10 Best lever Action BB Gun 2021 – Reviews & Guide

There’s a Daisy BB or Pellet Gun in the hands of kids all over the world. Kids who are having fun, learning about nature and life. At Daisy, we call them “Daisy Scouts” and they are the heart and soul of every Daisy product.

But at Daisy, we don’t just build for kids – our expert craftsmen build for adults too. Our passion for making legendary, affordable airguns is found in every gun we make.

1.Red Ryder Daisy A Christmas Wish BB Gun

Make Christmas wishes come true with the Red Ryder BB gun. This officially licensed Air Gun by Daisy is full size and authentic, but safe enough for kids to use without the shooting incident, just what you need for that young cowboy or cowgirl in your life.

Fun for firing at targets such as tin cans, bottles, and paper targets. Also comes with the adjustable rear sight, grooved barrel, velocity of 300-345 fps, and a metal blade front sight.

2.Daisy Red Ryder (Best Starter BB Gun)

The BB gun you’ve always dreamed about owning is now within your reach. The Daisy Red Ryder Shooting Air Rifle is so realistic, you’ll feel like you’re on the set of a Wild West movie. Its heavyweight, stable wood stock and forearm feature solid walnut construction with beautiful mahogany stain and a brass blade front sight and adjustable rear sight. Its lever-cocking, the spring-air design gives it enough power to shoot up to 500 feet per second! (Not available in CA or MA.)

3. Daisy Model 25

Model 25 air rifle is an easy and simple use kit. It is manufactured in China. The product is powered by a pump-action air gun with spring air action. The product has .177 caliber BB ammo with a steel smooth bore barrel with a maximum velocity of 350 feet per second. The stained solid-wood pistol grip stock and forearm grip are slip-resistant.

It has a flip-up peep or open rear sight, adjustable for windage and elevation. It has a half-cock safety, a manual trigger safety, and automatic trigger safety. This rifle is made of wood with blued metal finish.

4.Crosman 2100X (Recommended Multi-Pump)

The Crosman 2100X multi-pump pneumatic air pistol is an ideal choice for plinking or pest control, and it’s perfect for small-game hunters. It features a brown, water-resistant synthetic stock with a rifled steel barrel, adjustable power that reaches up to 800 fps using lead pellets and can shoot BBs up to 500 fps, and all in 1 pump of the included pump handle. The Crosman 2100X also has a 4x15mm optical sight and fixed front sight to help you stay on target.

5.Daisy Powerline BB/Pellet Rifle (Best Seller)


All you need is two fingers and a little muscle. This multi-pump pneumatic rifle is ready to shoot in seconds. The Daisy Powerline BB rifle holds up to 8 pellets, and the stock holds extra ammo for more shooting fun.

The Fiber optics front sight with adjustable rear sight makes it easy to acquire your target. The Monte Carlo stock and forearm are both crafted of sturdy wood fiber with a beautiful finish that will last through years of enjoyment and many memorable hunting trips and backyard plinking sessions.

6. Gamo Outdoors M4

The M4 multi-stroke pneumatic rifle is a great gun for target shooting and even small-game hunting. It features an adjustable rear stock and a tactical pistol grip that makes it easy to handle and shoulder. This powerful rifle accomplishes over 200 feet per second in velocity, making it lightweight, but packs a punch. It comes with a one-year limited warranty to ensure reliability.

7.MP40 Submachine Gun Replica Air Gun

A .177 caliber semi-automatic spring-powered air rifle from Gamo with a velocity of up to 450 fps/1.28 joules and a shot capacity of 52 rounds that are compatible with magazines of other rifles in the M4 line. The aluminum, rifled barrel features a fixed hop-up for enhanced accuracy.

Adjustable rear sights help you zero in on your target and the picatinny rail provides space for attaching optics. Modular design makes it compatible with all M4 magazines. Includes the following accessories: shoulder strap, magazine, safety glasses, barrel plug, gun lock and manual.

8.SteelForce BB Airgun

The Steel Force BB air rifle is packed with features at an incredible value. Perfect for plinking, hunting small game, or pest control, this accurate gun also features a BB reservoir that holds 300-rounds and a smooth single-action trigger.

You can choose between single-shot mode or 6-round “full-auto” burst mode. At the end of a long day of shooting, count on the reversible air cylinder to provide years of reliable service. Whether you are new to airguns or just looking for a quality backup gun for your collection, the Steel Force BB is the choice for you.

9.Air Ordnance SMG

The SteelForce BB Machine Gun rifle is a true belt fed machine gun. The model we offer has a new 22 caliber rifled barrel and fires up to 12 rounds per second. It is powered by CO2, HPA, or nitrogen and can be used with multiple types of accessories that mount on its upper and lower Picatinny rails.

This model also includes an aluminum alloy carrying handle and tactical sling stock to make it easy to tote around the range or field for your next Airsoft skirmish or battle game.

10.Gamo Silent BB Gun (Works Better with Pellets)

Precision, accuracy, power, cutting-edge technology—all these qualities make up the SteelForce BB airgun. This powerhouse of a gun fires pellets at an exceptionally high velocity for accuracy that’s crucial in target shooting and hunting. The skeleton stock of the gun resists vibration during shooting for more accurate shot placement. Plus, its 4×32 air rifle scope makes it easy to find your target.