10 Best laptops For College Students 2021 – Reviews & Guide

The best laptops for college students attending school in person or remotely best laptops for college students are powerful enough to let you tackle all your school projects, with enough portability and power capacity to get you through a full day of classes. Whether you’re going back to school in person or attending classes remotely, having the right laptop is key.

1. Acer Swift 3 (AMD)


Series SF314-42-R9YN
Brand Acer
Specific Uses For Product Multimedia, Personal, Business
Screen Size 14 Inches
Operating System Windows 10 Home

College students using laptops to take notes, watch movies and play video games while on the go aren’t known for spending a lot of money on their hardware. They want the best-performing laptop at an affordable price.  Acer’s latest Swift 3 fits that description well.

The $629 machine is powered by an AMD Ryzen 7 2700U processor with integrated graphics, which makes it capable of editing spreadsheets and streaming Netflix while on battery power. It also has some unexpected perks, like a handy 6-in-1 card reader and a webcam that can rotate to face you or the keyboard in clamshell mode. Because of its solid performance at a reasonable price, the Acer Swift 3 is our latest Editors’ Choice midrange laptop.

2. Asus Zenbook 13 OLED

Series UM325UA-DS71
Brand ASUS
Specific Uses For Product Personal, Gaming, Business
Screen Size 13.3
Operating System Windows 10 Home

If you’re in the market for a new laptop, it’s hard to ignore the meteoric rise of ultrabooks — sub-2-pound machines that pack some serious performance. the Asus Zenbook 13 is just 0.54 inches thick, making it one of the slimmest and lightest ultrabooks around; the model we tested weighed only 2.38 pounds. Further proof of this system’s portability: Whether I was perched on my couch or leaning back on coach class on a long flight, the Zenbook never felt bulky or uncomfortable.

3.Dell XPS 13


Series XPS 13
Brand Dell
Specific Uses For Product Multimedia, Personal, Business
Screen Size 13.4 Inches
Operating System Windows 10 Pro

One of our favorite laptops for college students, the Dell XPS 13 is an ideal choice for anyone who needs a PC that can handle most activities with ease — be that writing papers, editing photos, or even playing some games. It’s thin and light, which makes it ideal for carrying across campus, but still packs enough power to handle most tasks. The 4K touch display is dazzlingly bright and sharp, while the battery life is significantly better than similar laptops in its price range.

4.Apple MacBook Air M1 


Model Name MacBook Air
Brand Apple
Specific Uses For Product Multimedia, Personal, Business
Screen Size 13.3 Inches
Operating System Mac OS

Apple MacBook Air M1 The new MacBook Air will keep its charge through multiple classes, breaks, and all-nighters. We mean that, as it survived on Tom’s Guide battery test for 14 hours and 41 minutes, the longest-lasting MacBook Air ever. Its performance is also seriously faster: the M1 chip makes the MacBook Air a shockingly decent system in multiple ways. Not only did it run Rise of the Tomb Raider smoothly, but my productivity program loaded way faster than on any other computer I’ve used recently, including Apple’s top-of-the-line 12-inch MacBook.

5.Microsoft Surface Laptop 4

Series Laptop 4 15 i7/32GB/1TB BLACK
Brand Microsoft
Specific Uses For Product Personal, Gaming, Business
Screen Size 15
Operating System Windows 10 Home

Professional reviews of the 2020 Surface Laptop say it’s the best-built machine Microsoft has ever created. The laptop runs Windows 10 S by default, which slows it down a little (more on this later), but it can be upgraded to Windows 10 Pro for free. It also comes with a free one-year Office 365 Personal.

You may have heard the Surface Laptop 4 is affordable and more compact than similar laptops from Apple or Dell. That’s true, but there are some trade-offs, namely that you might need to buy an external display due to the laptop’s small 13.5-inch screen display.

6.Samsung Galaxy Chromebook 2,


Series XE530QDA-KB2US
Specific Uses For Product Personal, Gaming, Business
Screen Size 13.3
Operating System Chrome OS

It goes without saying that Samsung makes some of the best TVs, home theater systems, and more. But did you know the business has a strong reputation in Chromebooks, as well? The Korean manufacturer made a name for itself in the market by producing good quality notebooks at an affordable price, but two years ago it went a step further with the launch of the Series 3 Chromebook. Since then, the company has released two more iterations of this model and now it’s time for its first refresh.

7.Microsoft Surface Go 2


Series Srfc Prjct V-6 SC EN/XD US/Canada Hdwr Platinum
Brand Microsoft
Screen Size 10.51 Inches
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Memory Storage Capacity 128 GB

The Surface Go 2 is one of the best ultraportable Windows tablets out there. It’s more of a successor to the Surface Pro 3 than it is to the original Surface Go. That’s because Microsoft took a lot of feedback from its users and went back to the drawing board with this device. The ultra-thin bezels, lightweight and portable design all make it suitable for students carrying around their backpack.

8.MacBook Pro


Model Name MacBook Pro
Brand Apple
Specific Uses For Product Multimedia
Screen Size 13 Inches
Operating System MacOS 10.14 Mojave

If you’re going off to college or university to learn about making movies or master other visual media, then you’ll want to invest in the new MacBook Pro. Yes, it has one port. Its display is better than the Airs and its battery lasts longer as well, running for 16 hours and 25 minutes in our battery test, which is absolutely epic. And once your favorite applications update to support Apple silicon, you’ll wonder what took Apple so long.

9.Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano

Series ThinkPad X1 Nano 20UNS02400
Brand Lenovo
Screen Size 13 Inches
Operating System Windows 10 Pro
Human Interface Input Microphone

However, if you’re not going to school, this Mini-laptop is not for you. The Lenovo ThinkPad X1 Nano has plenty of great features, and at $999 you can’t go wrong, but it doesn’t excel in any particular area. I think it’s best suited for someone who travels a lot and needs something that takes up as little space as possible when traveling. It’s also good for students because it has the durability to last through years of abuse, and it also has a light enough profile that you’d hardly feel comfortable putting in your bag anyway.

10.HP 15 Thin and light

Model Name HP Laptop 15s-du3032TU
Brand HP
Specific Uses For Product Multimedia
Screen Size 15.6 Inches
Operating System Windows 10 Home

The appearance, portability, and performance of the HP Pavilion 15 are impressive. Valued at $650, the notebook is a solid investment for business professionals and students alike. The big “but,” as many would point out, is that a model that includes an i7 processor and 16 GB RAM (the i6-8265U configuration is available with only 8 GB of memory) but also lasts longer on a charge. The battery that comes with this HP Pavilion 15 laptop holds 61 watt-hours of juice and takes two hours to charge from zero to 100 percent.