10 Best Snap-Off Utility Knife 2022 – Reviews & Guide

10 Best Snap-Off Utility Knife 2022 – Reviews & Guide

The Milwaukee Fastback Flip Utility Knife features a press-and-flip mechanism for one handed blade opening. The tool provides quick blade change with no need for extra parts or tools, and the integrated gut hook allows for precise cuts.

The tool’s press-and-flip mechanism is designed to be quick and intuitive, so users can open the knife with one hand by pressing the button or thumb stud near the base of the knife. Users can also switch out blades without any tools thanks to a spring loaded design, which saves time on repetitive tasks.

The Milwaukee Fastback Flip Utility Knife’s on-board magnetic blade storage allows users to keep up to two additional blades handy, and a wire form belt clip allows for easy access when carrying the tool in a pocket. The tool has an aluminum body to provide durability and job site protection.

1. Nicpro 15 PCS Utility Knife Box


More than 150 pieces in the set, and small enough to fit in your pocket. This is a compact set that includes snap-off razor blades, utility knife, saw knife, and Blade Sharpener. Show off your amazing knife skills on these various cutting jobs. Refill for Nicpro 15 PCS Utility Knife Box Cutters Retractable Razor Knife 9mm with 30 PCS Extra Snap-Off Blades for Lightweight Office, Home, Arts Crafts, Hobby

2. WEKOIL 9mm Snap Off Utility Knife

WEKOIL 9mm Snap-Off Utility Knife 5 Pack High Hardness Retractable Box Cutters with Snap-Off Blades, Art Craft Hobby Cutter 9mm Knife for Home Office Workstation, are designed to cut through packaging, shrink wrap, twine, rope, and many other materials. These utility knives are ideal for use in warehouses, home and garden tools, auto repair shops, food processing plants, or anywhere you need to cut strapping & cardboard boxes. All WEKOIL items are from domestic manufacture directly. We offer a one-year replacement warranty on all items.

3.Fiskars 770210-1001 Pro Utility Knife


The Fiskars 770210-1001 Pro Utility Knife, Snap 18 mm, Orange/Black is an extremely durable knife, so it will not break even under rough use. The blade of the knife is very sharp, which makes cutting and separating materials a breeze. It’s easy to hold and comfortable on your hand. This blade can cut through many different materials and is designed to last long enough that you never need to buy another utility knife again.

4. FOSHIO Utility knife Retractable 

Get FOSHIO Utility knife Retractable with 30 Degree Snap-Off Blade 9MM Lockable Box Cutter Knife, Office Vinyl and Paper Cutting Craft Knives, Pack of 3 that comes with 3 utility knives. This is a multi-function knife: blade snaps off for an easy change of razors, retracts back into the handle to protect it from damage, and locks into place for safe storage. The razor blade is long-lasting and can be sharpened. No need to worry about accidents or injuries with this fast-acting utility knife features high-quality design and materials to ensure reliability and safety for both the user and the users.

5. Scotch Titanium Snap-Off Utility Knife

Scotch Titanium Snap-Off Utility Knife, Large: The blades can be instantly detached from the push-button quick-change mechanism or from the sheath with one hand. This unique design will allow users to change blades with the same hand that is holding the object being cut, which is crucial during an emergency situation. Blades are made of high-quality alloy steel. The blades retain their sharp edge for a long time and are easily replaceable.

6. Utility Knife


The Utility Knife Box Cutter Retractable Blade Snap-off Razor Knife with Safety lock 5″ Wholesale lot (96 Pack) is essential for cutting small items. This utility knife has a retractable blade that protects the hands from cuts. Use a utility knife to cut the rope, twine, boxes, and carpeting. It comes with a safety lock. It is manufactured from durable plastic and can be used daily without any issues.

7. Soft-Grip Snap-Off Utility Knife

The Kuhn Rikon Soft-Grip Snap-Off Utility Knife is great for chopping veggies, fruits, and boneless meats. It features a soft-grip handle with a blade guard and a detachable blade system. This knife comes with six detachable blades and it is dishwasher safe.

8. Scotch Titanium Snap-Off Utility Knife

Scotch™ Titanium™ Snap-Off Utility Knife is ideal for everyday use in home and classroom settings. The retractable blade features a lock to keep the blade extended while in use and locks after each push. This utility knife has a comfortable grip handle with an angled tip for precision cutting. This utility knife includes one titanium utility knife (9mm). Imported.

9. WORKPRO Retractable Box Cutters

WORKPRO Retractable Box Cutters are a 5-piece box cutters knife set. A Handy Utility Knife that combines the Needle Nose Pliers and the Box Cutter into one compact, wearable design. This cutter features an 18mm High Carbon Steel Blade for heavy-duty use; tough and sharp enough to cut a wide range of materials including paper, cardboard, wire, PVC, small cables, sealing, and craft plastic sheets as well as various fibres. The ergonomic handles are comfortable and durable, allowing you to work confidently.

10. DEWALT Utility Knife

The DEWALT DWHT10045 25mm Single Blade Snap-Off Knife offers the functionality and quality of a full-sized utility knife with the convenience and ease of use of a smaller tool. The single blade removes easily with one hand, making for easy and hassle-free changing. The all-metal body is heavy-duty and rust-resistant, so you can count on this bad boy to last.