How to Clean Asus Rog Laptop Keyboard – 3 Methods to Follow

If you have an ASUS ROG laptop, you might be wondering how to clean its keyboard.

Clean your keyboard through the methods given in the article for better use and long life of the device

It’s important to keep your keyboard well-maintained because not doing so can cause some serious problems. For example, liquid spills can easily penetrate the keys and damage electronic components on the motherboard. The same goes for dust and other debris that get trapped under the keys. (The silver lining is that at least you’ll make a discovery about what your keyboard tastes like.)

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In this article, we will be learning some of the best working methods to clean your Asus laptop keyboard.

The entire process is a bit messy and you should make sure that you are not doing anything wrong during the cleaning process. If anything happens to go wrong then your warranty might get void

But don’t worry: we’re going to show you three simple methods for cleaning your ASUS ROG laptop keyboard using tools from around your house.

Method 1: Clean the keyboard with a paper towel.

  • Turn off your Asus laptop and unplug the power adapter. If your Asus laptop has a removable battery, it is recommended to remove it from the laptop before you clean it.
  • Flip it over so that the keys point down and tap the back of the keyboard gently over a garbage bag, paper towel or something to collect any dust or crumbs that fall out.
  • Fold a paper towel in half twice so that you have eight layers of paper towel and place it on a flat and hard surface, such as on a table or floor.
  • Put your keyboard facedown onto the folded paper towel carefully and make sure no keys are touching other surfaces like tables so they won’t break or pop off easily if excessive pressure is applied to them when cleaning with alcohol later on in step 8 or 9 below.
  • Use another half-folded piece of paper towel to gently wiggle between all of the keys to loosen up any extra debris that might be stuck underneath them, but do not use excessive force as this may damage your keyboard keycaps by bending them out of shape, which cannot be fixed easily if at all unless you have special equipment for replacing keycap stems like this one available here from Amazon (link opens in new tab).

Method 2: brushing your laptop keyboard.

Once the dust has cleared, use a soft brush to gently brush your keyboard. Focus on the areas between the keys, brushing horizontally then vertically to loosen any stubborn dirt before vacuuming it up.

Be sure not to tilt your keyboard at an angle when you’re cleaning; this will prevent debris from falling inside of your laptop. Also, avoid brushing too hard—some keyboards have very fine gaps between their keys and are prone to cracking if brushed too vigorously.

Method 3: using a cotton swab to clean the keyboard.

Using a cotton swab to clean the keyboard is the best method, but it takes a little longer than other methods. It’s also recommended for cleaning smaller keyboards and laptop keyboards that are hard to remove. To clean your laptop with this method, you will have to do the following:

  • Take a cotton swab and lightly dip it into the mixture we made earlier
  • Gently wipe around each key individually in order to get rid of all dirt and grime that has built up over time on your keyboard
  • After wiping each key, use another cotton swab or damp cloth to remove any excess water from the keys
  • Dry them thoroughly with another piece of cloth or paper towel before putting them back on your laptop


The above 3 methods are the best methods to clean your Asus ROG Laptop keyboard. Try out any of them and you will see that your keyboard is as good as new.

It is very important to keep the keyboard of your laptop clean because the dust and oil accumulated inside can cause a lot of problems like making keys stuck or difficult to type on. Therefore, cleaning it regularly with any one of the above methods will help you avoid these issues.