10 Best Speakers For Classic Rock 2022 – Expert's Review

Finding the right speakers for rock music is sort of tricky. As a genre, rock music places more complex demands on a speaker than any genre except classical in terms of the wide dynamic and frequency ranges the speakers will be required to reproduce.

The ideal speakers should be able to give the same clarity and detail to the bassline as it does to the screaming top notes of a guitar solo and should maintain that clarity even when you crank the volume. Look for woofers with stiffer and more durable cones that will stand up to pumping out loud music and a sophisticated crossover circuit that gives you smooth and uninterrupted play in the mid-range, where the majority of the music will be taking place.

There are plenty of high-quality options at a range of price points, but one thing you won’t have to worry about is making sure your speakers are large enough. Rock music doesn’t require huge speakers, but they need to be heavy enough to handle bass frequencies without distorting or rattling.

The Heresy III is a 3-way system using two 165mm (6.5 inch) Kevlar cone woofers for that enhanced bass response, a 100mm (4 inch) mid-range driver and a 25mm (1 inch) titanium dome tweeter. The cabinet has been redesigned from previous models to produce an even more efficient sound.

The Heresy was originally introduced in 1957 as the Klipschorn’s little brother. Originally intended to be used as a center channel speaker between two Klipschorns in three channel stereo, the Heresy evolved over time into one of the best values in the Klipsch lineup.

Klipsch Reference series speakers feature our signature controlled directivity design to focus the listener’s soundstage. Our proprietary Tractrix® Horn technology and aluminum tweeters deliver the most impressive high-end response and greater extension, enhanced imaging and powerful dynamics.

These floorstanding speakers feature an all-new crossover system with premium components for extremely accurate frequency reproduction. The Klipsch Heresy III is complete with a scratch resistant ebony or walnut wood veneer finish for a classic look.

2.JBL Control 23 Black Speakers


  • Speaker Type : Outdoor
  • Brand : JBL
  • Model Name : Control 23
  • Mounting Type : Indoor,Outdoor

The JBL Control 23 Black is a compact indoor/outdoor speaker with rich sonic character, wide coverage, consistent dispersion, versatile mounting, and a contemporary high-design look that blends into any decor. The Control 23 is ideal for retail stores, restaurants, health clubs, theme parks, educational facilities, hospitality, music cafes and other applications where a top quality compact indoor/outdoor foreground/background music speaker is required.

The Control 23 features 3/4″ (19 mm) titanium-coated high frequency drivers and 3-1/2″ (89 mm) polypropylene-coated woofer cones in an acoustically balanced coaxial design. The coaxial design combines the drivers in a single enclosure to achieve a smooth frequency response and superior performance as compared to conventional multi-way systems. The coaxial design also greatly reduces the number of components required for each installation (no separate tweeters or crossovers).

Easy installation is provided via JBL’s exclusive Invisiball mounting hardware which allows the loudspeaker to be aimed without exposing any mounting hardware. In addition to being used indoors or outdoors the Control 23 can be readily painted to match any decor using paint specifically designed for polypropylene plastic.

I had the pleasure of having these Cerwin-Vega XLS-215 speakers as part of my home theater setup for about 2 years. I was fortunate to purchase them during a sale at a local Circuit City, so they were only $350.

I have used several different speakers in the past, and I must say, these are the best sounding speakers for movies and music that I have owned. I have used Klipsch, Bose, and other brands. They have good sound quality too, but the Cerwin-Vegas are far superior when you consider the sound quality per dollar spent.

I never really liked using subwoofers with my other systems. I like to feel my music and movies, and feel every note. The dual 15-inch woofers on these speakers produce so much bass that you can literally feel it in your body! It is not just a booming sound; it is very powerful and accurate. When watching movies or listening to music with these speakers, you almost forget that there is no subwoofer involved! It is just so good!

The overall sound quality of Cerwin-Vega XLS-215 speakers is very clear, crisp and accurate from top to bottom frequencies.

4.Edifier R1700BT Speakers


The R1700BT has the classic look you love with all new features of modern powered Bluetooth speakers. From all new tweeters to dual deep bass woofers, you will be blown away by the R1700BT’s impressive sound. With up to 24 watts of power coming from dual bass drivers and high performance tweeters, your music will get the fidelity it deserves from these bookshelf speakers.

With two wireless audio input options available, you can connect to the R1700BT easily. Connect via Bluetooth 4.0 or use the included wireless remote to adjust volume, mute and switch input sources between RCA and AUX.

With a retro design inspired by the classic bookshelf speakers of yesteryear, combined with the modern technology of today, listen to your favorite tunes in style. The elegant wood finish is available in Black Ash or Walnut to fit any home décor.

The R1700BT requires no extra amplifier or receiver to operate – just connect directly to any device with an RCA or 3.5 mm headphone jack output! Get premium sound quality without spending lots of time setting up your system!

The Brookstone Big Blue High Power Bluetooth speaker is the ultimate audio experience. Whether you’re partying poolside, streaming music in your backyard or powering up your next house party, this high-power speaker will rock out with 60W of breathtaking sound.

This battery-powered speaker delivers mind-blowing sound quality with two 138mm subwoofers for deep bass and bright mids – distortion free, at any volume. The Brookstone Big Blue Speaker is fully waterproof and ready to party anywhere – even in the harshest conditions.

The Brookstone Big Blue High Power Speaker has Bluetooth 5.0 technology built-in for wireless pairing with any device. A seamless connection lets you stream music from any smartphone or tablet in seconds.

Easily connect two speakers together to create a wireless stereo experience that fills the room with intense sound.

6.Marshall Stanmore II Wireless Bluetooth Speaker


The Marshall Stanmore II Bluetooth speaker is the most versatile speaker in the Marshall line-up and is perfect for any room, big or small. It delivers on the promise of high-performance sound that is synonymous with the Marshall name. With its classic design, analogue interaction knobs and iconic script logo, this dynamic speaker is a modern music essential for your home.

This active stereo speaker has two 5.25″ woofers that produce a clear midrange and two 1″ tweeters that deliver sparkling highs, giving you a sound that is both articulate and pronounced. The Stanmore II also features built-in Bluetooth 5.0 aptX technology for wireless music playback and the ability to connect to any analogue device using the RCA or 3.5mm inputs.

The Stanmore II Bluetooth was designed with advanced components that result in clean and precise audio even at high levels. The class D amplifier pushes 50 watts of power to the tweeters while another 50 watts goes to each of the woofers, delivering rich powerfully accurate sound.

Fill any space with powerful, room-filling sound with this versatile multi-host system that lets you connect up to two devices at once.

The Stanmore II is a compact active stereo speaker that yields clean and precise sound even at high levels. This speaker is ideal for those who crave powerful, room-filling sound from a compact source.

The Stanmore II features three analogue control knobs for bass, treble and volume, and comes with Bluetooth 5.0 aptX technology for wireless music playback.

With support for Bluetooth 5.0, you can easily connect your Stanmore II to any compatible device. Connect up to two devices to the speaker at the same time and seamlessly switch between them at the touch of a button. You can also connect wirelessly to any compatible device via 3.5mm input or RCA input for an analogue listening experience.

The Stanmore II also comes with the Marshall Bluetooth app, which allows you to customize your settings in greater detail, access multiple presets for various music genres, and create your own custom EQ settings using the Marshalls iconic script logo as a graphic equaliser.

This speaker takes its design cues from the iconic look of Marshall amplifiers; from the golden script logo on the front grille cloth to the gold piping on either side of it’s vinyl casing, along with white fret style front panel buttons and knobs which all make up this Speaker.

The Polk Atrium 4 speakers have a maximum power handling of 100 watts, which is pretty average. This means that you can use them for a wide variety of applications and amplifiers.

The frequency response range is 60 Hz – 22 kHz and the sensitivity is 92 dB. The impedance is a bit above average at 8 ohms.

The Atrium 4 features a 1-inch tweeter and two 5¼-inch woofers. Polk Audio uses their Dynamic Balance technology for all three drivers which results in a clear sound without any distortion even at high volumes.

When it comes to performance, the Polk Atrium 4 speakers are capable of delivering some really good sound quality, especially considering their price range. They can get really loud and the bass doesn’t get distorted or muffled even when played at high volumes.

The Polk Audio Atrium 4 speakers are truly weatherproof and can be used both indoors and outdoors with no issues whatsoever. The manufacturer has successfully combined durability with stylish looks to deliver a set of outdoor speakers that will easily fit into any outdoor environment and enhance your listening experience.

9.Edifier R1280DBs Active Bluetooth Bookshelf Speakers


My husband isn’t much of an audiophile, but he does enjoy listening to music. He was really excited when I told him I bought him these large Edifier speakers. The first thing that caught my eye were the size of them. They are very large and they stand out.

We have a small apartment, but I didn’t want to buy computer speakers even though that is where we listen to most of our music. They would get lost. It was either going to be bookshelf speakers or this type of speaker that sits on your desk and looks more like a stereo system.

The sound is great! I know there are higher end systems, but for us these were perfect. We don’t need anything too crazy, just something that sounds good and fills the room a little bit. We have these set up in our living room and it is definitely loud enough for us to hear it in the kitchen as well if we are cooking dinner or anything like that.

The Cerwin-Vega CVI118S 18 inch subwoofer system is a high performance, full bandwidth, subwoofer loudspeaker that delivers professional grade bass reinforcement and reproduction. The CVI118S features an 18 inch transducer with a 3 inch voice coil and a powerful vented magnet structure. The system has an incredible power handling capacity of 1200 watts continuous and 4800 watts peak power!

The CVI118S is designed to be a part of the Cerwin-Vega CVI Series line array speaker systems, or used as a standalone subwoofer in conjunction with a full range speaker system. It is finished in black polypropylene fiber, and is constructed with an 18mm OSB (oriented strand board) enclosure structure, giving it maximum strength and rigidity. The enclosure is loaded with a large port tube which reduces air turbulence, noise and distortion.

The CVI118S features dual NL4 connectors for the input connections. It also comes equipped with dual NL4 connectors for loop-thru connections to other speakers in the system. The unit can be used in both vertical and horizontal orientations. The CVI118S is perfect for use in live sound applications such as bands.