10 Best LG Tone Pro 2022 – Reviews & Guide


The LG Tone Pro has all the bells and whistles you’d expect from a high-end headset. It uses Bluetooth 4.1 for easy pairing with devices, it supports multipoint connections that allow you to connect two devices at once, and it has active noise cancellation technology to block out unwanted noise.

The earbuds themselves are designed for comfort, and the neckband can be adjusted for a tailored fit. The LG Tone Pro also has buttons on the side that allow you to change tracks, adjust volume, answer or reject calls, or turn your music on and off.

The LG Tone Pro is a comfortable, lightweight Bluetooth headset with a simple control scheme and decent audio quality. It’s a good option for anyone who values comfort above everything else in a Bluetooth headset, but its controls can be confusing and its charging cable is unusually short.

Why do you want to use a Bluetooth headset? Because it makes your wireless life simple and convenient. Using Bluetooth technology, these mini-headphones connect to your phone, laptop, MP3 player, or other device and let you listen to music or talk hands-free.

There are many reasons why people choose these headsets over the regular wired ones.

  • A Bluetooth headset is convenient when you are out driving or hiking in a park.
  • It is easy on the ears because of its lightweight.
  • It is cheaper than the other headsets with similar features because of the reduced cost of Bluetooth technology.

If you’re looking for a great Bluetooth headset, check out our list of the best LG Bluetooth headsets below:

What do LG tone and talk do?

Tone and Talk is a feature in the LG TONE series (HBS-700, HBS-800, HBS-900) Bluetooth headsets that utilize Text-to-Speech (TTS) and Voice Recognition (VR) technology to alert users of incoming caller ID information and read messages aloud.

The caller ID feature will tell users who is calling through voice alert. If they choose not to answer the call, they can use the VR feature to reply with a preloaded or custom text message. The headset will also read incoming messages aloud such as SMS or SNS messages from selected apps, including WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger. For example, if you receive a Facebook Messenger message from your friend John Smith saying “Hi, let’s get lunch tomorrow”, the headset will announce “Hi, John Smith says Hi let’s get lunch tomorrow”.

Are LG tones waterproof?

The only LG Tones that are waterproof are the LG Tones with MP3. The LG Tones with MP3 are rated IPX7. This means that the earbuds can be submerged under up to one meter of water for up to 30 minutes without damage.

The LG Tones without MP3 are not waterproof, but they are sweat-proof and splash-proof.

1. LG TONE Ultra


Built with a combination of style, functionality and quality craftsmanship, the LG tone ultra (HBS-810) is designed to provide a comfortable around-the-neck wearing experience along with exceptional audio performance. Experience the rich, full-bodied sound of LG’s best-in-class stereo wireless neckband headphones that deliver excellent sound quality and voice clarity.

The LG tone ultra Bluetooth stereo headset also features noise suppression technology to minimize background noise as well as dual MEMS microphones for clear conversations.

Equipped with dual MEMS microphones and advanced noise cancellation technology, the HBS 810 allows you to be heard clearly on phone calls without disrupting your music enjoyment. But it doesn’t stop there. The HBS 810 also uses unique call vibration so you can feel incoming calls without having to hear them. This feature is especially handy when you’re in loud environments or are hard of hearing

With its slim and sleek design and small/light retractable wire management technology, the LG tone ultra (HBS-810) is a great accessory that’s both functional and stylish. Plus, the lightweight design provides an around-the-neck wearing experience that’s comfortable enough to wear all day long.



Don’t let the size fool you. The LG TONE TRIUMPH delivers a high-quality audio experience in an incredibly sleek style and lightweight design. A Quad Layer Speaker Technology provides unsurpassed sound quality while Retractable Wires help eliminate tangles – all in a slim, ergonomic design. Ideal for listening to music, watching videos or talking on the phone.

The advanced Quad-Layer Speaker Technology delivers a high-quality audio experience in an incredibly sleek style and lightweight design. And with retractable wires, say goodbye to those messy tangles!

The Advanced Audio Distribution Profile is designed to provide high-quality audio to two Bluetooth headsets at the same time. Stream music from your phone and share it with your friend. Or enjoy music together during workouts. It’s your choice.

3. LG Tone Style HBS-SL5

Tone Style HBS-SL5 is a slim and lightweight wireless neckband with an ultra-comfortable around-the-neck design. Enjoy superior sound quality from Meridian Audio, the leading expert in high-resolution audio. Experience powerful bass, detailed highs, and clear mids for an authentic, three-dimensional sound experience.

Tone Style features dual MEMS microphones that provide exceptional call clarity even in noisy surroundings. With eight hours of battery life, you can stay connected all day long. Fast charging means you get three hours of use with just 10 minutes of charging time, so you won’t miss a moment. The neckband vibrates when you get a text or call, so you’ll never miss an important message again while your phone is out of reach.

With Meridian Audio Sound Enhancement technology, Tone Style raises the bar for Bluetooth audio performance by delivering enhanced bass and treble performance without distortion at any volume level.

4. LG Tone Flex HBS-XL7 

Musical sound you’ll keep coming back to. Tone Flex XL7 comes with Meridian’s audio technology that makes music more immersive and enjoyable. 32-bit Hi-Fi DAC upscales audio files to a higher resolution without compromising battery endurance.

Enjoy your music even more with a battery that lasts up to 8 hours of playtime. Plus, fast charging gives you 3 additional hours of playtime with just 10 minutes of charge time.

Get Google’s best features at the touch of a button. Just hold the dedicated Google Assistant button to ask questions or translate many languages, or use it to make calls, send texts and control smart home devices.

The dual microphones with clear voice capture and noise cancellation technology make sure every conversation is crystal clear.

5. LG Tone Ultra HBS-830 

The LG TONE ULTRA HBS-830 Wireless Stereo Headset is a lightweight wireless headset that uses Bluetooth technology. This wireless headset delivers a high-quality audio experience in stereo sound with the capability of reducing ambient noises for an even more pleasant listening experience. The LG TONE ULTRA also allows you to control your environment by allowing you to increase or decrease surrounding sound with Ambient Sound Mode. You can easily take calls, adjust volume and music tracks, and activate Voice commands with the intuitive controls located on the neckband. The retractable earbuds makes storing the headset in a purse or pocket easy and convenient.

The LG TONE ULTRA lets you enjoy a hands-free music experience with the use of Bluetooth technology while keeping up with your busy lifestyle. Whether you’re working in the office, commuting to work, or exercising at the gym, this wireless headset will keep up with you throughout your day.

Enjoy your favorite tunes while on the go with this set of LG Tone Ultra Bluetooth stereo headphones. These headphones feature dual MEMS microphones for crisp, clear conversations and Advanced Quad Layer Speaker Technology to ensure rich, full sound. A rechargeable battery offers up to 15 hours of talk time between charges, ensuring long-lasting use.

6. LG Tone Pro HBS-780

Enjoy enhanced audio and bass response and a host of calling features in a sleek, comfortable design with the LG TONE PRO wireless stereo headset. Featuring retractable earbuds, the LG TONE PRO makes it easy to carry around your music. The dynamic speaker system delivers outstanding sound quality while two MEMS microphones provide noise reduction, echo cancellation and superior voice clarity when making and receiving calls.

The LG TONE PRO Bluetooth wireless stereo headset is designed with the perfect balance of premium sound quality, seamless functionality, and sleek style. The retractable earbuds provide an innovative design that’s convenient for carrying and storing.

With its advanced quad-layer speaker technology and dual MEMS microphones, you can experience outstanding sound quality with well-balanced sound in all bands, superior voice clarity and reduced background noise when making or receiving calls.

The LG TONE PRO Bluetooth wireless headset has smart features such as voice memo, Find-Me, Tone & Talk and more for a better user experience. It’s easy to take control over your music or calls with simply swiping or tapping the earbud to adjust volume, play/pause music or answer/end calls without reaching for your.

7. LG Tone Ultra HBS-830


LG TONE Ultra (HBS-830) Wireless Stereo Neckband Earbuds is designed to redefine your expectations of what wireless audio is capable of. Combining advanced Quad-Layer Speaker Technology, Dual MEMS microphones and retractable wire management, this premium audio headset delivers exceptional sound quality and crystal-clear conversations. The LG TONE ULTRA (HBS-830) allows you to immerse yourself in rich, balanced audio from up to 33 feet away from your smartphone or tablet.

For the ultimate entertainment experience, pair the LG TONE ULTRA with any Bluetooth compatible device such as smartphones, tablets and MP3 players.

The LG TONE ULTRA (HBS-830) comes equipped with retractable earbuds for convenient wire management. The earbuds are also made of soft silicone for extra comfort during long listening sessions.


With the LG TONE TRIUMPH™ Stereo Bluetooth Wireless Headset, you can enjoy all the benefits of listening to music, chatting with friends and more – without being tethered to your mobile phone or tablet.

The LG TONE TRIUMPH features a retractable wire management system that allows you to extend or retract the wires with a simple tug. This innovation is designed to keep wires out of the way when you’re not using them, so they don’t get tangled up or in your way.

The lightweight and slim design of the LG TONE TRIUMPH makes it easy and comfortable to wear around your neck. And don’t worry about rain or sweat as long as you’re wearing this headset. The LG TONE TRIUMPH™ is IPX4 sweat-resistant and splash-proof, so you can run, workout and dance in the rain without a care in the world.

9. LG TONE Free FN4


Introducing the TONE Free FN4, a true wireless earbud that can be customized to your personal preferences for a more comfortable fit. Featuring Meridian Audio technology and a premium built-in equalizer, the FN4 offers sound that is rich, natural and authentic.

The FN4 earbuds feature an ambient sound mode that lets you hear external sounds without removing them from your ears. Dual microphones in each earbud provide clearer call quality for home or office use. The TONE Free app offers customizable EQ settings and features UVnano technology that disinfects the earbuds while they charge within the case.

LG TONE Free FN4 – True Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds with Meridian Sound, Hypoallergenic Medical-Grade Ear gels, Noise Reduction with a close fit, Dual Microphone for Work/Home Office, Black

10. LG Tone HBS-510 Triumph Black

The LG TONE TRIUMPH Bluetooth Wireless Stereo Headset with retractable wire management delivers a high quality audio experience in stereo sound with the ability to switch to Mono mode. Dual MEMS microphones provide crystal clear voice recognition and enable you to make and take calls hands free with Bluetooth multimedia streaming functionality.

The sleek, lightweight design offers an ergonomic fit for comfortable all-day wear, allowing you to enjoy up to 10.5 hours of talk time or 10 hours of music listening on a single charge.

The LG TONE TRIUMPH allows you to enjoy your music and calls in superb audio quality. It features Quad-Layer Speaker Technology for exceptional sound, dual MEMS microphones for clear calls, Retractable Wire Management for tangle-free convenience, and a sleek design for stylish comfort.

What to look for in Best LG Bluetooth Headsets

Size, shape, and fit all matter

Size, shape and fit all matter. Bluetooth Headsets come in a variety of designs and styles, so it’s important to choose the right one for you.

  • Cushioned earbuds are comfortable enough to wear during long exercise sessions or while listening to music. These are ideal for runners who need a cord-free design that won’t get in the way of their form or become tangled up in other gear.
  • Over-the-ear designs feature cushioned buds and an adjustable headband that makes them ideal for extended wear during listening sessions at home. Because they’re wireless, you can lean back on your couch without getting tangled up in cords or cables as you listen to your favourite tunes or watch TV shows on your computer or tablet.

In-ear designs often include contoured ear hooks that help them stay in place during exercise routines, while bud-and-loop designs feature cushioned buds along with loops that rest comfortably within the ear canal itself. For added comfort and convenience, look for combination designs that include both buds and hooks, such as those with contoured ear hooks and cushioned tips.

When searching for the best LG Bluetooth Headsets at Amazon, consider how each model’s size, shape and fit will affect your overall comfort when wearing it for long periods of time

Sound quality is the most important factor

When looking for the best LG Bluetooth headsets, there are a lot of factors to consider. One of the most important is sound quality, which is determined by both the microphone and speaker. Generally speaking, sound quality does not vary too much from brand to brand when it comes to products in this category. However, you can find high-end headphones that offer better clarity and less static interference than regular headphones. It’s also important to note that high-quality Bluetooth headsets have active noise cancellation features that help filter out background noise.

A headset’s microphone captures sounds produced by your voice and turns them into digital sounds that can be sent over an Internet connection or wirelessly transmitted between devices with Bluetooth technology built-in.

Microphones come in many shapes and sizes but are generally categorized as dynamic or condenser microphones depending on how they capture sound waves: dynamic microphones use a diaphragm connected to coils which then vibrate when audio signals travel through them while condenser microphones use two plates (one movable) which produce electrical currents at different frequencies when exposed to an electromagnet via an external power source such as batteries or electricity from a wall outlet; these electrical charges generate fluctuations known as capacitors

The best way to determine what type of microphone will work best for you depends largely on personal preference because every situation requires its own solution.

Earbuds are the least conspicuous way to wear a headset

If you don’t want your headset to draw attention, earbuds may be the way to go. They have a very low profile and are unobtrusive, so no one will notice them unless they’re looking for them specifically. That makes them perfect for use in business settings, where you might not want to draw attention to your headset.

They’re also versatile in that it’s easy to wear them while doing other things. For example, if you need to use your hands for something or type on a computer keyboard for a long period of time, earbuds make it easy because they won’t get in the way as much as an over-the-head headset or neckband style might. However, they can be hard to keep on your ears and fit well if you’re moving around a lot or if you wear glasses.

And they can be uncomfortable after long periods of wearing them because they tend to rest on the inner part of your ear rather than just outside of it like traditional headphones. Overall though, earbuds are the best option if concealment is important to you; once people see an over-the-head headset or something like that on top of your head, there’s no disguising its purpose.

Style and comfort are important, too

Bluetooth users will agree that comfort is a huge factor when it comes to Bluetooth headsets, especially if you plan on using them for long periods of time. Your headset should sit comfortably on your ears without falling off after a few minutes. The headset should also be so comfortable that you can wear it in any situation—on the train, at the gym, or even sleeping. Remember to check that there are multiple earbud sizes in the box so that they fit snugly (and comfortably) inside your ears.

Finally, ensure that the headset has enough battery life to last through a full workday (usually 8+ hours). You’ll also want to ensure that the charging port is convenient and easy to use—a USB-C port is ideal for this.

Voice calls should be crystal clear

  • Voice calls should be crystal clear.
  • What do the best headsets sound like? You shouldn’t hear a difference between a headset and your hands-free kit, especially when you’re moving around. It’s just as important to be able to hear what the other person is saying, so there should be no background noise.

You also want to test out how much volume you need to turn up in order to hear someone on call clearly. Is it loud enough even if you’re walking down the street with traffic nearby? Speaking louder isn’t an option—the device itself needs to have good volume control.

Wireless range is key

The wireless range is the most important feature to consider when looking for a Bluetooth headset. These devices will connect to your phone from up to 10 meters away, depending on the model. This means that you can do other chores while still talking on the phone. That being said, not all headsets have been tested at this distance. As you are comparing models, check how far each handset will work with your mobile.

If you have a small house, you won’t need a long-range in order to use your headset when walking around the house or garden. On the other hand, if you live in a large home and want to be able to use your phone while doing chores in various rooms, then choose a device with a longer range than usual. The same goes for people who want their headsets to work outside as well as inside their homes or offices; these users should look for an extra-long range for their phones and headsets


In the end, there are various things that you must remember while purchasing a Bluetooth headset. They incorporate your style, the kind of telephone you have, battery life and cost.

One of the most significant things is ensuring that it is agreeable to wear and will work with your telephone. At the point when you realize what to look for in a headset, at that point picking the best LG Bluetooth headsets ought not be an issue for you.