10 Best Tempered Glass For Galaxy S7 Edge 2022 – Reviews & Guide


The Galaxy S7 Edge is the first Samsung device to sport a dual-edge display. The main idea behind it is to make the phone more useful than its predecessor Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge. It has an increased screen size with a better resolution, and it has all the standard features that any flagship phone should have.

A tempered glass screen protector can protect your phone from breaking in case of a sudden fall. It also saves it from scratches, dust accumulation, and fingerprint smudges. There are many types of screen protectors available in the market, but tempered glass is the best one due to its ability to provide protection along with maintaining clarity.

Most tempered glass screen protectors are resistant against oil and water, so you don’t need to worry about that either. They are easy to apply as well; all you need to do is remove the black film covering the adhesive side of the glass, clean your phone’s display with wet wipes, align it properly – and you are good to go!

1. Skinomi Galaxy S7 Edge TechSkin

Tired of those unsightly scratches that ruin the look of your expensive smartphone? Protect your Galaxy S7 Edge’s screen from damage and prying eyes with Skinomi® TechSkin Full Coverage Anti-Glare Invisible Shield screen protector. This state-of-the-art protector is precisely engineered to provide maximum screen coverage and protection, full-body protection, ultimate user experience, and will not affect the responsiveness of your touchscreen.

2. OtterBox Alpha Glass

Protecting your device is important, which is why OtterBox cases are trusted by the world’s best military, tech, and music professionals. One reason they trust OtterBox is because of its solid reputation for protecting devices from everything they encounter in their adventures. If you’re serious about protecting your Galaxy S7 Edge, then get serious about protection with Alpha Glass Glass Series screen protector for your device.

3. ArmorSuit Military Shield for S7 Edge

ArmorSuit Military Shield features exceptional clarity and UV protection to prevent yellowing. It is made from the same protective film material used to protect military aircraft, helicopters, and space shuttles. The Military Shield is not made of glass or plastic, but of military-grade thermoplastic urethane that is designed to absorb impact force. The Military Shield has also been precisely cut for a perfect fit on your device.

4. iCarez Galaxy S7 Edge “Curved” Screen Protector

The iCarez 3D Curved PET screen protector is designed for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge smartphone. Its precisely aligned cuts and rounded edges prevent dust, dirt, and scratches from accumulating when laid flat on the screen. Its moisture-proof material keeps your screen safe from water and sweat. The iCare mode allows you to carry your device without a sticky residue on the screen.

5. Gorilla Cases Glass 3-Pack


The GorillaCase Glass screen protector fits the Galaxy S7 Edge perfectly. Made of high-quality tempered glass, this screen protector allows you to retain 100 percent touch accuracy with no interference between your touch and the Galaxy S7 Edge’s actual display. This glass is thinner than most on the market, at 0.03mm thick, yet it is more durable, not to mention crystal clear. Plus, it offers HD clarity that matches your actual display. Lastly, there are three glass protectors in each package, so if one ever gets broken or damaged, you have two backups waiting in the wings.

6. AmFilm Tempered Glass for Galaxy S7 Edge

The AmFilm Tempered-Glass Screen Protector for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge maintains your screen’s original HD-quality graphics while providing an unrivaled level of protection. The protector’s 0.33MM thickness is comfortable to touch while retaining the durability needed to resist daily scratches, drops, bumps, and scrapes.

7. LK Screen Protect for Galaxy S7 Edge

The LK screen protector provides excellent protection for the Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge screen against daily usage. It’s made of durable TPU material which can cover corner to corner on your device. This LK film is case-friendly, so you can continue to use this premium protection with no flaws and with full-touch sensitivity.

8. GPEL Galaxy S7 Edge Gorilla Glass Protector


The curved design of the Galaxy S7 Edge is really something to behold, but it’s also definitely a weak point for damage. The Gorilla Glass 4 has been proven to work well, but if you’re worried about cracking the screen, try picking up a glass protector. GPEL is one of the few companies out there that makes one already designed for the Galaxy S7 Edge. And with its reinforced glass, you can be sure it’ll keep your phone safe.

9. BodyGuardz HD Contour


BodyGuardz HD Contour for your Galaxy S7 Edge offers complete edge-to-edge coverage on your phone. With a PET film that is engineered to fit precisely with the curve of your device, BodyGuardz HD Contour is easy to install and provides 99% screen coverage with a bead-blasted matte finish that resists fingerprints. The BodyGuardz HD Contour can be installed easily on your Galaxy S7 Edge in the home, at the office, or by a professional.

10. Zagg Glass Curve


The curves of the Zagg Glass Curve screen protector for Samsung’s Galaxy S6 take into account the way you hold, view, and interact with your phone. The edges of the curved-screen protector go beyond the glass to help defend against impacts and scratches to the metal edge of the device.

The Glass Curve screen protector for the Samsung Note 8 has been designed with the unique curvature of the Note 8 in mind. The edges are purposely curved to match that of the device, while still retaining perfect edge-to-edge coverage. The ZAGG Glass Curve provides exceptional defense while utilizing a unique adhesive that allows repositioning during application.