10 Best Portable Navigation Lights 2022 – Reviews & Guide


If you are looking for the best portable navigation lights for your boat, then you’ve come to the right place. You don’t want to risk having the wrong products onboard which is why it is important to know your options.  Ensure that your boat remains visible at all hours of the day with the right equipment on board. The better equipped you are, the more likely it will be that others can see you from a distance.

1.Bright Eyes BE-BTLGT-GR-1 LED Boating Lights

A pair of Bright Eyes Green & Red LED Portable Marine Lights are the perfect boat lighting solution. These water-resistant, super-bright boat lights are ideal for all types of boating or fishing, displaying either green or red for higher visibility to other vessels. These marine-grade, smoke-colored light housings are sturdy, yet lightweight so they can be mounted on your boat’s bow or stern. The included mounting bracket makes installation quick and easy.

2.Attwood 14191-7 Navigation Light Kit


The Attwood 14191-7 Clamp-On Portable Marine Boat Navigation Light Kit offers boat owners the perfect solution for navigation in low visibility conditions. This kit includes two 12-volt, 4-watt Super-LED® lights, two mounting panels, and two 9002 flush mount clamps. The flush mount clamps allow lights to be installed on flat hull surfaces in areas not accessible by trolling motor connection through the use of the firm mounting pressure against the boat fiberglass exterior. These marine lights are designed for operation at depths of over 30 feet. The Attwood 14191-7 Clamp-On Portable Marine Boat

3.Innovative Lighting 560-1110-7 LED Bow Light

Use Innovative Lighting – 560-1110 Portable LED Bow Light with Suction Cup for any time you need a portable, hands-free light source. It is great for fishing, working on engines, seeing in those hard-to-reach areas, inspecting your car underneath the car hood, camping, and many other uses. The suction cup mounts easily to any clean, smooth hard surface and can be as functional as you need it. This is a rugged, durable construction with an extra bright 80 lumen LED light that provides UV protection for sensitive skin or eyes so you can read Braille with this light.

4.Botepon Marine Boat Bow Lights

These Botepon Marine Boat Bow Lights are a must for nighttime sailing and fishing, working on your boat, or just enjoying an evening around the dock.  These have been specifically designed to attach to any type of small boat from kayak to 20 ft boat. These bright LED navigation lights also help keep you safe from other boats at night so everyone will know where they are.

5.Attwood 14192-7 LED Navigation Light

Add all-weather, color-matched lighting to your boat’s deck with the Attwood 14192-7 Navigation Light Kit. The complete kit includes a deck-mounted light and light housing, as well as all mounting hardware and wiring that you’ll need. The waterproof marine gray housings and silicone seals create a seamless look and ensure reliability even in rough conditions, while embedded LED technology provides bright illumination for better nighttime viewing and safer boating.

6.Deals4you Portable LED Boating Lights

Make your boat trip safer and more enjoyable by equipping your craft with the Deals4you Portable Marine LED Boating Light. No other boating light is as bright, lightweight, easy to install or inexpensive. It fits on any boat bow or stern, pairs nicely with any fishing pole or paddle, or doubles as a great aftermarket night fixture for your home.

7.Shoreline Marine SL91916 Navigation Light

Shoreline Marine offers the most complete line of navigation lighting, including all marine lights, deck lights, and mast-mounted light kits. Our patented SLamp-On Navigation Lighting combines the benefits of both fixed mounting and portable navigation lights. Available in single or double lights, boxes or panels, clamp-on or screw-on; this line includes Navlights for any application. From sportfishing boats to yachts, sailing dinghies to racing sailboats, motorized tenders to houseboats, anchor lights to fishing boat highlights; every boater has miles of darkness that need good navigation lights.

8. Aqua Signal 27440-7 Battery LED Stern Light

Aqua Signal’s 3-Light Battery LED Stern Light is a great way to have a brighter accent light for your boat. It’s designed to be mounted on the transom using the self-adhesive suction cup or optional C-Clamp mount. To use, just attach the waterproof remote switch to the mounting bracket and run the cable up to the helm. The light assembly simply snaps onto the light bracket and is ready to go – there’s no wiring necessary.

9.Boao Led Boating Light

Get yourself superior visibility and safety at night with these 12 Pieces LED Boating Lights. These boat lights feature 3 modes: solid, flashing, and SOS all controlled using a waterproof knob. They can be easily mounted to your boat using the self-locking mounting brackets and waterproof connectors. The lithium batteries can be charged via USB directly from your boat, car or any other USB power supply. This boating light is made of durable and lightweight ABS plastic and features a quality optical lens that produces a bright and even beam that can reach great distances.

10.Amzonly ZP-ZYQ001 Easy Clip-on Light Kit

The Amazon Clip-on Light Kit is the perfect solution for allowing more visibility during boating and water sports. The lights can clip onto any surface and run on a 3m long professional grade 3-core cable with an inline on/off switch, push-button, and velcro straps for easy installation. The compact design allows installation on several types of objects such as boats, kayaks, pontoons, yachts, fishing boats, or your bicycle tail light.