10 Best Backyard Batting Cage 2022 – Reviews & Guide


10 Best Backyard Batting Cage 2022 – Reviews & Guide

When it comes to the backyard batting cage, there are many things to consider. The most obvious is whether or not you have a large enough backyard for a full-size batting cage. If you do, you will need to consider the cost of a batting cage and if it is something that you can afford.

Trying to decide what type of batting cage to purchase can be challenging. There are many different types of batting cages that range in price from $400 for a small portable unit up to $4,000 for a very large batting cage. The main difference between these types of batting cages is the size of the netting and the size and quality of the pitching machine that comes with the cage.

There are many cheap portable units available at places like Academy Sports and Wal-Mart, but they do not offer much more than a backstop netting and some targets attached with zip ties.

These units are ok if you are just trying to hit off of one target, but they would not work well with multiple players using them at once. They also do not include any pitching machines so you will have to find one separately.

There are so many considerations for gear when it comes to baseball. You have to find the right glove, test different types of baseballs, try on different styles of cleats, and choose the perfect bat. but what about batting cages? It may seem far-fetched to think about putting a huge batting cage in your backyard, but there are options out there that are perfect for any size yard.

How big should a backyard batting cage be?

The size of the cage is dependent on a number of factors: the age and skill level of the hitter, the type of space available, and how much money you are going to spend.

The first thing to consider is the age and skill level of the pitcher. The higher the skill level, the more accurate they are going to be with their pitches. You need to make sure your cage is big enough to handle their best pitches or you will find yourself out replacing netting on a regular basis. If you have young kids just starting out, it may not be necessary to get a very large cage since it’s likely they will be hitting balls in all directions anyway.

The next thing that you need to consider is what kind of space you have available for your backyard batting cage. The most important measurement is how much length you have available for your backyard batting cage. The length of your backyard batting cage is determined by how far away from the home plate you want your pitching machine or pitcher to be positioned. The closer they are, the smaller your cage needs to be and vice versa.

The last thing that needs to be considered is how much money you want to spend on your batting cage installation project.

Is a 35 foot batting cage big enough?

The batting cage is 35 x 17 x 10.5 ft. (L x W x H), so it is big enough for professional play and ideal for tournaments, clubs and academies.

The high-quality netting ensures the best quality when used indoors or outdoors. The frame, made from steel construction with a sturdy galvanised coating, makes the cage exceptionally stable and durable.

The bottom of the batting cage has a skirt to prevent balls from leaving the surface on which it sits.

How do you measure a batting cage net?

If you’re looking to build a batting cage, one of the first decisions you’ll have to make is what size net you need. You don’t want a net that’s too small, as it could be hit by the ball and damaged or broken. But if your net is too large, it won’t provide as much protection against balls flying out of your cage and hitting people or things.

The most common way to measure nets sold in stores like Amazon is by their weight per square foot (or PSF). This measurement should be provided somewhere on the product listing. However, if you’re ordering a custom-made batting cage net from a company like Net World Sports, you can request any length you like from 25 feet to 200 feet long. Net World Sports will simply determine the necessary PSF for your new cage based on how long it needs to be.

1. FORTRESS Trapezoid Batting Cage

Fortress Trapezoid Baseball Batting Cage [COMPLETE PACKAGE] Model FR10X-C | This baseball batting cage arrives with all the accessories you need to play with exceptional quality. The trapezoid design is tried and true, allowing your players to practice both inside pitches, as well as line drives. This batting cage setup is for use by both kids and adults. It includes a frame, net, leg levelers, stakes, ground anchors, pulls ropes, two ball straws, two baseball lids, zip ties, and detailed instructions. All parts are powder-coated wire or mesh galvanized steel with nickel.

2. Fortress Ultimate Baseball Batting Cage 

One (1) – Fortress Baseball Batting Cage (35 feet in length, 18 feet high, 23 feet wide, and posts are 13 inches in diameter), posts and net come pre-assembled. All you need to do is stake into the ground and then anchor to the ground with volleyball sandbags. Precision cut netting that is durable and can withstand years of use (16 gauge steel welding wire and 10 gauge post). The Fortress Ultimate Baseball Batting Cage is weight tested at over 500 lbs and comes with a hanging scale to make sure you meet all baseball association regulations.

3. 60′ Wheelhouse Batting Cage w/L-Screen

The Wheelhouse 60′ Batting Cage with L-Screen is great for all ages. This batting cage is portable, durable, and can be used indoors or outdoors. It is sold complete with the net, pitching machine (60′ arc), carry bag, stakes, all assembly hardware including the extendable frame poles. It also includes a tool kit, instructions, and assembly diagram. The Wheelhouse 60′ Batting Cage set is lightweight so it can be moved around to accommodate your needs. Since this is an independent setup it can be used anywhere you have 6 solid anchor points that are at least 6ft apart.

4. Fortress Pop-Up Baseball Batting Cage – Backyard Batting

Fortress pop-up baseball hitting cage is the perfect backyard batting practice net because it’s so portable. Put it up in 5 minutes, take it down in 2! The Guardian-style netting captures batted balls in the netting for easy retrieval. Anywhere you have space to set up your 40 ft or 60 ft pop-up batting cage – in the back yard, basement, side yard, parking lot, church field – it’s ready to go! Put some swings on this thing and you’ll be hitting home runs all summer long.

5. Jones Sports 70′ 60PLY Heavy Duty #42 HDPE Batting CAGE with Frame KIT

The 70′ 60PLY HDPE Batting Cage is Jones Sports’ heaviest hitting cage offering. It is a giant in the backyard sports batting cage industry. This cage is a perfect choice for youth or adult baseball and softball players who are serious about improving their swing. Its super thick walls give this cage its girth, but also provide stability and safety to your precious cargo. The roomy, 3-pitch cage with three backstops makes challenging all areas of the strike zone a breeze.

6. Fortress Mobile Baseball Batting Cage

The Academy double-sided 24ft batting cage will improve your player’s hitting speed and accuracy. The double-sided baseball pitching net is made from heavy-duty PVC-coated Nylon for a lightweight yet durable climbing surface. It can be set up to be a left-handed or right-handed batting cage. Fortress Batting Cages are designed with a push-through safety attached to the top of our bolts, which means there are no loose parts to misplace. Fortress Batting Cages come with a 1-year limited warranty against manufacturer defects.

7. Batting Cage Frame Kit EZ UP & Down

A complete batting cage frame kit is only available to Outfielder. Custom-fit to your vehicle, this baseball softball frame kit is built with heavy-duty steel and features black powder coating for rust protection. Comes with all of the hardware you need to get started including 1 pair of side guard grill guard rails, 1 pair of black poles, 1 pair of 50″ support brackets, 4 corner mounting feet, 2 swivel softball stand bases, and 5 14″ pitch-off tops that are compatible with both high pitch and low pitch softballs.

8. Net World Sports 42 Heavy Duty Net Batting Cage

Our HDPP (High-Density Polyethylene) and Camp Ripstop Nylon 42 batting cage nets (baseball nets, softball nets, hitting nets, hitting nets for sale) provide years of durable dependable use. You can choose between our regular HDPP batting cage nets (12 sizes), our HDPP light-duty baseball nets (6 sizes), and our HDPP light-duty softball nets (3 sizes). The benefit of these 42-diameter baseball/softball batting cage netting is the large amount of space you have for swings and activities while offering a super strong polyethylene top.

9. BCI Commercial Quality Batting Cage Net

The BCI Commercial Quality Batting Cage Net offers a superior design and is made of commercial-quality polyethylene knotted netting. This durable batting cage net offers the ultimate protection against baseballs and offers a superior design that stays in shape through all types of weather. The heavy-duty rope borders allow for quick and easy installation, while the center rib lines assure proper alignment and durability against impact from baseballs. Each BCI Commercial Quality Batting Cage Net includes an entry door to provide easy access. This batting cage net is UV protected and will last for years outside.

10. JUGS Batting Cage Nets


Use our JUGS® batting cage nets when building your own cage or when replacement nets are needed. The 42″ by 18′ twisted knotted black polyethylene nets are hung on the square and are designed specifically for baseball and softball use. These heavy-duty commercial grade nets have a high tensile strength and durability rating making them superior for direct impact sports.

The JUGS Batting Cage Nets are constructed of the strongest material available in netting.  The twisted knot has a higher overall strength and durability rating. Also, when using our twisted knot technology, the pattern ensures even tension for both lefties and righties. Our nets are great for slow-pitch softball, baseball, or even batting practice with a fungo!