10 Best Under Hood Work Light 2022 – Reviews & Guide

10 Best Under Hood Work Light 2022 – Reviews & Guide

When you’re working on your car, whether it is at home or in a shop, it’s usually necessary to work in the dark. For this reason, good light is necessary for most jobs, especially if you are under the hood. The best under hood work light will help make all tasks easy to handle and will be durable enough to handle garage conditions.

The LED light is a must-have tool for any working environment. These lights are used to illuminate the area you are working on and make it easy to see. A bright light will allow you to work in any area, day or night, without having to look at your watch or set an alarm.

If you’ve ever worked on your car at night, you know how difficult it can be to see what you’re doing. The light from flashlights and headlamps just isn’t enough to illuminate the entire area you’re working in.

This is why mechanics often use a drop light or an underhood work light when they need to see better under the hood. There are several types of work lights, with different benefits and drawbacks to each.

In this guide, we’ll tell you about the different kinds of work lights out there and help you find the right one for your needs.

How to Choose the Best Under Hood Work Light

Choosing the best under hood work light isn’t as easy as choosing a flashlight. The brightness, light beam pattern, color temperature, and power source are just some of the features you should consider when buying an underhood work light.


The first thing you need to look for is brightness. The best under hood work light should be able to provide at least 200 lumens of light. With more than 200 lumens, you can see better and perform your job faster since there’s less strain on your eyes.

Beam Pattern

The beam pattern is another important consideration when choosing an underhood work light. While a floodlight works well in wide and open spaces, a spotlight is more suitable when working in tight and cramped spaces.

For example, if you’re performing simple maintenance or repairs, a floodlight is an excellent choice because it provides wide coverage.

However, if you’re working on difficult tasks like finding a loose wire or checking for leaks in your car’s engine compartment, a spotlight will be more useful since it has concentrated lighting that illuminates specific areas more effectively.

Color Temperature

Aside from brightness and beam pattern, another feature that you should consider is color temperature.

How to mount a work light under a car hood


  1. Locate the battery of your car and open the hood. The battery is usually on the driver’s side near the front fender of the car, but it can also be located in the trunk or on the passenger side.
  2. Remove the negative cable from the battery. The negative cable is usually black and is connected to a negative terminal.
  3. Place a clamp light over the top of the battery and close the hood so that it is held in place under tension. A clamp light has a clamp that attaches to an object and provides support for a light bulb at its other end.
  4. Connect one end of an electrical cord to one side of the clamp light and connect one end of an extension cord to another side of the clamp light if necessary. An electrical cord provides power to a lamp and an extension cord extends this power source for added length.
  5. Run both cords through the grille area and into your car, if necessary, so that they are accessible from inside your car where you do your work.
  6. Connect both cords to an electrical outlet inside your car once you have finished working on your car.

1. Neiko Rechargeable Underhood Work Light


The NEIKO 40447A Rechargeable Cordless Underhood Work Light for Mechanics features 201 max lumens brightness, 1.22 pounds weight, super-bright 202 SMD LED lights, lithium-ion rechargeable battery (included in the package), and 3 brightness modes (high/low/strobe). These built-in rechargeable batteries can be used hundreds of times. The large illuminating surface area makes it easy to see under your hood while working underneath your car or in a crowded space.

2. ATD Cordless Underhood Light

Corded/Cordless Underhood Light with 25′ Removable Cord by ATD Tools. A part of the ATD Tools ProSharp Collection. 2000 Lumen LED corded/cordless underhood light with 25′ removable cord. Converts between a wall plug-in corded or a detachable 25′ cordless lamp. Features 4 different power settings, 3 super-bright LEDs, and 2 pre-selected voltages: for high-intensity work and for anti-vibration purposes. This convenient underhood LED light has a pivoting head for easy maneuvering as well as a compact and lightweight

The underhood light is a super bright LED, and the flat surface and large footprint make it an optimal choice for mounting in any application. This unit has 22 SMD5630 LEDs covering the full diagonals of the lens, providing a super uniform light output. The 1000 lumen output also makes this light extremely bright. The RGB controller allows you to change the color of the projection, making it match your vehicle’s interior lighting scheme. The blue and red LEDs allow you to project colored images onto walls or ceilings as well.

4. Milwaukee M12 LED Underhood Light Kit

Milwaukee’s 2125-21XC M12 LED Under hood light kit is the ideal solution for replacing or upgrading your vehicle’s existing lighting. The upgraded 6-LED lights are up to 80% more powerful than the halogen headlights your vehicle came with, making it easy to see in dark or dim areas. Milwaukee backs this product with an industry-leading 3-year warranty, ensuring that you’ll have the right tools to get the job done for many years to come.

5. Sunex REDLUH Underhood Light

The all-new Sunex REDLUH Underhood Light delivers a super bright 1000 Lumens.  This light is rechargeable via the included USB cable and also includes a convenient on/off button. The REDLUH’s extendable gooseneck maximizes adjustments for the best angle, and it even includes two padded end clamps.

6. Nightstick LED UnderHood Work Light

The Nightstick SLR-2120 LED Rechargeable Under Hood Work Light is the ultimate lighting system for your truck. This rechargeable LED light features a bendable gooseneck to point the light exactly where you need it. This complete kit also includes two 4′ cords, one 814 gauge cord with ring terminal connectors and one 816 gauge cord with spade connectors to help get this light hooked up quickly.

This system is completely sealed and water-resistant with an epoxy potted LED board and High Emissivity (HE) lens that allows for even light distribution, which helps prevent hot spots under the hood.

7. NextLED Lumen Rechargeable Underhood Work Light

This NextLED Light has a rechargeable 1500 Lumen Underhood Work Light Bar. The Light Bar Rotates 360 Degree with Two Detachable Inspection Lights, and is Water Resistant to protect against water splashes and light rain. Includes an extendable, swivel hook for convenient storage―the hook can rotate 360 degrees, allowing you to adjust the angle of the lights to the exact position needed. This light bar was specially designed for car repairmen but can be used by anyone who works underneath their vehicle .

8. Clip Light Manufacturing Underhood Light

The Clip Light Manufacturing 2125-20 Underhood Light is a 20″ light that is really bright. It has a pull chain and comes with a clip to attach the light, or you can mount the light to the vehicle and a plug can be installed which attaches directly to the battery. For DIY work, this will come in handy for an auto repair, as well as camping trips or tailgating. The dimensions of this light are: 5″ x 4″ x 3″, it weighs 1 lb.

9. Performance Tool LED Work Light

Power, durability, and portability combine in the 18″ Performance Tool LED Rechargeable Underhood Work Light. The perfect tool for working under the hood of your vehicle, this work light has an adjustable gooseneck that extends up to 78″, and pivots 270° into all kinds of angles.

It has a rechargeable 12-volt battery that powers its high-intensity Cree LED bulb, which generates 500 lumens for a tight beam of light onto your work area. It also comes with retractable steel cables that can span up to 78″. Both cables and light are completely waterproof and designed to work even when covered .

10. LED Underhood 120 SMD Foldable Light

Our LED Underhood 120 SMD Foldable Light is perfect for working on those hard-to-reach places under the hood, and with convenient 120 super bright SMD lights, you will be able to see clearly even in the darkest areas. This light allows you to swivel both ways so you can shine the light exactly where you need it. You can also use this as a standard-sized shop light by folding it in half.