10 Best UV Shoe Sanitizer 2022 – Reviews & Guide


10 Best UV Shoe Sanitizer 2022 – Reviews & Guide

A Shoe Sanitizer is a device that uses ultraviolet rays to sterilize and disinfect surfaces. It is a very effective method of killing germs, bacteria, and viruses.

Shoe Sanitizers are used for many applications and by many industries, including healthcare, education, pharmaceuticals, pet care, sports facilities, and the beauty industry. They are used in private homes as well as public places such as schools, offices and hospitals. These devices are very important tools in preventing the spread of diseases such as: MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus Aureus), E-coli, Staphylococcus Aureus (MRSA), Influenza Virus (H1N1) and C-difficile.

If you’re a germaphobe, protecting your shoes from bacteria is simple. Pop them in an ultraviolet (UV) shoe sanitizer and let the UV lights do their work. It’s the same technology used in hospitals to kill bacteria and viruses, so it’s safe and effective.

Shoe sanitizers are particularly helpful if you’re looking to get rid of foot odors. Many of these devices use ozone-producing lamps that purify the air inside your shoes by breaking down odor molecules. Others use UV light because it kills the fungus that causes athlete’s foot.

For this roundup, we tested seven popular UV shoe sanitizers to find out what makes them tick and which one reigns supreme. We looked at each product’s price, effectiveness, ease of use and ease of cleaning. We also considered how long each device takes to sanitize shoes, as well as its overall design quality.

Does shoe zap work?

The concept behind Shoe Zap is simple: It’s a device that supposedly kills germs and bacteria on your shoes from the bottom up. The device is designed to work with any shoe, including sneakers, high heels, and boots, and it can handle up to size 15 shoes.

It works by heating up to about 140 degrees Fahrenheit. According to the manufacturer’s website, the heat kills 99 percent of germs in about three seconds. The device has a built-in timer, so you know when the cycle is done.

Does UV light deodorize shoes?

Yes, it can. Some devices that use UV-C light also use ozone (O3) to eliminate odors in shoes. However, some studies have shown that ozone can be ineffective at eliminating odors once they’ve bonded with the material in shoes.

UV light can actually be used to get rid of the bacteria that cause shoe odor. The type of light used in this process is called ultraviolet C, which has a much shorter wavelength than regular visible light. This allows it to penetrate through the outer layer of skin, so it can kill bacteria inside living organisms.

1.SteriShoe+ 2021 Version Ultraviolet Shoe Sanitizer

SteriShoe+ is the only portable shoe sanitizer that uses true ultraviolet (UV) light to completely rid your shoes and boots of harmful bacteria, viruses, and germs that can lead to nasty foot and shoe odor. This shoe sanitizer combines a professionally-proven UV technology that’s been available for decades with the convenience and portability of SteriShoe for an effective shoe sterilization system you can take anywhere. SteriShoe is perfect for preventing embarrassing foot and shoe odor, and also kills toe fungus (onychomycosis) by destroying DNA in fungal cells.

2. JJ CARE [Upgraded] Shoe Sterilizer

Our NEW JJCARE Upgraded Shoe Sterilizer, Boot Sanitizer, Shoe Sanitizer and Odor Eliminator, Fits Any Shoe Size, Boot Sterilizer with 10,000 Hours of Lamp Life is Safe for Your Family, Suitcases, Bags, Clothing, Travel Supplies and More. This unique shoe sanitizer uses radiant heat instead of chemicals to sterilize any size shoe including work boots.

3.SteriShoe Essential 

SteriShoe Essential continuously releases controlled amounts of Ultraviolet light for turning your shoes into the most powerful sterilizers keeping them thoroughly germ free. Our technology is also effective in killing several common fungal pathogens that cause toenail fungus, so footwear can be protected not only from germs but also from odor and discoloration associated with these types of fungi. SteriShoe – one appliance serving various purposes.

4.UV Light Sanitizer

This UV Light Sanitizer Lamp is the best choice for all your indoor & outdoor activities. It can be used to pump out thousands of micro-organisms per second, using safe invisible UV light to eliminate odor, clean and sanitize the surface of any devices or tools. This delicate tool’s take-anywhere portability makes it ideal for camping, fishing, boating, hiking, hunting, picnics, sports events and everywhere else. It is absolutely safe to use on all surfaces and utilizes no chemicals and cleanses with no residue and toxic fumes at all.

5.UV-C Light Sanitizer Wand 

Our UV-C Sanitizer Wand is designed with the BEST 253nm UV Sterilizer – it uses 99.99% of UV light to kill germs, viruses and bacteria, providing the purest air you can get. Its dual modes allow you to set a timer or turn it on constant for hands-free use.  Developed from the technology from NASA moon probe, our wand is perfect for treating your home, office, baby’s crib and more!

6.KOODER Boot Dryer


The COODER Boot Dryer is a great product that dries your shoes after a long time of wearing them. It air dries your shoes by directing hot air from the hood to the inside of the shoes from the bottom, from the top, and from all sides, so you can have a clean and sanitary shoe with no odor. The 4 LED lights indicates the product is heating up, once they turn green turn off heating process.

7.Nocolliny Foldable UV Light Sanitizer Box

Nocolliny Foldable UV Light Sanitizer Box is a foldable UV light sanitizer box that can be put in a suitcase and can be used as a cabinet to put your shoes and clothes. The built-in 4 powerful UV lights effectively suppress germs, odors, mold, and mildew. Its compact size makes it easy to carry and easy to install. It is convenient to use anywhere.

8.Portable UV Light Sanitizer Wand

The Portable UV Light Sanitizer Wand is a portable disinfection lamp that instantly kills 99.99% of germs caused by bacteria, viruses, and common disease-causing microorganisms on contact! The Porta UV wand is powered by last generation UVC light that will sanitize your living space, kitchen countertops, workout equipment, or any other surface that may be exposed to harmful germs.

9.Papablic 4-in-1 UV Light Sanitizer

Papablic 4-in-1 UV Light Sanitizer — Clean and sanitize all your creations with the Papablic 4-in-1 UV sterilizer. The four modes include Sterilization, Deodorization, Dry, and Timer. Sterilization mode is suitable for most items such as placemats or cell phone covers while deodorizing mode controls odor from shoes and sneakers. Dry mode dries wet items such as bath towels and table mats to maximize speed and efficiency. The timer allows you to set a time for the handy device and open the lid when finished.

10.Germicidal UV Sanitizer Light Bulb 25 W 185nm/254nm 

Germicidal UV Sanitizer Light Bulb 25 W 185nm/254nm is a standard type bulb used in a wide variety of settings from fish/aquarium enthusiasts to hospitals and airplane cockpits. Applications include the sterilization of water for drinking & aquaria, medical & dental apparatus, laboratory equipment, food processing areas, etc… Suitable for both airborne pathogenic staphylococci and pseudomonas aeruginosa, this bulb produces a broad spectrum UV that makes it very useful in anti-pathogenic field.