10 Best Stylus for Nintendo Switch – 2022 Reviews & Guide

10 Best stylus for Nintendo switch – 2022 Reviews & Guide

The Nintendo Switch is a great console. It’s got a huge selection of games, and it’s portable so you can take it anywhere. But sometimes the controllers just aren’t accurate enough for you to enjoy your games. That’s where styluses come in!

A stylus is a great accessory for any Nintendo Switch owner. The touch screen is too small for some people, so a stylus can help them get more precise control over their games. They’re also useful if you have large hands and don’t want to block part of the screen when playing with the Joy-Cons or Pro Controller.

A stylus isn’t just useful for gaming though! You can use it to navigate through menus, draw pictures in Super Mario Maker 2, or just doodle in the notepad app (which comes pre-installed on all Nintendo Switches).

1.Meko Universal Stylus

1 x StylusThis elegant and functional stylus is made of high-quality material, fits all capacitive touch screen devices, such as iPad. Its special design allows you to write on the screen with great accuracy without any worry about your pen/pencil slipping off.

It is specially designed to mark when you are reading; take notes, write emails with incredible responsiveness and accuracy. The stylus also makes the iPad an ideal note-taking tool in class; it helps you capture important information from the instructor easily and quickly, which saves your time and effort.

2.Official Nintendo Switch Stylus.

TheOfficial Nintendo Switch Stylus is designed for use with Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite systems. It provides a precise and comfortable drawing or writing experience. Use it as a regular pen or an input device for your favorite touch screen application. If the touch pen does not respond well,

change the “Touch screen sensitivity” on the Nintendo Switch settings to reduce the latency of your stylus when using it with the console. Also, try pressing harder on the screen with your stylus. The harder you press, the better response you will get from your stylus. This product has been tested and found compatible with Nintendo Switch systems.”

3.AccuPoint Active Stylus


The AccuPoint Active Stylus is our most popular stylus, designed for the most popular electronic devices. Our unique active tip emits quick electronic pulses that interact with your screen, allowing you to write with a more natural pressure and writing position.

Available in fine or medium point for most smartphones and tablets, it’s compatible with all cases. An included micro-USB cable allows you to charge it anytime from any computer, USB power source, or wall charger. Thanks to its long life battery and self-locking design, this stylus will last through hundreds of uses.”

4.AmazonBasics Capacitive Executive Stylus

Our Capacitive Executive Stylus is the ideal accessory for anyone who relies on their device for work or play.

This stylus provides a smooth pen-like writing experience on your tablet or phone, enables touch screen accuracy and performance, and is perfect for drawing apps, taking notes, playing games – anywhere that you need a little help from your fingertips.

Its lightweight and compact size make it easy to carry with you at all times. So if you want to write or interact with your device in a way that was never possible before – this is an accessory worth adding to your collection.’

The Wacom CS-100 Bamboo is a precision stylus that improves hand-to-digital experiences and brings an artful experience to your fingertips. The sleek, black and silver design and satin-textured metal body complement today’s tablet computers.

Unlike the stiff competition, the Wacom bamboo stylus offers 25% slimmer tips and weight balancing for an authentic pen-on-screen experience. It also offers an easy installation process with no drivers needed. The smooth soft tip provides a pen-on-screen experience like no other.

6.Mixoo Capacitive Stylus Pen

Mixoo’s PRECISION DISC stylus pen allows you to write on any touch screen surface with precision. These pens are designed to be used on your electronic devices from an iPad, iPhone or Android tablet, smartphone or E-reader. The flat disc shape allows for greater accuracy when writing on an electronic screen.

The transparent disc allows you to remove the cap from the stylus and rest it on top of an iPhone or Android when not in use, making it easier to preserve battery life as well as keep dust out.’´´´

7.Touch Screen Stylus

The OASO stylus is the best tool to create simple ideas on your laptop, tablet, or desktop screen.

Simple and responsive design, high performance, and super high quality make it your preferred pen for note taking, drawing, sketching, and painting. It can not only solve the technical problem in daily life but also bring a feeling of leisure to you.

You will never miss the convenience of having a pen anytime you need it. Evolation rotates design for Hidden tip. , no need to have cap or cover anymore.

8.DarkWalker Stylus Touch Pen

The stylus touch pen adds a new level of functionality to your Nintendo Switch. By pairing the stylus with your Switch, you can now navigate through building menus quicker than ever thought was possible on such a small screen.

The addition of the L Control Stick, X, Y, HOME, A, and ZL buttons onto the Stylus pen for faster selection and dragging of building elements with fingers on the screen will quickly lead to a grimey palm.

The Stylus Touch Pen supports multiple functions including; Scrapbooking, Drawing & Sketching, and much more.”

9.Tomee Stylus Pen 

Tomee is a multi-purpose stylus designed to assist gamers in finding the right spot on their Nintendo 3DS XL screens. With its lightweight and rubberized tip, Tomee allows for smooth gliding across the screen while keeping your hand from going through the touch screen.

Great for artists trying to accomplish fine details or those with dexterity issues! The Tomee 3-pack comes in 3 colors: Red, Black, and Blue. Made to fit perfectly in your hand or pocket, you’ll wonder how you ever played games without it! Made by gamers, for gamers.

10.Tomee Stylus Pen

The Tomee Stylus is a professional quality stylus pen that delivers smooth and accurate touch screen control. The durable plastic construction makes it perfect for long-term use, while the 3-pack design will ensure your friends never run out of replacement styluses.

Its smooth tip helps prevent unwanted marks on your Nintendo 3DS screen and allows you to easily navigate through touchscreen menus and games. It also features anti-bacterial properties reducing germs buildup that can promote bacteria growth within a device’s sensitive areas. The Tomee Stylus is compatible with New 3DS systems and works best with the screen native size of 3.