10 Best Hand Vacuum Pump 2022 – Reviews & Guide

Hand vacuum pumps are versatile tools that you can use at home or take with you out in the field. They’re great for applications such as automotive repair and maintenance, or for scientific demonstrations or experiments. You can also use them to remove moisture from electrical components to help prevent corrosion.

The right hand vacuum pump depends on the job at hand and your own personal preferences, but there are a few characteristics that make some models better than others. To find a great hand vacuum pump, it helps if it’s compact, durable, easy to carry and has an adjustable vacuum range.

1. Actron CP7830 Hand Vacuum Pump

The Actron CP7830 Hand Vacuum Pump is a multi-purpose vacuum pump. This tool can be used to test vacuum-operated components such as switches, actuators, and modulators. It can also be used to bleed hydraulic brakes, clutch lines and radiators.

The Actron CP7830 Hand Vacuum Pump comes complete with 24′-in hose and tapered hose adaptors. The diameter measures 3-1/2-in. The pump helps to find any vacuum or gasket leak.

Actron offers a wide range of tools for the professional technician and the do-it-yourselfer. Diagnostic tools are designed to help you find solutions to vehicle problems before you spend money on repairs. Automotive testing tools will help you get the job done right the first time.

2. EISCO Blue Handheld Vacuum Pump

A vacuum pump is a device that removes gas molecules from a sealed volume in order to leave behind a partial vacuum. The first vacuum pump was invented in 1650 by Otto von Guericke, and was preceded by the suction pump, which dates to antiquity.

Vacuum pumps are used in vacuum packaging, refrigeration, air conditioning, air brakes, power brakes and vacuum forming. They are also used, often with multiple pumps connected in series, to produce ultra-high vacuums for scientific or industrial purposes.

Vacuum pumps are divided into two types: oil sealed rotary pumps (OSRPs) and non-oil sealed pumps. OSRPs consist of two lobes that rotate against a circular gasket. The lobes create a moving cavity that is sealed at the ends by the gasket. This type of pump has no valves and works by creating cyclic variations in pressure. Oil is used as a sealant and to prevent the pumped gases from coming into contact with the rotor.

Non-oil sealed pumps use one or more vanes that rotate inside a cylinder or drum which creates regions of variable volume between the vanes and the cylinder wall or drum. As these regions move through an outlet port they draw gas out .

3. Autocraft – Brake & Cluth Fluid Bleeder Tester Kit

Are you tired of paying expensive mechanics bills? Do you want to change your car brakes without the need of another person?

You don’t need another person to help you bleed your brakes. The universal design of the brake bleeder kit makes it suitable for all the vehicles regardless of models and brands.

This tool kit is used to test various basic operations and installations of the vehicles. The vacuum pump can test and diagnose various parts and the general-purpose system of the vehicles.

The complete kit includes Test Ignition timing, chokes, mechanical fuel pumps, and other vacuum-actuated accessories. The kit includes accessories mainly for brake bleeding and vehicle diagnosis.

The vacuum gauge scales are in inches of Mercury (Hg). It pumps approximately 1 cubic inch per stroke and develops and holds up to 25″ of vacuum. The handheld vacuum pump is easy to bleed your car brakes by yourself or can be used for almost all vehicles.

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4. KUNTEC 23pcs Hand Held Vacuum Pump 

KUNTEC 23 pcs hand held vacuum pump tester set brake bleeder kit with dual function and four tubes is a complete professional-quality diagnostic/service kit that works on both domestic and import vehicles. This hand held tester can test a wide variety of essential vehicle settings and operations.

Four tubes, tools and manual provide added convenience for you. The four tubes are used to connect the brake fluid reservoir tank and the brake caliper or wheel cylinder. It’s suitable for most cars, SUVs, trucks, etc.

This kit is made of high quality iron, aluminum and plastic material. It is a great tool to bleed your car brakes by yourself. It is easy to bleed your car brakes by yourself. It includes 13 different adapter nozzles designed for almost vehicles.

5. HEDWETO Handheld Vacuum Pump 

HEDWETO Handheld Vacuum Pump Set Brake Bleeder Tester Kit, 23PCS One Man Power Bleeder Kit with Adapters Compatible with Automotive

The pump body design makes the suction more powerful and realizes the replacement of brake fluid. All accessories are tightly integrated with the vacuum gauge assembly, which has stronger sealing and better vacuum effect.

The tool kit includes handheld vacuum pump with vacuum gauge, 2PCS 120ml/4.5oc fluid reservoirs, 4PCS vinyl hoses(One long and three short ), 13PCS vacuum adapters and a blow molding case.

The vacuum pump is made of high-quality metal. The fluid reservoirs have liquid storage cover and liquid transfer cover with O-rings for sealing. All tools in a blow molding box, it is easy to storage and carry, protect the vacuum gauge from being impacted and the tool will not be damaged.

WORRY FREE — We strictly guarantee product quality and provide 1-year warranty service, please rest assured to buy. There are instructions in the product, please read the instructions carefully before operation. If the product has quality problems, please contact us to apply for a refund.

6. Detool 2-in-1 Pro Brake Bleeder Kit 

This is a 2-in-1 professional kit for both vacuum and pressure brake bleeding. This brake bleeder works with your air compressor to quickly assist in your vehicle’s brake bleeding process.

With this tool, you can bleed brakes by yourself. It is a universal fit so it will work on all makes and models of vehicles. The pump has a 90 degree tapered adapters with cushioned pistol grip on the handle for comfort and decreased user fatigue.

The vacuum pump also comes with a tapered barbed hose fitting and vacuum gauge is 0-30 inches of Hg, 0-760 mm Hg.

It is made of heavy duty aluminum and steel construction for durability. It comes with a carrying case for easy transportation and storage.

This Brake Bleeder Kit includes: Pump w/ Vac Gauge; Two 2 ft. Tubes; Vacuum & Brake Bleeder Adapters; Brake Fluid Reservoir.

7. Podoy Brake Bleeder Kit

If you ever worked with a brake system, you know that bleeding the brakes is not an easy task. It’s a very messy process that takes a lot of time. This brake bleeder kit is designed to help you bleed your brakes easily and quickly. This makes it possible to bleed your brakes by yourself or with help from one person without asking anyone else for help.

This innovative brake bleeder kit features one-man operation and comes with a durable tool case for easy storage. The tool case also ensures that the tools won’t get damaged or lost during transport. The vacuum pump can be used for bleeding but also for testing the tightness of valves, gasoline pumps, etc.

8. Greneric Brake Bleeder Kit

Just received this today and thought I’d test it out. It’s very simple to use and works exactly as intended. I will be using it to change my brake fluid.

I am going to use it with the provided plastic bottle and the clear tube that goes from the end of the bleed valve on the caliper up to the bleed valve on my master cylinder, which is located around my ankle/shin area.

Because of where the MC is located, I will not be able to place the bleeder valve in a jar/sink/etc. as you would normally do when bleeding brakes by yourself. I’m sure it will work fine with this method, but I am thinking that some fluid might squirt out of the MC and onto my leg, so before I begin bleeding my brakes, I will put a towel under where I think the fluid will hit me and then wear pants that don’t mind getting dirty (jeans).

9. Mityvac MV8500 Silverline Elite Automotive Test Kit


The Mityvac Selectline Vacuum Pump Kit offers a complete solution for the technician who requires a single tool to perform numerous diagnostic and mechanical tests.

This kit is designed for servicing the latest models of domestic, European and Asian cars. It includes components needed to perform numerous diagnostic and mechanical tests including engine performance diagnostics, brake bleeding, fluid transfer, evacuation, sampling, windshield repair and more.

The vacuum pump features a one-handed design that provides either vacuum or pressure with equal precision and convenience. The ergonomic handle is easy to hold and use over extended periods of time. The lightweight aluminum body is durable yet comfortable to hold. The vacuum pump has an easy-to-read dial gauge that measures 0-30″ Hg (0-760 mm Hg) in 1″ (25 mm) increments.

The vacuum pump has been engineered to achieve vacuum levels down to 25 microns, making it suitable for all automotive applications requiring deep vacuum pull down in the exhaust system.

10. Powerbuilt 648744 Vacuum Pump Set 

The Powerbuilt vacuum pump set is the perfect solution for automotive air conditioning (A/C) systems diagnosis and repair. This complete kit includes everything needed to test, diagnose and recharge A/C systems. It features a dial vacuum/pressure gauge with dual scale reading of 0-30in-Hg, 0-0.9bar or 0-40psi. The large easy to read gauge has color zones for quick pressure reference and an attached hose with 1/4″ flare for attaching to R134a service ports.

The set also includes a brake bleeder valve that quickly attaches to the vacuum pump for bleeding cars and trucks. The kit comes with a selection of adapters so it’s ready for most any A/C job: 4 rubber hoses, 2 plastic reservoir cans, 14 plastic adapters (8 male, 6 female), a 5 ml syringe and carry case. With this all inclusive set you can be sure you’ll always have the right tool on hand when you need it.

All of Powerbuilt’s products meet or exceed ANSI standards, helping automotive professionals around the world get their jobs done faster every day. Every package includes illustrated instructions to help you along the way and get your job done right the first time.