10 Best 600w HPS Bulb 2022 – Reviews & Guide

10 Best 600w HPS Bulb 2022 – Reviews & Guide

There are a lot of today’s gardeners who do not have enough time to even garden. And what is most important for all of them is to find the best 600w hps bulb that will provide a great amount of light. Unfortunately, each and everyone grows bulb claims it’s the best one in terms of providing more than enough lumens.

And if you are as busy as they are, this can be a frustrating process. I know how hard can it be looking for the best 600w hps bulb. But this guide will not let you wait any longer. It offers an unbiased review of the 10 Best 600W bulbs.

Best 600w hps bulb–Horticulture is the business of cultivating plants, flowers, and looking after ornamental plants. Ever since man began cultivating plants centuries ago, these were developed for the main objective of subsistence.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise that the basic purpose of horticulture continues to be the production of food. The development regarding plant breeding has led to the improvement of yields and quality in the grains that are grown today.

1.Ushio HPS Lamp (Enhanced Performance)

The Ushio HPS bulb is comprised of Quartz and a mixture of gases that focuses this bulb into the recommended spectral range for photosynthesis and flowering. The HPS bulb provides the extra strength blue spectrum required for vigorous vegetative growth.

This extra blue spectrum will also aid in closing the leaves of plants to produce stronger stems and denser branching. The SUPER HPS bulbs feature optimized output with increased UV output which will prevent yellowing or degradation on your bulb as well as maximize digestability in plants.

The SUPER HPS bulb provides the best of both blue and red spectrum light, but at an affordable price. By enhancing the red spectrum with a proprietary coating on our premium SUPER HPS bulb, this lamp not only produces more flowers but its color is more intense than that of other horticulture lamps. This bulb outperforms standard 400W, 600W, and 1000W HPS bulbs.

2.Digilux HPS Lamp

SUPER HPS bulbs are optimized for maximum flower yield with a boost of blue spectrum that maximizes vegetative growth efficiency. A 400W bulb has an amazing 840 lumen depreciation and a 600W bulb has staggering 1300 lumen depreciation. These bulbs run on HPS ballast to ensure uniform lighting. Buy in bulk with us!

Introducing the all-new Digilux series of 400W, 600W, 1000W SUPER high output HPS with the optimized spectrum for maximized vegetative and flower growth.

NEW Digilux SUPER T6 features 6 bands and 11 bulbs to provide greater spectral coverage resulting in an increased blue spectrum for maximum vigorous vegetative growth. The Digilux SUPER HPS is the most complete bulb for plant growth available on the market today.

3.Eye Hortilux HPS Lamp

Extend your growing season to 365 days a year with the uniform hortilux HPS grow lamp. Optimizing spectral energy levels that promote vigorous plant growth, eye hortilux lamps are completely lead-free and contain less mercury than standard HPS lamps.

These lamps offer 17 percent more energy and 25 percent more energy than high-pressure sodium lamps. Growing with these bulbs provides an enhanced yield, which will be reflected in your bottom line.

With Eye Hortilux grow lamps, your plant’s energy needs are more easily met than with any other lamp – extending the growing season to 365 days a year. Eye Hortilux high-pressure sodium lamps provide 17 percent more energy and 25 percent more energy than high-pressure sodium lamps.

These lamps are also completely lead free and contain less mercury than standard HPS lamps. And because they’re TCLP tested, our lamps are classified as non-hazardous waste.

4.Plantmax 600 Watt

Whether you’re a serious grower looking for the highest yield in flowering or fruiting, or you’re just starting out and want the best value for your buck – the Plantmax 600 Watt HPS grow light is sure to please. With 96 High-Efficiency diodes and a true 2.1 Output per watt rating, this unit produces 90,000 lumens while consuming only 440 watts of power.

Not only will you be getting 3.3 times the output of a 250 watt light with less than 1/3 the electricity, but you’ll also enjoy an excellent 5.0+ crop quality from healthy plants and flowers

Find out why the 600Watt High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) Grow Light is a farmers’ favorite by providing great yields in flowering and fruiting. A comfortable blue shade light spectrum provides optimal conditions for your plant’s growth. Grow organic fruits, vegetables, flowers or invest in hydroponics with high yielding results.

5.VIVOSUN 600W Full Kit


The Vivosun 600W HPS Grow Light is good for all kinds of plants including cannabis, vegetables, herbs, and flowering plants. This full spectrum grows light is dimmable, with a lifespan of 50,000 hours. With the 8ft 120V power cord which allows you to plug it into any standard outlet. The durable aluminum reflector ensures soonest flourish of your plants possible.

Our 600W Full Kit is a compact grow light that utilizes the most advanced technology and features a variety of extra bonuses to give your plants the best start possible. With a 600W power output, our bulbs deliver optimum plant growth lighting for both budding and flowering, 24-hour timer switch, our rope hangers allow you to hang from any sturdy object. This kit is perfect for growing indoors or outdoors, whether it be on a large scale or just for personal edibles.

6.VIVOSUN Hydroponic High PAR Enhanced Red

VIVOSUN grow light bulbs bring your plants closer to the peak sunlight with our optimized spectrum and high PAR output. The extra-low lumen depreciation keeps you running longer with no noticeable difference in output. We offer an industry-leading Two Year Warranty. For over a decade, we have been helping thousands of growers grow their plants better.

The Vivosun Hydroponic High PAR Enhanced Red LED Grow Light System helps growers produce the maximum yield of quality plants. It offers the world’s most advanced grow light, using a revolutionary three-band light emission design that provides a wavelength for optimal photosynthesis in all growth phases.

These lamps provide an optimized PAR/lumen ratio to allow you to have your garden right in your living room. Note: we will send you the old package that is less weight and size, it includes Power supply only.

7.iGrowtek 600W MH Grow Light Bulb

The iGrowtek 600W MH Grow Light Bulb has a light spectrum of 6000K blue & violet and high PAR (photosynthetic active radiation) to stimulate vegetative growth. Ideal for the rapid growth phase of plants. Greatly enhances all-around plant growth to stimulate vegetative growth.

Also suitable for a full cycle (seedling/vegetative/flowering). The bulb features dual lenses, high reflectivity Ag aluminum coating and active cooling.

The iGrow 600W LED Grow Light provides the perfect light for the growth of plants. It has a high PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) output with a color spectrum that includes both blue and violet light. This is needed to stimulate vegetative growth. The bulb also features UV-C lights that disinfect the air around your plants, helping to prevent diseases from attacking healthy plants.

8.Hydro Crunch 104110 600W High Pressure Sodium HPS Bulb

The Hydro Crunch 600W HPS High-Pressure Sodium Bulb comes with a 3-year warranty. It operates on 600W Digital or 600W Magnetic ballast. The bulb features an excellent 90, 000 Lumen for optimal flowering and fruiting. 2, 100K color temperature makes the plants grow fast and produce a high yield. This bulb also contains 90 percent of Mercury, which makes the bulb Eco-friendly and safe for the environment.

With 600W power output, the Hydro Crunch HPS bulb is the perfect combination of performance and affordability. Use this bulb for flowering and fruiting when operated on either a digital or magnetic ballast. The Hydro Crunch has a 90, 000-lumen output along with a 2, 100K color temperature. This 600W HPS bulb will meet all of your indoor gardening needs.

The Hydro Crunch HPS 600W is an all-in-one HID light system. This bulb works on either digital or magnetic ballasts and can be used for the flowering and fruiting stages. With a 90, 000 lumen output, this bulb is about 10% brighter than the standard 600W HPS bulb you’re used to seeing in grow lights.

9.Sylvania 600W HPS Bulb

Keep your plants thriving with the Sylvania 600W HPS bulb. This high-pressure sodium bulb gives off an intense white light, perfect for growing plants indoors.

The Sylvania HPS bulb works in tandem with dedicated fluorescent tubes or compact fluorescent bulbs, increasing plant growth in a variety of settings. Designed to work in all standard 600W high-pressure sodium fixtures, this bulb is easy to use and built to maximize yields and improve the quality of indoor plants.

Do you have a grow room or greenhouse where HPS grow lights are used to provide the best lighting conditions for growing vegetables and other plants? These Sylvania 600W HPS Bulbs will make your indoor gardening project even better. They use 150W of total energy to produce 1000W of usable light, emitting max and stable PAR light throughout the life of the bulb.

10.Apollo Horticulture GLBHPS1000 1000 

The dimmable 1000 Watt high-pressure sodium (HPS) HYB-E39 3500K 110V high-intensity discharge grow light bulb is designed specifically for professional hydroponic plant cultivation and can replace any 1000W or 800W Hortilux, Philips, Sylvania, GE, or Phillips Horticulture bulbs.

Features include 36 individual high output 3000K lamps on an E39 base (commonly used in magnetic ballasts), a 6000 unit hour rated Philips brand capacitor, and 950mA per lamp current draw. It will work fine with either electronic or magnetic ballasts, but your results may vary.

Apollo Horticulture 1000 Watt GLBHPS1000 Digital Metal Halide HID Bulb is made by Apollo Horticulture, trusted in the hydroponic community for dependable HID lighting systems.

The bulb is designed to provide a healthy light spectrum tailored to plant growth. The GLBHPS1000 bulb has a high-pressure sodium red-orange spectrum and will stimulate photosynthesis in crops and young plants.