10 Best 2.7 EcoBoost Tuner 2022 – Reviews & Guide

The 2.7 EcoBoost is the latest engine to be added to the Ford family. It was first launched in 2015 and since then has quickly become one of the most popular engines offered by Ford. The 2.7L EcoBoost engine is available in a variety of models including the F-150, Edge, Mustang, Escape, Fusion and Expedition.

In 2019 it was announced that the 2020 Explorer ST would get a 400 hp version of this engine which will likely be a great option for tuners looking for some extra power.

One of the biggest reasons this engine is so popular is because of its impressive power output considering how small it is. It’s ideal for people who want a powerful truck or SUV but don’t want to go with a larger V8 engine.

Another reason it’s become so popular is because many tuners have found success tuning this engine to get even more power out of it. This has been pretty common with other turbocharged engines like the 3.5 EcoBoost but what’s unusual about this engine is that it makes great power right out the door so there’s less room for improvement than with some other engines that are naturally aspirated and need a tune before they can make much power at all.

1. Innovative Performance Chip


The Innovative Performance Chip/Power Programmer is a sophisticated power chip that gas mileage and torque performance that delivers dramatic results. It is a programmable piggy-back chip with a wide range of applications capable of increasing fuel efficiency by as much as 25% or more! The Innovative Performance Chip/Power Programmer is an aftermarket alternative to the dealer installed programming offered for select vehicles from Ford, GMC, Dodge, Chrysler, Lincoln, and Mercury vehicles. This universal product installs into the vehicles ECU, which effectively changes the mechanics of how the engine runs.

2. Fits Ford F-150 – High-Performance Tuner Chip


The Fits Ford F-150 High Performance Tuner Chip can be plugged into the OBD port of your vehicle in less than 5 minutes. The Power Tune simply taps into the engine’s lambda sensors, which is part of the engine computer and optimizes the settings for maximum horsepower gains. The Power Tune lets you safely optimize your vehicle’s fueling, timing, and shift control for maximum power gains.



The PEDAL COMMANDER PC18 adds a heavy duty brake override system that works in conjunction with your factory pedal setup. This allows you to use your accelerator as a means to increase the brake pressure applied to the driveline. This aids in accelerating faster and allows for a quicker, more aggressive launch. If you have a Raptor and a good Launch you will be impressed by how much faster the PEDAL COMMANDER PC18 can improve your times.

4. SCT Performance – 40490 – BDX Performance Tuner 

SCT Performance programmers allow you to load vehicle tuning files onto your Dodge or Ford vehicle. This performance programmer features diagnostic preloaded files, 2 digital gauge display modes (Standard and Performance), and 50 levels of adjustable throttle position.

5. ENA Set of 8 Curved Boot Ignition Coil Pack Compatible

With over 200 million Ignition Coil applications on the road today, the ENA line of Premium Ignition Replacement Boots is ready to install right here, right now. Whether you an Auto Parts Store, Service Station, Independent Mechanic, or of the Do-It-Yourself mindset, ENA has got you covered with our application specific Ignition Coils. Designed to maximize your performance and flow of spark energy by reducing Electrical Resistance while also offering Antioxidant Protection against deterioration of copper components due to heat and ultraviolet rays.

6. MSD Ignition Coil

The MSD Performance Ignition Coil is a stock-style ignition for two-, three- and four-cylinder engines. The 28,000-volt output provides solid no-load performance, with the addition of high voltage output for improved spark energy on tuned engines. The dual spark gap makes the appropriate gap selection for base or tuned engines easy. Lifetime warranty.



The PEDAL COMMANDER – PC18 is designed to give you faster acceleration and more responsive power. This wideband oxygen sensor controller was designed for 2011 and newer Ford F150 trucks with the 3.5 Ecoboost V6 Direct Injection engine, but it will work on all other 2011 and newer Ford F150 Pickup Truck models.

8. Vincos Universal 3/8″&9/16″

Vincos Universal 3/8″&9/16″ 400ml Aluminum Oil Catch Can Dual Cylinder Polish Baffled Engine Air Oil Separator Tank Reservoir Kit with Breather Black Small Drain & High Pressure Hose Line Tube is designed to make your engine sound quieter while it keeps the dirt out of its air intake system. This catch can come in polished aluminum for a high grade look and does not require any drilling.

9. JLT Oil Separator

The JLT oil separator is an easily installed performance upgrade that cleans up the look of your engine compartment by removing unwanted oil splash that can occur during hard acceleration, deceleration, and cornering. It mounts directly to your 2011-2019 F150 2.7EB, 3.5EB, 5.0 passenger side front strut tower. Each kit is individually designed based on the exact vehicle application for seamless fit and clean installation.


The Prime_Warehouse 84130-3 POWERTEQ Analog and Digital Gauge Monitor is engineered with the same precision and durability as our best-selling 8300 Original Insight CTS. The all new POWERTEQ offers a 5″ swipe screen and multiple gauge screen layouts. Easily connect to your vehicle’s OBDII port for quick access to onboard diagnostics and vehicle performance data such as horsepower, torque, boost, coolant temperature, and many other measurements! This gauge monitor pairs perfectly with all Edge Products performance modules to provide drivers with insight for any type of driving situation.