10 Best Cradle Maternity Belt 2022 – Reviews & Guide

Relieve pregnancy pains and get your body back to normal after giving birth with this belt. It’s made of high quality, stretchy materials that will support your belly, hips, and pelvis. It also has a hook-and-loop design for easy on and off and is adjustable so you can make it tighter or looser as you need.

This belt is recommended for those who have given birth and are recovering from it. It can be used to help with a variety of problems such as weak ligaments, hernia, and even bladder incontinence.

It can help with back pain by giving you support during pregnancy and reducing the pressure on your back while lifting heavy objects (like babies!). This can also help alleviate any pain from carpal tunnel syndrome which causes numbness in the hands due to overuse of computers or typing too much without proper wrist support (like when carrying around an infant).

It will help ease hip pain because it provides support for the hips during pregnancy which means less strain on these muscles when trying to lift something heavy like groceries off the floor or bending down pick up toys off the ground.

1. Skywee Professional Products

The Skywee maternity belt provides effective lower back, pelvic and abdomen support during pregnancy and postpartum recovery. This highly recommended pregnancy belt can be worn under or over your clothing and offers the support and comfort you need in any size, at any stage of pregnancy. It is one of the most widely used and recommended maternity belts in maternity wards and hospitals all over the world due to its simple design, unrivaled comfort, and effective support. This pre-natal yoga belt for pregnancy is perfect for any expectant mom because it can also be used during postpartum recovery after delivery.

2. It’s You Babe

It’s You Babe Pregnancy Belt is better than any belly band thanks to its unique design and compression properties. The It’s you babe pregnancy belt uses the same medical-grade gel as a hospital-approved drug-free pain reliever, proven more effective than other maternity support belts. The It’s you babe pregnancy belt will help prevent hip and pelvic pains as well as relieving side pain.

3. NeoTech Care 


NeoTech Care Pregnancy Support Maternity Belt, Waist/Back/Abdomen Band, Belly Brace, Beige, Size L: This maternity belt provides the extra support needed for pregnancy-related low back and abdominal pain Soft and comfortable belt can be worn during any stage of pregnancy Additional lumbar support reduces lower back pain caused by increased abdominal pressure; Can also be worn after birth to help promote postnatal healing; Shoulder pads adjust to fit both right and left shoulders; One size fits most women (XS-XXL); 100% Nylon.

4. It’s You Babe – Mini Cradle

The award-winning maternity body band It’s You Babe has a patented design that cradles your belly and can be worn under your clothes to provide pregnancy belly support, pelvic and back pain relief, back support, and a unique heating pad for cramps. Made from FDA-approved medical-grade fabrics and designed by an OB-GYN the It’s You Babe is a real medical-grade maternity support belt.


SUI SONG maternity belt is a lower abdominal band that can help to support your stomach and deliver a streamlined appearance. It can also be used to protect the muscles through a full range of motion during pregnancy. This belly band for pregnancy will provide you with vital support during the last stages of pregnancy, which is an ideal way to ease yourself back into shape post-pregnancy. The adjustable Velcro closure allows you to adapt it easily to your torso size or to accommodate changes throughout your pregnancy.

6. Bestnewborn

A pregnancy belt is the best posture support and belly band ever! Belly support panties for expecting mums will help you to get your belly back in shape and leave your lower back, hips, and pelvic joints pain-free. A breathable abdominal binder brace is an excellent and comfortable way to relieve and prevent hip and pelvic joint strain and lower back pain when bending, lifting, or walking. The maternity belt for pregnant women is easy to wear with its adjustable size from 26″ up to 43″ which will provide you with the best snug fit both at the beginning of your pregnancy when that is most needed, as well as after giving birth.

7. VQMed

The VQ Med Maternity Belly Band is designed to support your growing belly and lower back. The VQ-Med belly band is especially effective in the third trimester of pregnancy when the belly expands out and out. The abdominal binder alleviates back pain during this period and also improves muscular support. It helps to keep your back straight and your posture correct, decreasing tiredness and fatigue. The VQ Med Pregnancy Belly Band is completely adjustable. Multiple straps with Velcro fasteners allow you to adjust it to your exact size and shape and further customize and improve the fit and feel.

8. Kangwell

Now women can benefit from this same remarkable postpartum pelvic correction technology, with the addition of an external belly cradle, ideal for supporting growing bellies through all stages of pregnancy. After the baby arrives, the Kangwell belt allows busy moms to jump back into an active lifestyle seamlessly, including breastfeeding. Unique to Kangwell, this extra-long maternity belt provides instant upper body support for optimal posture during the day, and soft shoulder cushions for sleeping at night. The Kangwell belt supports your back by gently pulling your hips forward into a more favorable position, allowing the spine to decompress against gravity. Paired with Kangwell.

9. Anlyer

Anlyer Maternity Support Belt is a pregnancy back pain relief belt made to assist pregnant women suffering from back pain during their pregnancy. This maternity belt is designed to provide proper support and relief during the time of delivery as well as after pregnancy. During those special times, women can experience discomfort and swell around the abdomen area. Our Maternity Belt is highly recommended for those requiring back and abdominal support during pregnancy, and for those experiencing complications such as Pelvic Girdle Pain (PGP), SPD, and other types of abdominal pain that can occur during pregnancy.

10. Evolway

The Evolway Maternity Belt, Back Support, and Breathable Abdominal Binder is the ultimate accessory for carrying extra weight during your pregnancy months. This dual-purpose support can also be used as a postpartum abdominal binder, back support, and pregnancy massage belt. The Evolway Maternity Belt has a hook and loop closure to provide ease of use, and it features an elastic panel at the top for advanced support.