10 Best Cuticle Scissors 2022 – Reviews & Guide

10 Best Cuticle Scissors 2022 – Reviews & Guide

Cuticle scissors are smaller than nail clippers and are designed to clip right up to the nail, to remove all of your dry or dead cuticles. We also have various shapes to remove hangnails, sculpt your nails, even apply nail polish. Nail scissors vary in shape and design.

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A good-quality cuticle scissor can really make a difference and help you trim those cuticles in a quick, easy, and simple way. And that’s why I’m writing this article today—to help you get the best cuticle scissors to be able to maintain or regain the health of your cuticles.

If you want great-looking nails, you need to use the best cuticle scissors for the job. It is hard to find the best one though. We have listed only the top-rated cuticle scissors that are worth your money.

If you have been in this situation before and want a good pair of cuticle scissors, then you can check out our list below. This will save you time finding the best cuticle scissors for you.

To add more, these items are made of high-quality materials, which ensures that they last for long years. Moreover, they have a non-slip handle, which ensures that they will not slip off your hand when cutting.

These products have different sizes, which makes it easy to find the most suitable one for your needs. With this, they are ergonomic and comfortable in the hand thanks to their handles. Apart from this, they are ideal for trimming ingrown nails and hangnails among others.

Are cuticle scissors the same as nail scissors?

Nail scissors are used for trimming the nails on your hands or feet, while cuticle scissors are used for trimming the dead skin around your nails. The difference is in the shape of the blades. Nail scissors have a rounded edge (like a nail clipper), while cuticle scissors have a pointed edge. You can use either one to remove dead skin from around your nails, but I personally prefer using cuticle scissors.

How do you use cuticle scissors?

How do you get nice cuticles?

You can get nice cuticles through regular maintenance, using moisturizer and avoiding certain practices that are harmful to your cuticles.

Oil your cuticles. Apply cuticle oil daily to help keep the skin around your nails hydrated and protected. You can buy pre-made oil from most drugstores, or make your own from olive oil, vitamin E and almond oil.

Apply cuticle moisturizer. Cuticle moisturizer is usually thicker than cuticle oil and contains more vitamins, so you should use it at least once a day. You can also use a lip balm or chapstick on your cuticles as long as it has natural ingredients like shea butter or beeswax.

Use a soft-bristled brush to remove dead skin cells around the base of each nail after you shower or bathe. This will help keep the area clean, dry and prevent infection.

Wear latex gloves when doing dishes or cleaning with harsh chemicals so you don’t dry out the skin on your hands or damage your nails.

1. Livingo Premium Manicure Rounded Tip Scissors

Open your door to the world of beauty and grooming care! LIVINGO Premium Manicure Rounded Tip Scissors 3.5 inches are ideal for trimming nails, eyebrows, eyelashes, cutting dry skin, nose, and ear hair. The handy tip of the scissors can be used as a pick.

A rounded tip on blades protects you from incising your skin due to their rounded tips. You can use them for clipping your pet’s nails or trimming your beard and moustache. Also, they can be used in manicure or pedicure grooming kits.

2. Erbe INOX Micro Serrated Stainless Steel Nail Scissors


Erbe’s INOX Micro Serrated Stainless Steel Nail Scissors are perfect for people with arthritis or movement limitations.

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The micro-serrated blades are gentle on nails and cuticles, providing you with a smooth, clean cut every time. Erbe’s INOX Nail Scissors are lightweight (only 0.45 oz.) and have a convenient finger rest for ease of use. The scissors have an attractive, rustproof, stainless steel construction.

3.Beautizon Professional Nail Cuticle Scissors


Beautizony is a leading manufacturer of professional and personal beauty products. Beautizon Professional Nail Cuticle Scissors – Stainless Steel Eyebrow Scissors – Professional Nail Scissors – Premium Small Scissors for Nose Hair, Mustache, Beard, and Manicure with 3.5 Inch Curved Sharp Blades.

4. Tweezerman Cuticle Scissors


Tweezerman® has been a leader in beauty tools since the company was founded in 1975. The Tweezerman cult following is testimony that their personal care products – which include manicure and pedicure tools, brushes, mirrors, and bath accessories – are impeccably crafted, stylishly designed, and above all else, functional.

5. Premax Stainless Steel Tower Point Cuticle Scissors

The Premier Line, or linea di lusso, is made from the best materials in Italy: lama di cinghiale rossa and rame. This line features a specific type of shape. The Tower Point cuticle scissors are perfect for professional or home use because they are sharp and small enough to remove any type of cuticle.

Unlike most cuticle scissors these are designed to have a slightly curved blade to make your cuticle work faster or more comfortable. The wide handles and finger rest ensure a secure grip when closed so you don’t touch the blade with your fingers during use.

6. Refine Cuticle Scissors

Achieve precision and control when trimming your nails with this Refine double-blade cuticle scissor. With a slightly curved blade, ideal for cuticles and hangnails, the pointed tip lets you get in between fingers with ease. Nickel-plated to protect from rust, these scissors are extra-fine to ensure that you can achieve the perfect angle of cut.

7. Suvorna Cuticle Nail Nippers

Cuticle nipper with scissor-shaped handle • Cuticles trimmer for home use, manicure, or nail art • Consist of 2 pieces including pair of cuticle nippers and a cuticle trimmer • Small size manicure tool and Nail files 30 pieces.

Suvorna M87 Professional Ultra Sharp Cuticle Nail Nipper/trimmer is a perfect tool for cuticle trimming. Having the appropriate tools at hand makes a difference when it comes to doing your own manicure. Why wait to trim your own cuticles? Make it an everyday task and do it regularly.

8. Mont Bleu Two-in-one Nail & Cuticle Combination Scissors

Cuticles need cutting and claws need filing. That’s why the Mont Bleu Nail/Cuticle Combination Scissors were made. 8 Inches long for the best comfortable working distance, these beautiful scissors deliver on all levels. The blades are sharpened in Germany — Solingen — and feature a right-angled tip to effectively go along the sides of your nails.

9. Germanikure Tower Point Cuticle Scissors

Germanikure’s Tower Point cuticle scissors are designed for easy handling and precise cutting. Featuring a slightly curved edge, the Tower Point cuticles scissor is perfect for small jobs such as trimming cuticles, shaping nails, and removing hangnails.

The fine tip will allow you to reach all of those tough spots around your nail bed. Enjoy using a high-quality tool that includes a Solingen stainless steel metal blade and a durable, side-press frame made of German aluminum. This product is completely hand-made in Germany and makes the perfect gift for any true diehard beauty enthusiast.

10. PrPremax 10963 Cuticle Scissors – Sinua Collection, 1 Piece

Premax Cuticle Scissors-SINUA Collection-Sl. No. 051904 is the most useful cuticle tool perfect for cutting hands and feet cuticles with precision. These ultra-sleek, stainless steel cuticle scissors feature a mirror finish and an elegant shape that adds a designer touch to any manicure or pedicure set. The overall length is 3 3/4″ long.