10 Best Headphone Amp For Audeze LCD 3 in 2022 – Reviews

These headphones were originally designed for mastering audio and they’re a very close cousin to those. They have a reputation as being the most accurate sound reproduction devices around. They are, however, not very comfortable in everyday use, so if you’re going to listen to them for more than a couple of hours at a time, you might want a different set of cans.

A high-end pair of headphones can sound amazing, but if you want to fully enjoy them, you’ll want to give them the best possible sound.

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If you’re looking for a headphone amp and don’t know where to start, there are several things to consider. The most important factor is the size of your headphones — the bigger the better. You want as much power and amplification as possible, so you can use headphones with larger drivers.

The next key aspect is how much power your amplifier has — more is always better. Amplifiers that drive a pair of headphones with a single channel of amplification (like the Audeze LCD-3) typically have only about 20 watts (a watt is one joule per second). You need at least 40 watts to drive the LCD-3s optimally without distorting them or driving them into a distortion problem.

If you’re using an amplifier that pushes 60 watts or more, like a Benchmark DAC1 or Furman PL-2, it’s possible your headphones won’t be driven as hard they should be because they aren’t powerful enough. That could make them sound noticeably worse than they do with a lower-powered amp.

The LCD-X is an award-winning open-back headphone that delivers precise, articulate, and impactful sound. The LCD-X is the most neutral of our planar magnetic headphone lineup, allowing the user to enjoy their music as it was intended.

Isolating earcups help minimize ambient noise while creating a pleasurable listening experience in any environment. Many of the current hit recordings you’ve heard have been mixed on Audeze headphones – the headphone of choice for recording engineers, musicians and audiophiles alike. With an efficiency of 103dB/1Mw and an impedance of 20 ohms, they are the perfect option for anyone seeking reference-quality headphones.

Large ultra-thin 106 mm diaphragms with Audeze’s proprietary Fazor elements and double-sided magnetic arrays; Frequency response from 12Hz – 20kHz extended out to 50kHz; Revised 2022 earpad design with luxurious leather (also available leather-free) and ergonomic design all contribute to the comfort and sophistication of the LCD-X with the best possible audio.

This Audeze headphone is engineered and meticulously handcrafted then rigorously tested and calibrated before leaving our Southern California facility.

The human ear is a sophisticated instrument that’s capable of distinguishing sound frequencies from as low as 20 Hz to as high as 20 kHz or beyond. This is why you can hear sounds far beyond the range of human hearing (20 kHz). The human ear has three main kinds of sensitivity: the above-mentioned low frequencies that are poorly heard by humans; the middle frequencies that are heard more clearly, and high frequencies that are heard least well.

The ear also has three main parts: the outer ear (pinna), the middle ear (the ossicles formed by the stapes, malleus and incus) and the inner ear (the vestibular apparatus formed by the lateral semicircular canal and utricle).

The amplitude of sound waves in air is different for each of these three components, so within each part of the ear, similar sound waves will arrive at different times. These differences create a complex system in which incoming pulses arrive slightly later for each component.

This means that if you play a tone at one frequency through each of the three parts of your ear, you’ll hear it slightly differently, depending on which component was listening to it. In order to give you an idea of what we’re talking about, check out this short video.

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3.Audeze Euclid in-Ear Audiophile Reference Sound isolating Headphones

The new Euclid is Audeze’s most affordable IEM with patented planar magnetic technology. This is a high-performance audiophile sound isolating reference in-ear headphone that delivers the highest level of audio performance. It has superior bass, mid and treble response. The patented 18mm planar magnetic drivers use ultra-thin diaphragms and our famous Uniforce voice coil technology as well as Fazor waveguides to deliver an incredibly fast response time with low distortion.

These specs provide superior coherency across the entire frequency spectrum. Euclid MMCX connectors are made to fit many cables like our optional 4.4mm pentaconn balanced cable and Bluetooth cable. They come with two different styles of ear tips, silicone and Comply foam, with multiple sizes to fit everyone.

The new Euclid is Audeze’s most affordable IEM with patented planar magnetic technology. This is a high-performance audiophile sound isolating reference in-ear headphone that delivers the highest level of audio performance. It has superior bass, mid and treble response. The patented 18mm planar magnetic drivers use ultra-thin diaphragms.

The LCD2 is the original Audeze planar magnetic headphone that shocked the industry with its superior sound quality, elegance, and craftsmanship.

This flagship model has been a favorite among critical listeners and audio professionals for nearly a decade due to its exceptionally accurate frequency response and high sensitivity.

The warm audio presentation of the LCD2 beautifully communicates the power and nuance of your music by faithfully reproducing even the most subtle articulations within each individual voice. Couple this with It’s impressive dynamic range and what you get is a truly transcendent listening experience.

With smooth and clear mids, a wide open sound-stage, and a flat frequency response extending well into the sub-bass range, the LCD2 is the very embodiment of “uncompromised audio.”

Engineered with the same film used by NASA, the LCD2 diaphragms are thinner than a human hair and four times larger than typical headphone diaphragms. Providing faster response times and exceptional clarity.

Each aspect of the LDC2 design—lambskin leather, acoustical foam earcups, Shedua wood rings—was carefully chosen to achieve a level of comfort and sophistication that is truly worthy of the “high-end.

The LCDi3 is the first in-ear headphone with an industrial design that can easily be mistaken for a high-end custom-molded in-ear monitor. The LCDi3 is designed to give the user a truly wide and accurate soundstage, superior transient response, bass response down to 25Hz, distortion (THD) less than 0.1% overall even at high volumes and a very natural sounding mid-range. It also includes a Bluetooth 5.0 cable with aptX HD and standard 3.5mm analog cable.

The LCDi3 offers a unique design that places the voice coil directly against the ear drum, improving transient response and providing ultra low distortion, all while maintaining an amazingly small form factor. Audeze’s patent pending Fluxor magnet array creates an strong magnetic field while keeping weight to a minimum. The design also provides excellent isolation from outside noise which helps keep the music in and noise out.

The LCDi3 is an ideal headphone for recording engineers, audiophiles, DJs, electronic musicians or anyone who wants uncompromising sound quality on-the-go.

The Mobius is the first premium high-end, fully immersive 3D cinematic audio and head tracking-enabled headset designed specifically for gamers. With its planar magnetic drivers, Mobius delivers precise audio and improved sonic imaging to enhance your gaming, movie or music experience.

Planar Magnetic Technology – Planar magnetic drivers use a flat membrane that is suspended in a magnetic field; sound is created as the membrane is pulled and pushed by the magnets. This design allows for greater sensitivity and responsiveness of the driver and produces incredibly accurate sounds over a wide frequency range.

3D Soundstage – The Mobius surround sound feature offers an incredible level of immersion by producing sounds with pinpoint accuracy that move with you as you turn your head. Using Waves Nx technology, Mobius creates virtual speakers around you for true 3D sound.

Precise Audio – The Mobius features planar magnetic drivers which produce clear highs and deep lows at any volume level, allowing you to hear all audio details from your favorite games or movies.

Head Tracking – When listening to surround sound through headphones, you lose the ability to determine where sounds are coming from by using your ears alone. With Mobius’ built-in head tracking feature, Mobius uses nine-axis sensors to track your head movements.

Let’s face it: you can’t listen to everything. You may have a favorite band, or maybe you’re into alternative music. Maybe you only love rock, and nothing else. Whatever it is, you’re going to miss out on some stuff. But with headphones, you can listen to whatever you want, whenever you want.

Headphones let you mix and match your music to your mood, lifestyle and lifestyle preferences. They make listening to the same old songs feel new again, because they’re so much more than just another pair of earbuds.

Most headphones are loud enough that they drown out everything around you including the sound of traffic outside your home or office, children playing in the next room and worse, your spouse’s voiceover the phone. They don’t isolate ambient noise well enough to block out sounds from other rooms in your house (unless you block out all other sound with noisy headphones), and they’re not comfortable enough for extended listening sessions.

The iSINE10 sounds and looks like no others, an innovative design without a care for the same old status quo of balanced armature or dynamic driver designs. The Fluxor Magnets and large 30mm planar magnetic diaphragms deliver precise control and fast response times, resulting in far greater accuracy than any dynamic driver can offer.

The iSINEs look and feel like no others, featuring a sleek yet durable aluminum body with curved edges that rest comfortably in your ears. The open-back design ensures no ear fatigue even during extended listening sessions. The result is a beautiful headphone that sounds as good as it looks.

Fluxor Magnets and Uniforce Diaphragms deliver realistic, accurate audio with wide frequency response, deep bass, low distortion, and improved clarity across the whole audio spectrum. Unlike typical in-ear headphones that use balanced armature or dynamic drivers, our innovative planar magnetic technology uses NASA material to provide lower distortion, better bass response, and a wider soundstage than any other in-ear headphone. We do not make noise cancelling headphones.

Audeze’s LCD-2 Closed Circumaural headphones are crafted from hand-selected, matched wood rings that create an exquisite headphone with outstanding acoustic properties. With the Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back, you can enjoy the best of both worlds by experiencing the immersive qualities of an open-back design.

The Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back offers you the same world class sound, but with the added benefit of isolating your listening experience from external noise, and protecting others from hearing your music.

The 100mm planar magnetic drivers in the Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back feature a double-sided magnet structure with Fazor elements to minimize internal resonances and reflections, creating clear and accurate stereo imaging. The full circumaural earcups on the Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back provide maximum comfort while isolating your ears from outside noise.

With a frequency response range of 5Hz to 20kHz, the Audeze LCD-2 Closed Back is engineered to deliver every nuance and detail of your audio. The closed-back design minimizes sound leakage, so you can enjoy your music without disturbing others.

Whether you’re travelling on a plane or train, or just trying to get some peace and quiet, these Headphones reduce distracting background noise by up to 98%.

With an additional microphone on the surface of each earcup, the WH-1000XM4 headphones can capture ambient sound from different directions. By combining this data from both microphones, our Dual Noise Sensor technology analyses and cancels out ambient noise in real time.

Edge-AI enhances your music with DSEE Extreme. It’s our revolutionary upscaling technology for digital music that produces high-resolution sound closer than ever to the quality of original recordings. The WH-1000XM4 headphones also feature a brand new HD Noise Cancelling Processor QN1 masterfully tuned by Sony Music Studios Tokyo with proprietary algorithms to bring you even greater noise cancelling power.

Sony’s highly-acclaimed WH-1000X line has a new member: the WH-1000XM4 headphones, which introduce industry-leading noise canceling technology, advanced audio quality, and intuitive touch controls to the critically acclaimed series.