10 Best Marathon Kayak Paddles 2022 – Reviews & Guide

You are probably here because you want to find the Best Marathon Kayak Paddles. You have a day or a week or a month of paddling planned (or all three). You may be an ocean enthusiast, taking your kayak down to explore the coral reefs. Or you might be leaning on the side of a river, hoping to catch some fresh fish. All we can do is let you know our opinion and then give you the complete information on each paddle model that we tested. The most popular two-piece kayak paddles were selected for our tests according to two criteria: reviews from experts and casual users, and actual sales numbers.

Many of these models are exactly the same, differing only in color (the colors are mostly cosmetic). We decided to review just 12 so that we could focus our full attention on them without getting distracted by other options. We visited retailers who sold them, asked manufacturers for samples, and spent over 100 hours testing these 12 kayak paddles side-by-side under both controlled and real-life conditions – touring for many miles with them, analyzing their feel and performance, enduring high winds and large waves to assess their durability.

Paddling is an activity that has been practiced for thousands of years. As you might imagine, different circumstances mean that there was always a need for the paddles to be designed with certain attributes. When you are searching for paddles you will have to take into account the type of environment you will be in. You may ask yourself if you need some specific features that would help or whether your needs can be solved with a basic version.

Not only will your type of activity dictate the characteristics of these tools but also the technical aspects will feature in this process. If you are new to the kayak and all its accessories you might feel lost at sea (pun intended). There are numerous things to consider and it can sometimes get a bit overwhelming. By getting all the information and background information on this product you will ensure that you make an informed purchase decision.

1. Best Marine Kayak Paddle 

Our Best Marine Kayak Paddle is a must-have addition to your kayak gear. Its lightweight construction, 5ft leash, and adjustable length combine to make it perfect for a variety of paddling activities. The paddle is made from fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene blades with a carbon fiber shaft that keeps it sturdy and provides a smooth, comfortable push through the water.

The 220cm length weighs 33oz, features 2 drip rings to keep water dripping down the shaft, and separates into two pieces for easy travel and storage. Plus unlike most separating paddles, this one feels as solid and engaging as any single-piece paddle. This combination of features sets it apart from the competition and makes it a great value.

This paddle is designed with your kayak in mind. Every feature of our paddle is built to improve your experience from the first paddle stroke to the last; from our low-drag, adjustable blades to our lightweight, sturdy construction. Our innovative blade design increases blade area without increasing weight, giving you a boost of paddling power and agility on the water.

Like all Best Marine products, this paddle is backed by an amazing 3-Year Warranty and an industry-leading 60-Day No Hassle Return Policy (how can you lose with that?). Don’t compromise on quality when you can have it all at Best Marine prices.

The Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak is an open cockpit fishing kayak with a molded-in front casting deck. The kayak includes 2 flush-mounted rod holders for securely holding your fishing rod, 2 built-in rigid cargo holders on each side of the kayak for storing fishing gear and other accessories, and a watertight compartment behind the seat to hold your gear.

The Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak features a comfortable seat backrest, non-skid footwell pads, quick-adjust foot braces, and paddle holder to provide you with extra control while out on the water. Whether you are paddling rivers or lakes or planning a secluded overnight camp in serene locations, this well-equipped fishing kayak makes it easy to spend an enjoyable day away from home.

The Lifetime Tamarack Angler 100 Fishing Kayak is a stable 10ft kayak designed for beginners and intermediate anglers. It has all the high-end features of competitive models, like a comfortable seat, large fish/gearbox, and paddle keepers.

This Lifetime fishing kayak is made with a contoured seating area that provides knee and thigh support while maximizing lower back support. The seatback is adjustable in 3 positions, allowing you to customize the kayak’s fit to your body for maximum comfort. If you’re ready to get serious about fishing, you’ll want to add this 10ft angler kayak to your collection.

Our aluminum kayak paddle is 87-inch 220cm is lightweight and sturdy for long-distance paddling. Its three pieces anodized aluminum shaft with a Polypropylene Blade is made for maximum resistance. Adjustable from 0 to 65˚angle to get the best angle possible, while keeping hands dry with the built-in grips. Perfect for recreational paddlers between 4’8″ and 5’11” and kayaks between 23″-28″ wide.’

Pelican Aluminum Kayak Paddles are constructed of sturdy two pieces of the anodized aluminum shaft and Polypropylene blade for maximum resistance. The paddle has a drip ring to help keep your hands dry, comes with a 0 or 65˚angle adjustment, and is ideal for recreational paddlers between 4’8″ and 5’11”, and kayaks between 23″-28″ wide. Details include a snap-lock that securely keeps the paddle together in transport, and a lanyard with a carabiner clip to take it from boat to boat.

Our complete paddle systems offer a lightweight and high-performing aluminum shaft, nylon and fiberglass blade, the balanced weight, ergonomic non-slip comfort T-grip, and an instant and reliable adjustment mechanism. They are constructed with a durable plastic injection handle and tough ABS blade holder, so you can use your paddle without tearing it up. If you just want to grab your trusty BPS Aluminum Paddle or want to take advantage of the convenience of our BPS Complete Paddles, give us a call! We’ll be sure to put you in the right direction.

For years, the quality of BPS Alloy Paddle has been the focus at BPS. We maintain our quality standards in these paddles while bringing a stylish and ergonomic design to our paddles. This paddle is adjustable; so as you progress into your paddle sport, BPS can grow with you and your board. The nylon blade is designed to be durable, and it will not scratch your board while you are in the water. The ergonomic handle is 9 inches high, which makes it easy to grip, reducing hand fatigue.

Perception Universal Recreation/Touring Kayak Paddle, 230cm (90.5), Black, 2 Piece (Chrome) This blade is designed to perform well with all sit-inside and sit-on-top recreational kayaks. Fiberglass-reinforced blades with 3 feather angle options (L60/0/R60). Suitable for use in both placid and windy/rough conditions. Dihedral (two-planed) blade design for smooth, stable, and flutter-free strokes. 2-piece take-apart construction allows for easy storage and transportation.

The Universal Recreation is a two-piece paddle, ideal for recreational kayaking. The fiberglass-reinforced nylon blades rated at L60/O/R60 are strong enough to handle windy conditions and rough water, while the double planked features a feathering angle of 60/60 degrees, making it great for inexperienced paddlers. The aluminum shaft will not break or corrode from saltwater exposure and is lightweight enough for long trips and load-bearing. Unlike other plastic kayak paddles, the Universal Recreation is sold as one piece, meaning you will never be replacing the blade.

The Hornet Watersports Graphic Fiberglass Kayak Paddle is an ideal paddle for both touring, kayak fishing, and any type of recreational paddling. The paddle is designed for paddlers of all skill levels. It has a blade and measures 90.5” (230CM). The adjustable mechanism can extend the paddle to 94.5” (240CM). The angle of the blade can be changed and adjusted from 0 to 60 degrees.

Its width can be adjusted in increments of 15 degrees making the paddle break down into two pieces making it easy to transport and store away. This kayak paddle delivers excellent grip with its comfortable handle placed at the top of the shaft. This soft-grip handle allows you to sit up straight while paddling without having to lean over. Made with carbon fiber blades, it is lightweight and strong providing less fatigue than other materials like aluminum or graphite used in paddles.

The Hornet Double Kayak paddle is ideal for touring, fishing and boating. The paddle has a straight shaft and measures 90.5”(230CM). Its adjustable mechanism can extend the paddle to 94.5 ” (240 CM) and adjust from 0 to 60 degrees. The paddle allows for blade feathering in increments of 15 degrees and breaks down into two parts making it easy to transport and store away making this a very portable kayak paddle.

Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Recreational Touring Kayak, 14.5′, 40″ width, is lightweight, fully inflatable, and ready for the open water. Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Kayak is fast on the water, with a long waterline for speed and long glides, best for distance paddling on gravel or flat water, and mild ocean chop. Includes 2 adjustable high back seats, 2 dual-blade paddles, high-pressure pumps with gauge. Weighs 33 pounds and measures 14 feet long x 40 inches wide x 10 inches deep with a 600-pound maximum capacity.

The Driftsun Almanor is a touring and recreational inflatable kayak that features two side air chambers with adjustable screw valves and rear inflation, two quick-release bow air chambers and bow hatch, mesh carrying bag, and foot pump. The kayak also contains an extra-wide and padded seat with high back support.

The kayak is 14.5 feet long, 4 feet 9 inches wide, 4 feet 1 inch high at the front of the cockpit rim, 3 feet 6 inches high at the back of the cockpit rim, weighs 33 lbs when fully inflated, can hold two people plus one child or gear or a furry friend up to 600 pounds total weight. This kayak can be inflated in 9 minutes with a pressure range between 1 PSI on the side tubes to 2 PSIs for the floor air chambers.

At 33 pounds, the Driftsun Almanor Inflatable Kayak is a full-size kayak that inflates and deflates in less than ten minutes. The 31-foot waterline length means it can be paddled at a reasonable pace on flat water. Our adjustable seats provide back support with padding, and our high-back design ensures that you’re sitting comfortably in all kinds of weather. One of the biggest benefits of choosing an inflatable kayak over a hard shell is that you can store your inflatable kayak anywhere!

Our Almanor inflatable Recreational Touring Kayak contains two side tubes and one-floor tube offering three separate bladders for optimal stability and maximum buoyancy, allowing you to take with you an entire car-load of friends and family. The deluxe dual action hand pump quickly inflates just about any inflatable in about ten minutes or less. Your package does not include BC or PFD so please check your local laws for requirements prior to using your inflatable kayak.

FEATH-R-LITE, an exclusive brand of SurfsUp.com, back to our passion for surfing and sharing it with you. We have been manufacturing inflatable SUPs and products for nearly 4 years now, therefore we understand all the aspects of Stand Up Paddleboarding very well, from beginners to professional boarders. With all our experience we made something extra light yet durable using paddleboard military-grade twin-wall PVC that is known for its use in inflatable boats and other inflatables like air beds.

FEATH-R-LITE also comes with a convenient backpack for easy carrying and storage when not in use. It provides drainage holes toward the valve to get rid of water faster after a wet ride or landing on the water (just turn it upside down). FEATH-R-LITE is available in 2 sizes: 9′ and 10’6” and a wide range of vibrant colors.

It has military-grade twin-wall PVC that is known for its use in inflatable boats and other inflatables like air beds. This paddleboard can be easily stored in its backpack and transported to any place with ease. FEATH-R-LITE is made of exclusive military-grade twin-wall PVC which makes it super light, durable yet at the same time soft to the touch on top.

We have made sure that your FEATH-R-LITE comes to you fully assembled, so you can jump right on it and get started paddling immediately. Unlike most other paddleboards, you do not need to pay extra money to get the paddle included; we supply one with each board in order for you to get the most out of it.

9. New Wave Swim Bubble

To keep you in sight and mind, the New Wave team is pleased to announce the Swim Bubble. The Swim Bubble gently tows behind you without pulling you back or adding extra drag to your swim. This safety swim buoy tow float will also help you relax because it provides reassurance for safer swimmers by adding extra visibility and floatation, in case you cramp up or simply need rest.

But don’t worry about just being safe from others: the New Wave trainer buoy has been built with multiple attachment options that let you hook it onto virtually anything including a torpedo-shaped water bottle, New Wave’s open water training buoy (specifically designed to hook onto the Swim Bubble), your bicycle or on a variety of settings on your arms, legs, and ankles.

The New Wave Swim Bubble is a simple and effective training tool for open water swimmers and triathletes. This buoy gently tows behind you without pulling you back or adding extra drag to your swim. The Swim Bubble provides reassurance for safer swimmers by adding extra visibility and floatation, in case you cramp up or simply need rest. With a safety whistle, this is the ideal training aid for remote trips, such as on a paddleboard or kayak.

The Swim Bubble is a “personal tow float device” created by swimming equipment manufacturer New Wave. The Swim Bubble sits low in the water, and it is intended for use by open water swimmers, triathletes, and other recreational (non-swimming class) bathers as an aid to navigation; the size and weight of the foaming apparatus will force a swimmer’s torso up above the surface of the water so that he or she can be more easily seen from a distance.

FreeIn 10’6″x31″x6″ Stand Up Paddle Board is Inflatable SUP 10’6″x31″x6″ Stand Up Paddle Board plus Kayak seat design, the combination of SUP and kayak feature into one board, can be used as free-style paddleboard or kayak in rivers, lakes, and calm open-water sea.EVA outsole brings waterproof and flexible material, easy to carry with 2 carrying handles on either side of it, Dual action hand pump with go pro base can be used to install a sports camera to record your vivid moments.

FreeIn inflatable stand-up paddleboard also equipped with 4 points bungee stores items you need for fishing. Four D-rings on each side of it can be installed an attachable kayak seat at any time, providing lightweight & high-quality equipment for all level SUPer who want to start enjoying water activities.

This Freein stand-up paddle board is packed with advanced features that make it a stable, durable, and companionable board. The top layer of this paddle board is constructed from military-grade PVC material, which creates a firm body for the board. A new design of multiple D-rings hard rings makes your accessories convenient to store.

This inflatable SUP comes with a dual-action aluminum hand pump that makes it easy to inflate, and the pressure gauge will let you know the changes in the air. With its high efficiency, this pump will only take around 10 minutes to fully inflate (additional adapters might be required). The whole board is large enough for most beginners and kids to have fun on it. A newly added kayak seat attachment can be used for a free ride or just stability when you are paddling.