics 1-year limited warranty.