10 Best Trick Scooters 2022 – Reviews & Guide


10 Best Trick Scooters 2022 – Reviews & Guide

Most people can remember a time when they were riding their first bike. The excitement, the smiles and the sense of freedom all play a part in creating beautiful memories. For many parents, it’s one of their proudest moments watching their little one finally get up and ride on their own.

For many children, parents have replaced that bike with a scooter to give them the same feeling of independence. The kids are still learning to balance and move forward while they’re having hours of fun on their scooter. You’ll see them zooming around your neighborhood or local park with their big smiles.

The best trick scooters are not just for kids anymore. These days, you can see teenagers, adults and professionals using these scooters for street tricks and extreme sports. Many of those who do this professionally make money from endorsements, sponsorships and competitions.

Whether you need a new scooter for your child or a professional stunt rider, we’ve reviewed the top models so you won’t waste any time trying to find the best trick scooters for your needs.

1. Lucky Crew Complete Pro Scooter – Editor’s Choice

The Lucky Crew is a 4.8′ high quality pro scooter with a top-notch 78.5″ deck, extra-thick steel Chromoly and tubular construction, and dual linear bushings that give pegs great turning leverage.

The scooter’s Lucky wheel features premium ABEC-rated bearings and comes equipped with 80a double-barrel trucking wheels and 54mm Lucky arc pre-stacked freestyle wheels for unbelievable tricks, grinds, bounces, and flips.

Made to withstand heavy wear from aggressive riders, the crew is both strong and ready to handle stunts like no other scooter on the market.

2. Envy S8 Prodigy Pro Scooter – Premium Choice

The Prodigy S8 is a class leading scooter. This mid-level scooter doesn’t compromise quality, speed or comfort. Everything about the S8 makes it desirable; the materials used are of the highest quality, yet still lightweight.

The aluminum has a high-grade 6061 forged V2 rocker, making it strong enough to withstand any kind of use. Innovative features such as the S8 bow generate more speed and comfort for riders, so you can spend more time on your scooter and less time getting a ticket.

3. Lucky Prospect Pro Scooter – Best Overall

Our new Lucky PROSPECT is the most rider-friendly scooter we have ever made. Now with an upgraded steel handle, thicker deck (one piece no welding/bolts), and ultra light wheels these are built to rip at every level of riding.

The PROSPECT has stood on the podium in more world championships than any other scooter for good reason. It is stable enough for beginners, powerful enough for advanced riders and with an optional extra weight insert you will still be pushing your limits.

The District C050 Pro Scooter from Razor is a 2-wheel scooter that features a patented adjustable handle to grow with your child. It has a high-performance precision deck for a more stable ride and a patented rear fender brake for smooth stops. The base is wider than the original C100 making it more stable.

A perfect choice for intermediate riders, the C050 features an adjustable handlebar to grow with your child and patented rear fender brake for smooth stops.

5. Fuzion X-3 Pro Scooter – Best Selling Pro Scooter

The FUZION X-3 Pro Scooter is a lightweight and durable scooter designed for young riders. It features an upgraded version of the BLACK headset system, which is dialed-in to provide a simple and intuitive assembly process. With the ability to progress from mini ramp to more advanced ramps and rails; the FUZION X-3 Pro Scooter is a great choice for young riders looking to get serious about their skating.

The PRO X-3 scooter features an updated frame geometry, wider deck, and new color schemes to perfectly suit every rider from beginner to pro.

6. Mongoose Rise Stunt Kick Scooter – Best for Beginners

The Mongoose Rise features a lightweight alloy deck with an extended-standing area and front and rear alloy pegs for pro-style park performance. A full-coverage MaxGrip on the alloy deck and steel brake give riders a solid connection to the scooter so they can perform in style. 

The 360-degree hanger lets you tweak your tricks over any terrain before letting go of the bars for the perfect landing while the high tensile steel deck provides exactly what every rider needs, durability and strength. Plus its MaxGrip feature gives you all-day confidence where all-day thrills are found.

7. Albott Pro Scooters – Very Budget Friendly

Albott Pro scooter is a very budget-friendly scooter for beginners and intermediate riders. This durable pro scooter is constructed from aluminum alloy material, making it an extremely lightweight and strong build. The height-adjustable handlebar is ergonomically designed for extra comfort while riding. Intended with 80mm wheels, this scooter is easily fits on any surface and delivers a fast ride. Other features include a kickstart and a handbrake rear wheel.

The Pro is Albott’s best-selling model and comes in a variety of colors to suit your mood. Be seen in style or blend into the crowd with these brightly colored scooters.

8.Fuzion Pro X-5 Pro Scooter

The Fuzion Pro X-5 is the most high-performance pro scooter available today. Durable ABEC 9 Bearing Chrome Metal Core 110mm Wheels, 4-5 foot aluminum high tensile strength deck, Large 85A/90A Black Rubber High Rebound PU Wheels and Indestructible Steel Axles. Perfect for beginner and intermediate level riders, we have pushed the limits to fit as many features as possible into a scooter this price without sacrificing quality, ride feel, or performance.

Introducing the high-performance Fuzion Pro X-5 Scooter. With 85A/90a black rubber wheels and ABEC 9 universal bearings, the X-5 is built to last.

9.Lucky Covenant Pro Scooter – Built for Serious Abuse

Built for serious abuse, the Covenant is packed with features like our patented ShockBrake handlebar suspension to soak up extra bumps, the inset risers in the deck that prevent wheel bite, and an all-new deck design for even better foot placement.

The revamped fork now has a 6061-T6 aluminum fork frame and a fork brace, and the new Overdrive 140mm wheels are built for speed and stability. This is pro scooter technology without sacrificing lightweight and maneuverability—everything you need to get up to speed and tear it up.

10.APOLLO Genesis X Pro Scooter – The All-In-One Scooter

The APOLLO Genesis X Pro is a competition-level stunt scooter. This high-quality scooter features a completely new high-quality construction as well as some amazing new pro scooter parts.

The Apollo Genesis X Pro comes with specially designed precision bearings for increased speed, a super grippy texture at the top of the deck, non-slip coated handles, and extra grippy high rebound 43MM ABEC-9 Precision Bearings which are some of the highest quality bearing available to bring you the ultimate riding experience.