10 Best Bird Cages For Conures 2022 – Reviews & Guide

Keeping a pet is the desire of many people. It can be a cat, a dog or even a bird. Birds not only look beautiful but also can sing very well and make your life less boring.

However, birds are also fragile. If you have one, you have to take care of it carefully and thoroughly. A bird cage is an essential equipment in this case. Without it, your bird will be at risk of being stolen because it cannot fly far away.

Moreover, if your home isn’t spacious enough, you should buy a cage for your bird to avoid it coming out and disturbing the others.

Hence, I have researched and prepared this article to recommend top 10 best bird cages for conures. Hopefully, after reading this article, you will find the right product for your lovely pet.

A&E Cage Company A&E Cage Co Flight Bird Cage.

1.SUPER DEAL PRO 61” 2in1 Large Bird Cage 

PetFavorites Bird Cage Cover Seed Catcher Guard Skirt for Parrot Play Top Bird Cages with Adjustable Drawstring, Extra Large Size – Black.

We have received many requests from customers about how to measure the cage and adjust the size of our bird cage cover. Therefore, we redesigned the top part of the bird cage cover and added an adjustable elastic drawstring. With this new design, you can easily adjust the top of the bird cage cover to fit any size of parrot play top cages. Our bird cage covers will fit most sizes of parrot play top cages sold in America.

The color is black and it fits large bird cages with a diameter between 63”-68”. The netting is made of high quality nylon fabric which is durable and easy to clean. There are 3 layers of netting on the skirt. It has an adjustable drawstring at the bottom to make sure it will tightly wrap around your bird’s cage and stay secure.

To install: Simply drape over your bird’s cage, attach the hooks on to your cage roof, attach the drawstring to your cage bottom and tighten it up! The best place for this seed catcher guard is under a playtop or gyms for birds that like to throw seeds.

2. VIVOHOME 72 Inch Wrought Iron Large Bird Cage

VIVOHOME 72 Inch Wrought Iron Large Bird Cage with Play Top and Rolling Stand for Parrots Conures Lovebird Cockatiel Parakeets.

The bird cage is made of wrought iron, which is sturdy, durable and rust-resistant. The bird cage features a non-to xic and environmentally friendly powder-coated finish which is safe for your pets.

The aviary cage has plenty of room for your parrots, conures, lovebirds, cockatiels, parakeets to play and rest. It comes with 4 ladders, 2 perches, 3 feeders and 2 slides to provide a comfortable environment for birds.

The top part of the cage can be removed as a separate play area. It allows you to take your pet out of the cage without opening the door or escape risk. It includes 4 feeders, 1 wooden ladder and 1 perch which provides an ideal spot for recreation.

3. Yaheetech 52-inch Wrought Iron Standing Large Flight King Bird Cage 

Muti-Purpose: Yaheetech bird cage is a multi-purpose cage that can be used for pet birds like parakeets, finch and canaries. It is also suitable for other small animals including rats and hamsters. The two perches provide ample space for your pets to rest or play.

Durable: Constructed of high quality iron wires, this bird cage features a sturdy frame to ensure long lasting performance. This durable cage will easily accommodate your small pets and provide them with a safe and comfortable home!

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Easy Cleaning: This bird cage comes with a removable bottom tray for easy cleaning. With the pull-out drawer, you can quickly clean the droppings of your pet birds without opening the door.

Easy Access: The small door on the top provides you easy access to your pet birds to feed or train them. There is also a large front door which allows you to take out your birds conveniently!

Safe Design: This birdcage has smooth surfaces which won’t harm you pet’s feathers or claws. It also features a safety lock on the front door to keep your pets from escaping.

4. SUPER DEAL PRO 68’’ 2in1 Large Bird Cage 

Product Description

Super Deal 2-in-1 Birdcage: Bird cage and playtop in one! Cage comes complete with 4 stainless steel cups, 4 wood perches, a slide-out tray, a grate and a playtop. Extra large front door and side door for easy access. Slide-out grill and tray make clean up easy. Also includes convenient carrying handles on both sides of the cage.

2in1 Bird Cage: Super Deal’s new bird cage is not only spacious but durable as well. The birdcage is designed for small to medium sized birds such as canaries, finches, parakeets, cockatiels and lovebirds. It is made from durable wrought iron with a non-toxic powder coated finish.

Spacious Interior: The 2in1 bird cage by Super Deal provides your pet birds with plenty of exercise space while the barred design offers them a good view of their surroundings and enough fresh air flow to keep them happy and healthy inside.

Safe & Secure: Super Deal’s bird cage features a versatile design that can be used as both a birdcage and a playpen. It has 38 inches of height so you can easily place it inside your home without worrying about it taking up too much space.

5. VIVOHOME 30 Inch Height Wrought Iron Bird Cage


This parrot cage lets you have an easy time taking care of your birds and ensures that they are comfortable. It features a top feeder door for convenient access to food, water and other items. It also has a bottom grate for cleaning purposes. The front door opens easily so you can interact with your birds without any hassle. The VIVOHOME Bird Cage includes two wood perches.

This Parrot Cage gives your pet ample space to exercise, play, eat and sleep. It also helps keep them safe from predators, other pets and children.

VIVOHOME Parrot Cage comes with a rolling stand so you can easily move it from one place to another without having to lift it up. This makes the unit portable hence ideal for those who love traveling with their pets or want to use the cage in different areas of their home or backyard.

6. Yaheetech 64-inch Open Top Standing Medium Small Parrot Parakeet Bird Cage


Looking for a spacious, multifunctional and pet friendly bird cage for your beloved feathered friends? Look no further than Yaheetech 4 tiers 64” bird cage!

This Yaheetech bird cage is designed to keep your birds healthy and happy. With a non-toxic powder coated finish, this cage is built to withstand the elements and last longer. Also, the wide bottom tray allows you to put in more wood chips or shavings to keep your bird’s home clean.

Large front door can accommodate 2 or more birds at one time. It is equipped with 2 heavy duty metal latches to secure the door when closed. The playpen on top of the cage provides an extra space for your birds to entertain themselves. There are multiple perches provided so that your birds can sit comfortably inside the cage.

The rolling stand comes with 4 casters which makes it easy for you to move the cage around without lifting it. In addition, this stand features a large storage shelf so that you can have all of your pet supplies within arm’s reach. It is also made from high quality fir wood which adds extra stability and sturdiness to the structure of the cage.

7. Yaheetech 69-inch Wrought Iron Rolling Large Parrot Bird Cage 


Yaheetech 69-inch Wrought Iron Rolling Large Parrot Bird Cage is a great home for your lovebird, cockatiel or parakeet. It is made of premium quality iron and finished in black powder coating to last long. The bird cage includes a rolling stand with 4 casters, allowing you to move it easily as desired.

The 2 lockable large front doors and 2 side access doors with locks enable easy access to the inside space of the bird cage. There are 3 stainless steel cups and 2 wooden perches inside the cage. You can hang toys into the cage from the top handle or from the inside space of the cage to entertain your lovely birds.

The upper removable grate and lower removable slide-out tray makes it easy for cleaning. The bottom pan is made of sturdy plastic for durability and easier cleaning. In addition, this bird cage comes with an instruction manual that guides you through how you can assemble all parts in a short time.

8. Yaheetech Open Top Rolling Parrot Bird Cage

A bird cage is a vital part of your bird’s life. It’s important to note that a bird can be happy in an indoor cage or an outdoor aviary as long as it is large enough to accommodate their needs, and they are able to see their owners throughout the day.

For indoor cages, you want to make sure the bar spacing between the bars is no more than ½ inch apart. This will help keep your parrot safe and prevent escape. You also want to make sure you choose a cage that easily opens for cleaning and feeding.

For outdoor aviaries, you want to make sure there are plenty of perches and places for your birds to play and hide so they feel secure. As with indoor cages, you want to make sure your aviary has good ventilation. Birds need fresh air and good circulation in order to be healthy.

9. SUPER DEAL 53-Inch Rolling Bird Cage Large Wrought Iron Cage 


This is a brand new 53 inches large-size bird cage, which is perfect for housing small to medium birds. It includes a non-toxic powder coated wrought iron frame and plastic tray and grate for easy cleaning. Measuring 53″ x 31″ x 80″, this spacious bird home allows your birds to fly freely and exercise fully.

What’s more, the rolling casters on the stand allow you to move it around easily in your house. And the removable storage shelf provides plenty of room for all your pet supplies. This pet house comes with two hooded plastic cups, two wooden perches and a bottom grille for easy cleaning.

Powder coated finish is non-toxic, durable and will last for years of use. The pull out drawer at the bottom makes it easy to clean up after your feathered friends. Don’t hesitate to buy one now!

Brand new and high quality Non-toxic powder coated finish ensures safe usage Spacious interior allows bird to fly freely Easily accessible front door 2 front doors allow you to catch your bird conveniently Removable shelf provides additional storage space Wooden perch keeps your bird’s feet

10. Large Pentagon Corner Open Playtop Parrot Bird Cage 

This Large Corner Parrot Cage is ideal for African Greys, Amazons, Eclectus and other similarly sized birds. This parrot cage will provide your bird with lots of room to play and move about, as well as ample perches to rest on top of. At the bottom of the playtop cage, there are two removable grates that allow you to easily clean and maintain it. The Large Corner Playtop Bird Cage also features rolling casters so that you can easily move the bird cage around as needed without having to lift it up.

This playtop parrot cage comes complete with several perches and feeder cups so that you don’t have to buy anything extra in order to get started.

The feeder doors swing outward to make it easy for you to change food and water dishes. The Large Corner Playtop Bird Cage has a 3/4-inch bar spacing and is made out of a high-grade wrought iron metal that’s both durable and long lasting.