10 Best Car Speakers For Metal Music in 2022 – Reviews & Guide

If you love listening to Heavy Metal music at home, then you probably own a decent Hi-Fi or sound system. Or, if you are a real enthusiast, then you will have an entire room dedicated to listening to your favourite music.

However, when we want to listen to our favourite bands while driving, the experience is not always what we hoped it would be. Many of us will just use the car’s speakers and not pay too much attention to their quality. But some of us will go to great lengths to achieve perfection in the car audio department. If you are into Rock and Heavy Metal music, then this article is for you!

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Heavy Metal and Rock music genres have very specific characteristics that set them apart from other kinds of music. Therefore, car speakers that will deliver the best possible audio quality for such music need to have different properties than those needed for other genres.

In general, the best car speakers for Heavy Metal music are those with an efficiency of over 90dB. Speakers must have an excellent frequency response and have to be made of materials that produce smooth overall audio, for example, silk dome tweeters. Also, cones in such speakers have to be ultra-light due to the dynamic of this type of music.

JBL GTO series high-fidelity speakers are the ideal upgrade for any car audio enthusiast who’s looking to transform the driving experience. Choose these 6.5-inch component speakers that feature Plus One carbon-injected cones, soft-dome tweeters and external crossovers.

The GTO609C component system features a true 6 x 9-inch woofer with oversized voice coils to pump out thumping bass. The 609C’s carbon-injected cones create more air movement for greater low frequency output in this class, and its patented I-Mount system allows unparalleled flexibility whether you flush- or surface-mount your component tweeters.

This package also includes a pair of GTO307 3.5-inch component systems, which feature Plus One carbon-injected cones and external crossovers with variable tweeter control so you can tailor the highs to your personal taste.

The Kappa Perfect 5.1 system is designed to reproduce the most demanding musical passages. Infinity engineers have brought decades of acoustic knowledge, precision manufacturing and advanced computer-aided design together in creating a system capable of delivering the “perfect” sound in your car.

A patented Plus One cone structure utilizes a woofer cone that is up to 25 percent larger than the competition’s, while the tweeter dome incorporates an exclusive waveguide design to deliver expansive imaging and smooth, seamless blending with the woofer. The cast-aluminum basket frame helps dissipate heat from the voice coil, which minimizes distortion and ensures outstanding reliability over time.

A new Deep Channel Design cast-aluminum basket allows for more linear excursion and greater power handling. The Kappa Perfect 5.1 system also features a 24dB/octave Linquitz-Riley crossover network that provides precise frequency separation with minimal interaction between drivers for a true three-way system performance with two speakers and a passive crossover network.

The unique multi-element modular design permits quick installation into any vehicle and allows for versatile mounting options in almost any location.

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Power is one of the most important factors that determine how your loudspeaker will perform. If you’re using a high-powered amplifier to drive a pair of large loudspeakers, the power rating on the amplifier is going to be vitally important.

But power is also important when you’re using a lower-powered amplifier, because you’ll need enough juice to drive all of your speakers. The number of watts is usually listed in response impedance specs, which usually says: “The minimum impedance should be Z/2.” That means that as long as your amplifier’s output is greater than Z/2, you can use any impedance above Z/2.

Knowing this can be helpful when shopping for loudspeakers. You’ll find that many brands are advertising their speakers with power ratings like 200W max; one way to tell if it’s really 200W or if it’s just marketing hype is to see if there’s a power rating for each of the woofer and tweeter. If there isn’t, then it’s probably marketing hype.

The W (for “W,” not “v”) in K2 Power stands for “wide dispersion.” Wide dispersion means that the woofer cone has been designed so that its sound waves emanate equally.

Rockford Fosgate Prime R165X3 is a pair of 6.5″ three-way full range speakers that are perfect for that factory speaker upgrade you’ve been looking for. The R165X3 includes grilles and mounting hardware. The Prime Series has been designed to ensure any level of listener can get Rockford Fosgate sound without breaking the bank.

The Prime 6.5″ speakers feature a polypropylene cone, silk dome Piezo tweeter, and midrange. The speakers have a mounting depth of 2.15″ and come with grilles and mounting hardware.

The R165X3 is great as a replacement or an upgrade in any car that uses a 6 1/2 inch speaker. It’s also a nice choice if you’re looking to add more speakers to your system, or if you’re building a new system from scratch and need speakers for your doors or rear deck.

These speakers sound great in my Jeep Wrangler. They have a very nice full sound with good bass. I don’t have an amp on them but they get pretty loud and still sound amazing. I was super impressed by the bass they put out considering they are only 6.5″. I will definitely be getting another pair for the front doors when my stock speakers blow.

The Polk db6501 is built to bring the big surround sound theater and music experience into the comfort of your living room, to the deck, by the pool, or on a boat. You can even take them with you and enjoy great sound anywhere you go.

The db6501 includes a pair of 6.5-inch 2-way component systems and a pair of 1-inch silk/polymer composite dome tweeters. The woofer features a polymer/mica composite cone with butyl rubber surround that delivers clear, accurate bass.

Kapton is an extremely light and rigid material used in the tweeter suspension to provide high efficiency and improve resolution and detail. The silk/polymer dome shape disperses sound with wide dispersion to bring you every note of your music or movie soundtrack. (Die cast aluminum chassis included). A 3-position tweeter level adjustment switch lets you tailor the high frequency output of the speaker to your listening space, whether it’s mounted in a door or a sail panel location.

With Polk speakers the better your speakers are the better your system sounds, so don’t settle for factory speakers when it’s so easy to step up to superior audio performance with Polk’s db Series and experience our Signature Sound for yourself.

Kicker CS Series speakers are the solution for upgrading your factory speakers, offering drop-in coaxial speaker replacements with a robust 130 watts peak power handling and an improved frequency response over stock speakers.

CS Series speakers feature a balanced dome tweeter design to provide smooth, high frequencies at any volume level. A thick polypropylene woofer cone is tough enough for the road and delivers great midbass response. The ribbed UV-treated foam surround prevents deterioration from extended exposure to sunlight, meaning your speakers will stay looking new longer.

The CS Series also features a built-in crossover that eliminates the need for additional crossovers or separate wiring — just hook up your stock speaker wires, and you’re ready to rock!

For over 30 years, KICKER has provided quality products and great sound to car audio fans around the world. As a leading manufacturer of high performance car audio systems, KICKER engineers optimize every component in their systems for high performance.

A great set of speakers can make a huge difference in your car audio system. If you have factory speakers, you know that sound quality can be better. It doesn’t matter if you are driving an expensive luxury vehicle or a budget vehicle, the quality of the speakers will probably be average at best.

While there is no doubt that factory speakers will get the job done, they might not give you the sound quality that you are looking for. If your factory speakers offer poor sound quality and you want to improve it, then you should consider buying a new set of car speakers. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get high-quality audio in your vehicle.

Before we take a detailed look at the NVX 6 ½ Inch Professional Grade Speaker, let’s talk about NVX for a moment. They have been around for more than 35 years and they have used their decades of experience to become one of the leading manufacturers of audio products including amplifiers and subwoofers.

The JBL GTO629 is among the best-selling car speakers of all time, and it’s the only one to be featured on CarAudioNow.com’s homepage. This car speaker comes in multiple sizes including 6×9-inch, 6.5-inch and 5.25-inch.

The GTO629 uses a Plus One system that makes the cone much larger than others in its class. This allows it to move more air, producing more bass and better sound quality overall. Another unique feature is a UniPivot tweeter that can rotate to aim at the driver’s ears for a fully immersive listening experience.

It also has dual level tweeter adjustments to compensate for poor speaker placement, which is quite common in many vehicles.

A three-ohm impedance means it requires less wattage than other speakers to get loud, so it helps draw more power from your factory stereo or aftermarket head unit for better sound quality at high volumes.

The Kappa 10″ subwoofer has a polypropylene cone in the classic Infinity blue color, and is designed to work best in a sealed enclosure. The “dual voice coil” means it can be wired for either 2 ohm or 4 ohm impedance. (See the photo of the terminal plate.)

The black plastic piece on top is not just cosmetic. It serves as a dust cover, protecting the voice coil from dirt and moisture that can damage the speaker over time. (Although if you listen at high volume, you’re much more likely to damage the speaker by overdriving it than by neglecting to keep it clean.) For this reason, I recommend removing it when you install the speaker in your vehicle. It’s very easy to do; just remove four Phillips screws and pull off the cover.

The mounting holes are 10 5/16″ apart on center, and they don’t have countersunk screw holes because they’re not really meant to be used for mounting. Instead, there is an M6 threaded insert in each hole, so you use machine screws with nuts. This lets you mount the speaker from behind a panel or other surface so that no hardware shows from outside.

I was upgrading the speakers in my car and decided to go with Focal. I did a lot of research and read many reviews before making my decision. I did not want to spend over on the speakers so that limited my options. I also wanted to keep my factory head unit and amp so that also limited me. The ES series from Focal caught my eye due to the frequency response and the power handling capabilities.

The install was pretty straight forward. I used Metra 82-4303 speaker adapters for my Toyota Tacoma to make mounting the speakers easier. The Focal speakers come with rubber mounts but they were not deep enough to accommodate the Metra adapter. I purchased some longer bolts (1/4 -20 x 1-1/2”) to extend the rubber mounts so they would fit properly in the Metra adapters. Once mounted, the speakers fit perfectly in the factory cutout in my truck doors.

I ran all new speaker wire from my head unit so I could make sure it was high quality and long enough for each speaker location. If you are upgrading your speakers you should always run new speaker wire if you can.