10 Best Car Cigarette Lighter Splitter 2022 – Reviews & Guide

10 Best Car Cigarette Lighter Splitter 2022 – Reviews & Guide

If you’ve ever tried to plug multiple things into the cigarette lighter in your car, you know how frustrating it can be. These days, everyone has at least two devices that need charging and many people have more, which means there are often heated arguments over who gets to use the car charger. To alleviate these problems and keep everyone happy, we’ve come up with a list of the best car cigarette lighter splitters. This list includes some of the most highly-rated products on Amazon, as well as some of our favorites.

Our favorite is the Maxboost 4-Port Car Charger because it offers four USB ports for charging your devices. It’s also quite affordable and won’t take up too much space in your vehicle, which is great if you’re in a tight spot.

If you’re looking for something super portable, we recommend the Kinkoo Infinite One 40W 6-Port USB Charger because it’s just slightly larger than your average USB charger and it offers an incredibly high wattage output, but doesn’t require an AC outlet to charge your devices. We also like that it comes with its own travel pouch so you can easily transport it between home and work or from home to the car without worrying about misplacing it when you’re not using.

1. Amazon Basics Car DC Charger


The AmazonBasics 6.5-foot Car Charger for Nintendo Switch is a convenient way to power up while in the car. This USB-C charger plugs directly into your car’s 12V DC power outlet (aka cigarette lighter/lighter socket) and can be used to charge compatible devices, including the new Nintendo Switch.

It has a 5V/3.0A output that delivers a maximum charging performance to power up the Switch as quickly as possible. The charger is ideal for long drives or road trips, allowing you to safely play your Switch while charging it at the same time.

2. AUOPLUS 120W 3-Way Cigarette Lighter Splitter Car Charger Adapter 

AUOPLUS 120W 3-Way Cigarette Lighter Splitter Car Charger Adapter is perfect for a long trip. It can turn one cigarette lighter socket into a powerful three-in-one outlet with max of 120W output, which can charge your phone, tablet, and other devices at the same time.

With 4 USB ports, it can charge at a max of 6.8A current, which can fast and safe charging your iPhone X/8/7/6s, iPad, Galaxy Note/S phones, or other USB devices.

3. USB C Car Charger Fast Charging

Connect USB-C devices to your car lighter socket with ease. This 30W adapter features a powerful dual 2-port USB charger, a built-in fuse, and a durable adapter cable with a standard USB Type C connection on one end and a cigarette lighter connection on the other.

The compact design takes up minimal space in your vehicle while providing convenience in charging your phones, tablets, and other devices.

4. USB C Car Charger, Blsyetec

The Blsyetec Universal USB C Car Charger [PD3.0+Dual QC3.0] 54W Fast Car Charger Adapter is the ultimate portable power solution that helps users solve the dilemma of trying to find multiple sockets to charge multiple devices at home or in the car.

It is an ultra-compact, low profile and durable charger that can be used with all USB C enabled devices, providing a robust, fast charging speed of up to 45 watts per port. Charge your smartphone, tablet, laptop, and more with one device instead of searching for multiple wall chargers and outlets.

5. Cigarette Lighter Adapter 


Three cigarette lighter adapter with a LED voltage display, dual USB car charger. The car charger adapter is equipped with dual USB outputs and a built-in fuse overcharge protection, suitable for all smartphones or tablets.

The dashcam connector features a fuse replaceable function to protect your system from potential damage. A great gadget for keeping your vehicle in perfect condition while on the road.

6. Rocketek 3-Socket 2-Port USB Quick Charge

The Rocketek 3-Socket 2-Port USB Quick Charge 3.0 Car Charger Splitter Adapter is a multi socket adapter from a single cigarette lighter socket in any car for 2 USB charging ports and a standard 3-pin SAE DC power port that can be used anywhere in the world.

The two USB ports with smart identification system boost up to 6 amps of current allowing you to charge two devices at the same time at full speed, while the third 12 or 24 Volt adapter port with fuse protection can be used to charge mobile devices or run DC appliances with either AC or DC input. At 120 watts,

7. Otium Cigarette Lighter Splitter

OTIUM Car Charger, a Type-C Dual Port 20W PD Fast USB Car Charger with an extra built-in 2.4A/24W Dual QC 3.0 180W Car Adapter, the latest USB Type-C with PD 3.0 technology makes charging your devices safer and faster.

The smaller size engine body fits most car cigarette lighter sockets without blocking adjacent ones, 20000mAh/40Wh lithium battery could charge for iPhone 8/X for 10 times, or for Samsung S9/Note8 for 7 times!

8. Otium Charger, 150W 2-Socket Cigarette Lighter Splitter

The Otium 150W 2-Socket Cigarette Lighter Splitter delivers up to 2.4 amps per socket. It has dual USB quick charging ports with QC 3.0 technology that provide 18W of charging power each. Additional features include a car adapter and replaceable 15A fuse to prevent overcurrent, an LED voltmeter, and a separate switch to control when the accessories are on in the cigarette lighter socket of your vehicle.

9. RapidX X3PD – 3 Port Compact

RapidX X3PD is a compact and fast car charger for 3 devices. Our design team has implemented an advanced charging solution that you probably never dreamed of using in the car. Up to 35W lightning-fast charging, it can provide up to 3.9A current output.

The iphone quick charge will be 18W and the other 2 USB ports will be 17W while the USB-C port will provide 18W support the latest iphone and android models.

10. RapidX X2PD Compact

The RapidX X2PD Compact & Fast Dual Car Charger is a two-port car charger that offers 30W USB-C Power Delivery (PD) and Qualcomm Quick Charge 3. 0 technology for ultra-fast charging. The X2PD offers the best charging technology with a compact design.

The USB-C PD port can provide up to 39W of power and charges your smartphone or tablet at record speeds, while the Qualcomm Quick Charge 3. 0 USB-A port lets you charge your devices at top speeds as well.