10 Best Magnetic Key Holder 2022 – Reviews & Guide

10 Best Magnetic Key Holder 2022 – Reviews & Guide

We all have them, but we don’t like to think about it. You know, keys. Keys to the house, keys to the car, keys to that drawer I told you not to open. We may not be able to do away with them, but we can certainly make carrying them around easier and more convenient.

A magnetic key holder is one of those little gizmos that you don’t know you need until you own one. Then, you’ll wonder how you ever lived without it! If you’ve never used one before, a magnetic key holder is a small bar that holds your keys in place on a flat surface so they’re always within easy reach.

They are small enough to fit just about anywhere. The kitchen, bathroom or garage are all great places for one because they keep your keys out of the way but still within reach in case of an emergency. They’re also useful in other rooms in the house as well as at work or in the car.

If you’ve got children who spend time alone after school or in the summertime, a magnetic key holder can be life-saver if they ever find themselves locked out of the house. It’s better than having them try to hide a spare key outside because it’s not as easy .

1. Master Lock 207D Magnetic Key Holder

The Master Lock M207D key cabinet is a convenient way to securely store keys, cards, and other small accessories. This organizer provides a perfect place to keep track of the items you need most with 1 to 2 key capacity. It features an attractive black finish that fits into any office or home decor while its compact size helps save space. This storage system is built with antibacterial protection, so it helps protect against odor-causing bacteria to help your items last longer. The organizer is designed with a secure magnetic door that keeps things inside safe and accessible when needed.

2. Lucky Line Jumbo Magnetic Key Hider

Keep your spare keys in a secret spot with the Lucky Line Jumbo Magnetic Key Hider. This case is the perfect size to hold larger keys and transponders. It’s large enough to store remotes and other small items in too! The removable metal plate on top of the case can be used as a safe for valuables with the addition of a large self-adhesive hook, or magnets on the back of flat metal objects such as nails or keys. With its powerful magnet, this case can hold 3 lbs (1.3 kg) securely and ensure that nobody can take it away from its

3. Kidde AccessPoint 001859 Stor-A-Key Locking Magnetic Key Case

The Kidde AccessPoint 001859 Stor-A-Key Locking Magnetic Key Case is intended for storing extra car keys and mail for residents of assisted living facilities. This key safe case is constructed from durable weather-resistant plastic and it comes with a removable foam insert to keep keys from rattling around. It can also be secured to any door or flat metal surface via its powerful rare earth magnet. With 1,000 combination possibilities, this key safe provides security for house keys in addition to personal mail.

4. Ram-Pro 3-Pieces 3 Inch Plastic Hide-A-Key

Ram-Pro 3-Pieces 3 Inch Plastic Hide-A-Key, Lock Box, Key-Holder, to Store a Spare Key for Your Home, Storage, Office, Vehicle, with Strong Rear Magnetic Base. The unique housing design allows you to attach the Hide-A-Key almost anywhere magnetically. It comes with 4 keys and a universal mounting plate. So forget those cheap plastic containers that will crack with age and use Ram-Pro. This Metal Pouch easy to mount on any steel surface in your garage or storage building by just punching four holes and screws.

5. Master Lock 207EURD Magnetic Car Case 


The Master Lock 207EURD Magnetic Car Case is a portable storage case that can offer convenience when you need it most. Made of rust-free, durable plastic construction, this key case can protect your 1-2 key fobs from the elements and another potential scuffing. The sliding cover has a built-in stop, which helps to prevent the keys from being exposed to the elements. This item also features magnets on its back, which allow you to use this item discreetly on your car’s undercarriage and make it easier to find them when you need them.

6. 3 Piece Value Pack 3” Inch Plastic Magnetic HIDE-A-KEY HOLDER

MAGIC BOX’ ® (3-Piece VALUE PACK) – NEW DESIGN 3″ INCH PLASTIC MAGNETIC HIDE-A-KEY HOLDER This product is very handy for the home, office, Work Shop and just about anywhere you need to hide your spare keys. No one wants to be locked out of their car or cottage. These Magic Key Boxes are great for storing your spare key safely away from children and weather. THERE WILL BE TONS OF USES – OUTDOORS AND INDOORS! It could be used for so many things, it is GREAT FOR TRAVELING.

7. MiniMag 2 Dual-Magnet Waterproof Strong Magnetic Stash Box

The MiniMag 2 Waterproof Magnetic Box is the strongest magnetic box in its class! It’s made with a durable high-quality polycarbonate shell and is 100% waterproof. A waterproof lock & nbsp; wrap ensures your valuables remain 100% secure. This stash box is great for hiding a key, stashing cash, or hiding anything else you need to hideaway. The MiniMag 2 Strong Magnetic Stash Box has been used by military and law enforcement agencies around the world to contain sensitive information that needs to be secured.

8. kaguster Stronger ABS Plastics Waterproof Magnetic Box 

Kaguster Stronger ABS Plastics Waterproof Magnetic Box for GPS Trackers, Hide a Key, Magnetic Stash Box for Under Car(stronger ABS) is a compact and durable waterproof container for your belongings. It’s made of stronger ABS plastic, which is harder and more wear-resistance compared to common ABS plastics. So it can be the best choice to lock in valuable things like GPS trackers, spare keys, or other valuables to prevent theft.

9. Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System


The Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System sets a new standard by which all other safety locks are judged. Invisible from the outside, you can install this lock system inside of your cabinets and drawers for added protection that no one can see. Easy to use, toddlers have trouble operating it! This set comes with a magnetic key that matches 8 locking tabs. Use it to keep medicine cabinets and kitchen cabinets locked when you want added peace of mind to keep out children and guests. Its patented “Unlock” mode allows the locks to be quickly opened when needed for instant access without having to replace all of the locks into the key.

10. SCHLAGE Z-Wave Connect Camelot Touchscreen Deadbolt


The Z-Wave Connect Camelot touchscreen deadbolt brings designer styling and high-class construction to your front door. This lock features a clean satin nickel look and is available on its own, or in a kit with the Schlage BE469 CAM 619 Camelot lever handle. Go further with the Schlage Connect Home platform. No additional hub is required. In addition to the keypad, users can opt for push-button functionality, depending on their preference.