10 Best Weight Belt For Crossfit 2022 – Reviews & Guide


The Best Weight Belt For Crossfit is likely one of the most important pieces of gear in your gym bag. It protects your spine from injury during squats, cleans, snatches, deadlifts, and back extensions. The weight belt can also help with better spinal support during overhead lifts like the snatch, jerk, and cleans. Not every weightlifting belt is created equal though. I have bought my fair share of belts over the years, and have tested quite a few out at the gym with friends as well.  The type of quality tends to vary greatly between each brand and model of belt.

1. Element 26 Self-Locking Weightlifting Belt

This is a premium weightlifting belt for serious functional fitness, weight lifting, and Olympic lifting athletes. It features a patented self-locking mechanism that firmly secures the belt with just one simple step in the middle of your set. The Element 26 Weight Lifting Belt is also designed to work with any size or shape lifter. This means that you won’t have to choose between comfort and support.

2. Bear KompleX Strength Weightlifting Belt

The Bear KompleX 6″ Strength Weightlifting Belt is ideal for weightlifters, CrossFitters, powerlifters, squats, and athletes of any sport who work their lower back muscles. The ergonomic contour provides a consistent fit throughout your entire workout. Bear KompleX’s super firm poly webbing is extra thick to provide stability and support during heavy lifts that will keep you going in the gym longer. This belt can extend up to 156cm (approximately 60″) around the waist from 26″ to 38″ in circumference. With a low profile hand-stitching design adding no noticeable height making it great for wearing .

3. Fire Team Fit Weightlifting Belt

The Fire Team Fit Weight Lifting Belt is the ultimate in back support during squats, deadlifts, lunges, military presses, bench presses and just about any other exercise you can think of. If you’re looking for an affordable weight lifting belt to take your training to the next level, look no further than Fire Team Fit.

4. Harbinger Weightlifting Belt


Harbinger 5-Inch Weightlifting Belt is a flexible belt built with a durable, sturdy nylon. Features include: 2-inch belt with Velcro closure, foam core for added support and mobility, great for powerlifting and Olympic lifts, Nylon is strong but lightweight. This weightlifting belt has two layers of adjustable foam designed to sit comfortably over the hips, not the stomach. The large (33 – 37 inches waist) fits up to 46 inches round waist.

5. RDX Powerlifting Belt

Is there anything worse than plateauing in the gym? With this belt, it’s time to put those days behind you. Approved by both USPA and IPL for use in competitions, the RDX training belt is intended to be used for powerlifting. The lever buckle system makes fitting adjustments easy, and the 10mm-thick leather provides plenty of cushioning, so it won’t dig into your skin during lifts.

6. Dark Iron Fitness  Leather Weightlifting Belt


Our Dark Iron Fitness weight lifting belt is a perfect gift for your men or women who love lifting. The leather construction adds extra support, comfort and durability for gym, weightlifting, squats or deadlift up to 600 lbs! The belt has been tested and designed to be a great back support belt, which makes a great gift for both men and women!

7. Harbinger 4-Inch Nylon Weightlifting Belt


At Harbinger, we know you want the tools and assistance needed to make it to your ultimate goal. We designed our Harbinger 4-Inch Nylon Weightlifting Belt to be simple and supportive. We believe the belt should stay out of your way, allowing you to focus on your workout no matter what it may be. This belt is handmade with 1″ nylon webbing and a solid steel roller buckle that is designed to withstand 7’500 lbs of force. It also includes a classic black and red stitched nylon looked that is available in either 1.5″ or 2″ widths.

8. Harbinger Men’s Firm Fit 7.5-Inch Contoured Weightlifting Belt


The Harbinger Men’s Firm Fit 7.5-Inch Contoured Weightlifting Belt is a durable and well made belt that will help to provide back support and aid in the prevention of injury while weightlifting or performing other exercises. Designed for maximum support and comfort, this belt can be used during cardio and cross-training workouts as well as weightlifting and other resistance exercise. Made from a combination of foam padding and nylon, this belt features double-stitched reinforced nylon, a buckle with two securing prongs, and a Velcro fastener to ensure it stays put.

9. RitFit Weight Lifting Belt 

RitFit is the best support belt on the market, made for squats, clean, lunges, deadlift, and thrusters – making it great for men and women weightlifters. It comes in multiple colors to pick from and has a 6-inch length. The belt is comfortable and uses the firm lumbar support for maximum performance.

10. Gymreapers Quick Locking Weightlifting Belt

The Gymreapers Quick Locking Weightlifting Belt for Bodybuilding, Powerlifting, Cross Training can support your abdominals and lower back easily. The Neoprene fit the body which is sturdy in structure and slender in weight. Metal buckle provides a comfortable fitting and a secure locking system in a durable way.