10 Best Ar 10 Scope Mount 2021 – Reviews & Guide

There are many factors that go into picking the most suitable scope mount for your AR 10 rifle or .308 caliber weapon. Hunting Mark has some of the Best AR 10 Rifle Scope Reviews from experts who have used these to hunt.

The kind of budget you have, your need and choice of rifle, your experience in handling such a rifle, and other considerations are all part of how you pick one. Below are some of the main factors you will need to consider before picking the best ones for your use.

1.Vortex Optics Sport Rifle Scope Mount

Our cantilever scope mount is designed to increase the forward positioning of any riflescope, allowing the correct eye relief and head placement that is crucial for high-performance shooting. High-quality aluminum construction protects your rifle’s receiver from unnecessary damage, and the 2-inch offset positions the center of the riflescope tube 1.59 inches away from the base.

2.Burris AR-Peprx Mount

The AR-P.E.P.R. mounts by Burris provide a means of full-sized scopes to be properly positioned on Arms with a Picatinny rail upper receiver and allow for up to 2″ of forwarding scope positioning; providing proper eye relief.

The cantilever design will also support 20 MOA cants (allow for greater elevation adjustment), and mounts easily to any Picatinny rail uppers receiver with just 3 screws or bolts.

3.Nikon P-Tactical (Series) Mount

Constructed from lightweight, high-strength alloy with a non-reflective black anodizing finish, our non-reflective tactical (msr) mount is perfect for your flattop rifle.

It attaches directly and securely to Picatinny rails and keeps riflescopes properly aligned with iron sights during scope mounting.

4.Warne Scope Mounts Gen2

The most popular rings and bases for tactical rifles are the 30 mm medium ring and the 34 mm high ring. Warne has expanded their line of rings and bases to allow for this growing market segment while bringing technology and manufacturing efficiency to these products as well.

Features include Warne’s proprietary single screw mounting system, built-in hardened steel torque mount locking lug, machined from steel alloy bar stock and protected with a black manganese phosphate finish, which assures a perfect hold time after time.

5.American Defense

The AD-Recon mounts to all standard Picatinny rails and has a solid, secure grip. It is easy to adjust, does not require proprietary tools for adjustment, can be adjusted with your finger or a flat blade screwdriver, and can be configured to lock to the rear.

The AD-Recon clamp surfaces are larger than other mounts on the market and have been designed to ensure maximum rail engagement for a solid hold. It meets 1913 Mil-Spec Rail height specs and works with scopes with Objective Housings Up To 2.2 Inches In Diameter.

6.Weaver 6-Hole Picatinny Rings

These lightweight aluminum rings mount to the industry-standard Picatinny or Weaver-style bases and create a mounting platform for your front-sight system. They’re available in 1″ and 30mm sizes, with six screws for extra security and clamping pressure.

Available with or without two crossbolt screws, which lockdown on the open sight to prevent any movement under heavy impact.

7.Larue Tactical 2-Piece Rifle Scope Mount

Larue Tactical Rifle Scope Rings provide a rock-solid base for your optics. Just align your reticle using the integrated QD pop-up sights and tighten the torqued screws to mount any Mil-Spec or commercial rifle scope, red dot sight, or reflex magnifier without having to remove the optic from the rings.

Your new position will be 1.28″ above the top of the rail, giving you more rail space for accessories, keeping them closer to the top of the scope for maximum eye relief.

8.Warne Scope Mounts XP Tact

The XP Tactical Scope Mounts are made to withstand the toughest recoil and hold zero. They are constructed from 7076 aluminum, which is then machined to a tolerance of .001. 

The instant we started mounting scopes on these rails, we were amazed at how solid they felt. Once mounted you can truly feel the weight difference. At only 15 oz’s., they are very lightweight scopes for tactical use.

The rails come with self-centering, black zinc-coated hardware for precise alignment to your receiver, and corrosion resistance.

9.Warne Scope Mounts Warne Universal Scope Level

There are a lot of scopes mounts out there but the truth is they all suffer similar drawbacks. They stick outside of your rifle, get in the way and make mounting and unmounting your scope a hassle.

We wanted to fix that problem without adding more bulk so we created our Universal scope mounts. It’s the perfect solution for giving any scope a solid, stable mounting platform.

10.TenPoint HCA-073 Dovetail Bubble Level

This is a must-have item for all compound bow archers. The Bubble Level will help you shoot more accurately by providing you with the ability to level your bow with a bubble that is magnified 3X.

This super-durable tool is made from ABS plastic and features Tenpoint s high-quality TenPoint logo.