10 Best FTA Satellite System 2022 – Reviews & Guide


10 Best FTA Satellite System 2022 – Reviews & Guide

FTA, short for free-to-air, refers to satellite television (DBS) channels that are provided by non-subscription based satellites. These satellites provide over 300 English FTA channels including many in HD quality as well as many international channels in multiple languages.

Unlike subscription TV which requires a monthly bill and contract, FTA is completely free once the initial equipment is purchased. Some FTA receivers require an Internet connection to update channel information and software, however many work perfectly fine without an Internet connection.

A typical FTA satellite system includes an outdoor dish antenna, indoor receiver and remote control. The dish antenna is aimed at a specific satellite and receives the signals from it. The receiver connects to the dish and receives the signal where it is then decrypted and displayed on your TV screen via component, composite or HDMI cable.


GTMedia V8 pro2 H.265 Full HD 1080P Satellite Receiver is the entry-level receiver in the GTMedia 8 series. The V8 Pro2 DVB-S2 DVB-T2 DVB-C Satellite Receiver has built-in WiFi function, which allows you to play streaming video or music directly from your smartphone or tablet. Based on innovative H.264 decoding technology, the V8 Pro2 Satellite Receiver supports crystal clear image and powerful performance. It features a user-friendly OSD setting menu with an enjoyable experience to use it.

2. MagicSee C400 Plus DV Satellite Receiver


The Magicsee C400 Plus DVB T2 S2 Satellite Receiver Android 7.1 Smart TV Box is an advanced Satellite Set-Top box designed for home entertainment and multi-media applications such as High Definition digital video recorder, HD movie player, HD video recorder, HD video camera and live satellite HD image display home theater system. It adopts hardware decoding and decodes MPEG-2/MPEG-4 AVC/H.264, VC1 Video codecs and other mainstream video formats. Compared with the conventional Satellite set box, it has a larger CPU and RAM memory which makes it more powerful and stable.

3. Biling Indoor Digital TV FTA Receiver Antenna


This high-grade indoor digital TV antenna is specially designed for cord-cutters. This long-reach antenna allows you to watch 199 modern and classic TV channels from up to 90 miles away. It also supports 4K and 3D television. This amplified version of our Billing antenna comes with a built-in amplifier and an easy setup guide to get you started in no time. Most customers claim they can get decent reception even when they are facing rooms or areas that are obstructed by walls or objects making placement impossible.


The GT Media V7S is an updated version of the popular V7HD. The updated V7S features CCCam and WideCam compatible USB Ports. The V7S effortlessly receives free air, cable replacement channels sent via the Galaxy 19 satellite. Enjoy premium content on your notebook or TV with crystal clear picture quality matching Full HD DVD video. Perfect for any location around the house regardless of line of sight obstacles.


The Dreamlink HD FTA Satellite Receiver is a digital satellite receiver that enables users to view free-to-air channels from around the world. Its 5″ LCD screen delivers a high-definition picture, and its built-in HDMI port allows for easy connectivity to compatible devices. Users can also connect the satellite receiver to an Ethernet cable for stable signal transmission. In addition, this device offers a USB port that allows the user to connect a media card reader, a keyboard, a mouse, and other external devices. Included with this receiver are an AC adapter and remote control.

6. Fosa Full HD 1080p Digital Satellite Receiver


The Fosa Full HD 1080P DVB-S2 FTA Digital Satellite Receiver with Remote Control for GT MEDIA V8 Nova, Built-in WiFi, Support H.265, PowerVu, Biss Key(US) makes watching TV as convenient as it should be. This digital satellite receiver lets you watch your favorite channels quickly and easily right from your living room. This budget-friendly receiver lets you choose the subscription package that’s right for you and has a built-in WiFi adapter to give you faster internet speeds.

7. Manhattan SatPro Complete HD FTA Receiver


Get more HDTV channels with the Manhattan HDTV antenna. With advanced HDTV technology, the antenna pulls in HD signals, up to 60 miles away. The wide viewing angle means you can get service to more rooms in your home. The built-in amplifier boosts the signal to help get the most channels available. This sleek, small design blends right into your home. Conveniently adjust your antenna even while watching TV with the switching amplifier, giving you the best picture possible. It’s also multi-directional for flexible placement options.

8. Dynosat DVB AC3 1080P S2 HD FTA Receiver


The DYNO-SAT DVB AC3 1080P Satellite Receiver is one of the best FTA Receivers for Satellite TV available. With an Amazing 2 year Warranty and Coverage for over 500 satellites, the DVB is a Great choice for any Satellite TV enthusiast. It also Supports Sky and Astra and more than 500 satellites, with a one-time upgrade. Plus, with its powerful Blind scan, you can find all unencrypted channels on your satellite.

9. Amlogic S905X3 Android FTA Satellite Receiver


Open up your world of entertainment with the Amlogic S905X3 Android TV Box 9.0 4GB 64GB Smart TV Box. Savvy travelers will appreciate this compact TV box’s lightweight yet durable construction that easily accommodates travel, while its built-in wireless keyboard makes using the Android operating system simple and fun.


This GT MEDIA V8 NOVA Blue Full HD 1080P DVB-S2 FTA Digital Satellite Receiver is Best Satellite Receiver on the market. It supports H.265, PowerVu, Biss Key, Built-in WiFi for Wifi Internet TV, IPTV Subscription Service, YouTube, Netflix, Hulu Plus. This V8 Nova is the fastest satellite receiver that works on -800 channels worldwide with S-Video output, USB Host, HDMI 2.0, LAN Network Port.

The GT MEDIA V8 has Full HD 1080P output which ensures perfect digital broadcasting, while the built-in WiFi improves network stability and makes internet surfing more comfortable. Supporting PowerVu, H.265, and Biss key, the V8 supports decoding both traditional TV services and HD-DVB services.