10 Best Laptops For Kids 2022 – Reviews & Guide

10 Best Laptops For Kids 2022 – Reviews & Guide

“This time of year, it seems like everyone is looking for a laptop they can buy as a gift. If you’re shopping for a young person, that means finding something portable and durable.

After all, kids are famously clumsy. They also tend to be picky about how their gadgets look and what they can do with them.

That’s why we’ve rounded up the best laptops for kids. They’re all under $500 and most are under $300. They won’t break the bank, but they’ll get the job done — whether it’s schoolwork or watching movies or playing games.”

1. Google Pixelbook Go


Brand Google
Color Just Black
Connectivity Technology Wireless, Wi-Fi
Series Pixelbook Go
Item Weight 1056 Grams

Picking out a new laptop for my kids started off as a budget-friendly expense, but quickly turned into an exercise of figuring out the best laptop for kids. Style and design yes, but also durability, price, and operating system. I had concerns about the durability of Windows laptops to withstand the pounding that comes with (curious) kids rushing through the house. And let’s face it — I didn’t want to break the bank on a shiny new toy that would be outdated in two years.

2. Microsoft Surface Go 2


Series Srfc Prjct V-6 SC EN/XD US/Canada Hdwr Platinum
Brand Microsoft
Screen Size 10.51 Inches
Operating System Windows 10 Home
Memory Storage Capacity 128 GB

The Surface Go was unveiled earlier this year, and it’s a perfect compromise for those who want a tablet with more power than the average Android or iPad. It also manages to do this at a budget-friendly price that practically makes it a steal. In comparison to the first generation Surface Go, Microsoft has added another 1GB of RAM to the mix, which is something you’ll notice even in everyday use. The company has also boosted the performance of the Pentium Gold 4415Y processor by 10%, so you’re getting better performance from your Surface Go 2 overall.

3. Lenovo IdeaPad Duet Chromebook


Series Lenovo Chromebook Duet
Brand Lenovo
Specific Uses For Product Personal, Business
Screen Size 10.1 Inches
Operating System Chrome OS

This laptop is perfect for many use cases and allows you to get the most out of your money. The Lenovo IdeaPad Duet is a nice Chromebook that sits right on the edge of being a true tablet – you could fold it up like one, but the design is still better suited for use on the keyboard as opposed to without it. In this review we’re going to take a closer look at what makes this such a versatile device and whether there are any major compromises when buying it over similarly-priced Windows devices.

4. Acer Chromebook Spin 311


Series CP311-2H-C679
Brand Acer
Specific Uses For Product Multimedia, Personal, Business
Screen Size 11.6 Inches
Operating System Chrome OS

Putting the Spin 311 next to the Acer Chromebook R 11, it’s immediately apparent that they share the same designs. The Spin is just a bit thicker at 1.87cm and 1kg. This probably plays a big part in powering the AMD APU, as well as the increased 12-hour battery life, which is double that of the Intel Celeron-powered Chromebook R 11. It also boasts a 14-inch touch display panel with support for 10-finger multitouch input, so there’s plenty of space for working with large spreadsheets or viewing multiple documents side by side.

5. HP Chromebook 14


Series HP Chromebook
Brand HP
Specific Uses For Product Personal, business
Screen Size 14 Inches
Operating System Chrome OS

Today’s smartphones run on Android, a mobile device platform with an open ecosystem that has spawned stunning smartphones, tablets, and even wearables. The HP Chromebook 14 is the latest in Google’s line of Chromebooks, touting enterprise-level security features aimed at schools and businesses using their own networks.

6. MacBook Air


Model Name MacBook Air
Brand Apple
Specific Uses For Product Multimedia, Personal, Business
Screen Size 13.3 Inches
Operating System Mac OS

Just hours into the New Year, and we’re already off the mark with a bang — this time courtesy of people. To ring in 2020, people announced its much-talked-about M1 silicon chip that’s so far been a real game-changer and will be featured on their thinnest and lightest yet. With this new chip, the MacBook Air is better than ever, touting excellent performance alongside its brilliant bag design. The laptop hasn’t seen an update since 2015 when it was first unveiled in March, but people are finally updating the Air to bring it up to speed with the rest of its lineup. This means the new version will receive a slimmer body while keeping other aspects.

7. HP Pavilion 15

Model Name HP Laptop 15s-du3032TU
Brand HP
Specific Uses For Product Multimedia
Screen Size 15.6 Inches
Operating System Windows 10 Home

The HP Pavilion 15 might not stand out from the crowd in terms of features and design, especially next to the likes of the Spectre x360 line. However, it’s among the best laptops for kids, touting impressive specs you’d expect from mid-range laptops as well as features like speakers from B&O, HP Fast Charge, and the option of a touchscreen display. It also keeps things affordable although gift-giving holidays like Black Friday and Cyber Monday can help you save). If you want a laptop that can do it all for your kids’ education and entertainment needs without breaking the bank, then a laptop like this is perfect.

8. Dell G5 15 SE

Series G5 15 SE
Brand Dell
Screen Size 15.6 Inches
Operating System Windows 10
Human Interface Input Microphone, Keyboard

Choosing laptops for kids can be problematic, especially if you want something that will be able to handle the school load and all those games. You want something that performs well without costing a small fortune, and ideally, it would also carry some kind of ruggedness for educational purposes too. The Dell G5 15 SE (2020) manages to check off all these boxes and is easily one of the best laptops for kids gaming.

9. HP Stream 


Series Stream Laptop
Brand HP
Specific Uses For Product Multimedia, Personal
Screen Size 14 Inches
Operating System Windows 10 Home

Experience a laptop that’s built for your life—where work, play, and everything in between coming together seamlessly. It’s effortless to connect to the technology you need and bring the online world with you—from video chats to streaming, sharing, and more. Whether you’re taking notes in class or working on an important business project, the ultra-thin HP Stream laptop (1.39″ thin) is the perfect device.

10. ASUS Laptop L210 Ultra


Series ‎L210MA-DB01
Brand ASUS
Specific Uses For Product Personal
Screen Size 11.6 Inches
Operating System Windows 10 S

Our 11.6″ HD (1366 x 768) Slim Display boasts an impressive resolution for enjoying your favorite HD movies on the go. The 64GB eMMC Flash Storage allows you to install your favorite programs while 4GB DDR4 RAM, which is twice the amount of standard laptops, gives you advanced multitasking capabilities. The ASUS Laptop L210 includes a one-year subscription to Microsoft 365 Personal, which offers a full suite of apps and features on your PC or tablet—including Word, PowerPoint, and OneNote.