10 Best Hatchet For Kindling 2022 – Reviews & Guide

Kindling is the small, dry pieces of wood you use to start a fire in your wood stove or fire place. When properly prepared, kindling makes it easier for the flames to catch and spread. The best hatchet for kindling will make your life easier. Your fires will burn hotter and longer, and throwing in kindling after an evening at the bar with your friends just won’t be as painful. With a split log and some kindling beneath it, you’ll be able to warm yourself from the inside out with an early morning fire that is already burning.

It’s 2,500 years old and maybe the oldest surviving convenience product in history. Some guy invented it in a cave somewhere, and his offspring figured out how to market it. Then a few thousand years later, we figure out little ways to improve it. It’s a hatchet- kindling axe- that makes quick work of splitting logs into kindling.

These 4″ hatchets are perfect for split wood from logs up to 2″ thick. They’re also great for felling small trees down to the length you need for firewood or for whacking brush or small saplings when clearing an overgrown trail. The hatchets come in both single bit and double bit styles and can be used for chopping as well as splitting wood.

What is kindling? According to Wikipedia, kindling is small pieces of wood used to create a fire. Kindling is generally split softwood, and it’s usually used to start a fire in a fireplace or open-hearth stove. Whereas firewood is often any type of hardwood, the correct term for large logs suitable for heating purposes is logwood. The most important factor on choosing a kindling is the moisture content of the wood.

1. WilFiks Chopping Axe

WilFiks Carbon steel Chopping axe / Hatched is the perfect Camping Axe to cut wood while camping, hunting or in any kind of outdoor activities. It features a full polished carbon steel blade which has a high impact resistance and is wear-resistant. Its shock-absorbing anti-slip grip handle reduces strain on your hand ensuring lengthy use. Its Steel Blade features a sharp edge that can be easily resharpened if necessary. The Chopped axe is designed with a Long Handle making chopping logs and firewood effortless and portable with its included protective Sheath for safe storage and transport, you will never worry about needing kindling for your fire again.

WilFiks camping hatchet has a large 15 inch made in high quality forged carbon steel head which makes it strong enough to deal with wood up to 10 inches thick. The anti-slip grip ergonomic shaped fiberglass handle absorbs impact and reduces the strain on your hand. The blade is resharpenable for longer life use. It comes with a rubber protective cover for safe storage.

SANYI Chopping Axe is the best wood chopping axe for wood splitting and kindling. The axe blade is thin, the steel head of the axe widens upward in a fan shape from the center. This shape of the axe head allows it to easily split firewood in half. It also comes with a leather cover to protect the blade. The edge of the blade is very sharp and may break the cover during transport. Please be careful. Besides, it is easy to carry and use. The length of shaft is 15inch/38cm.

The Sanyi 15-inch axe is designed with a thin blade and wider head,which can be easily split through the wood, the steel head of axe widens upward in a fan shape from the center. This shape of the axe head allows it to easily split the firewood in half. It also comes with a leather cover to protect the blade, which is thin and easy to break. Make sure you are careful when using it. The edge of the blade is very sharp and may break the cover during transport. If you need to move it somewhere else after use, please tie it up to prevent injury by accident.

Our LEXIVON V36s Splitting Axe is an Incredible, lightweight and durable axe for campers, hikers, hobbyist. The axe is specially designed with a new and innovative hardened Grade-A Carbon Steel blade which makes it easier to chop through wood and tree branches. Its superior design, thin blade, narrow throat (Choke) and sharp edge are designed specifically to penetrate deeply into the wood with every swing which provides a cleaner cut, makes the axe more durable, and improves its density.

The product is made of high quality forged steel that’s heat-treated for strength, durability, and precision. Our axe features a thick no-slip grip for your hand which reduces the force you need to put into your swing resulting in less arm fatigue. It also features TPR texture non slip rubber handle that increases comfort and reduces slippage during active use. The product also includes protective carrying sheath that securely holds the axe head inside of it so you can easily carry it around wherever you go.

The Lexivon 36 inch Long-handled Splitting Axe is the best splitting maul for heavy duty applications. It features a circular axe head with a 44.44” blade length with heat-treated steel that makes it more durable and sharper. The double bevel slashing blade can chop firewood faster and more efficiently, while protecting your hands by reducing vibration and impact shock.

The Estwing Sportsman’s Axe is forged in one piece out of high carbon steel and comes equipped with a genuine leather grip. It has a 12″ long, sharp cutting edge and is perfect for chopping logs, small trees and branches or splitting firewood. The Estwing Sportsman’s Axe is designed for the sportsman who wants a single tool that can handle all their outdoor chores. This smooth cutting axe head is made from 7/32″ Rockwell high carbon steel to give you durability and performance throughout the years.

Trust the ultimate camping hatchet built for countless hours of hard work. Crafted from durable, high-carbon steel, this 12” Estwing Sportsman’s Axe features a forged cutting edge so sharp it can be honed to a razor-sharp edge without losing an ounce of efficiency. A campers best friend, this extra-long handle sports a lightweight and comfortable leather grip for extreme control and utility. Perfect for chopping logs, small trees and branches or splitting firewood and kindling with accuracy.

The Kings County Tools Japanese Kindling Axe weighs only 5.16 pounds, and the blade is 4-1/2″ long. The unique bearded design allows you to bring your hand closer for controlled work as the center of gravity shifts to this area. The high-carbon edge is sandwiched between thick layers of softer steel that give the super-sharp edge great strength and easy to sharpen. The face of the axe is a bit wider than other small hatchets, and it splits kindling for your next batch of firewood for the wood stove or campfire with ease. Overall length is 13″. This axe comes from Japan in a very nicely made deluxe leather sheath with handle sleeves, and a combination tool holder.

This Kings County Tools Japanese Kindling Hand Axe is the perfect choice for your camping or backpacking trip! The unique bearded blade design allows you to bring your hand closer for controlled work as the center of gravity shifts to this area. It’s also made out of high-carbon steel that is sandwiched between layers of softer steel. This axe is ideal for splitting small firewood, creating kindling, or even cutting rope like a knife. The handle is made out of hardwood and has an ergonomic shape. This axe weighs 1.6 pounds and is 15-3/4″ in total length.

Bravedge hatchet / Multitool is a group of high quality tool built into one. We spent many hours of development and improvement to create it as user-friendly kit, that is lightweight yet durable, and packed with every cutting edge you may need in the field while camping or surviving. Performs multiple tasks like Axes, Hatchets, Saws, Hammers, Screwdrivers, Openers, Scrapers, Cutters, Guillotine Knife for Survival. Bravedge is a must have for all the adventure seekers who always go outdoors.

Bravedge presents a 12 in 1 survival combination tool. It has a hammer, knife and an axe which can be used for hunting and camping. The multitool is rated as one of the best because it can be used in a variety of ways in different situations and also helps to always stay safe and protected. The axe measures 10 inches, but it has been given a shorter handle for handling. The blade is red and black in color that adds beauty to its design. Its nylon sheath protects the blade from wear and tear when not in use.

If you’re an outdoor enthusiast in search of an axe that can do it all, look no further than the hooren Multitool Camping axe survival. This ultimate tactical camp axe includes a variety of tools that will come in handy whether you’re surviving in the wild or out on an adventure. With its bottle opener, screwdrivers, hatchet, and more, this multipurpose axe is more than just a pretty face. Built for durability and versatility, the Multitool camping axe can be used nearly anywhere, from the backyard to your most remote excursions.

Small-sized and portable but doesn’t sacrifice on functionality. This tool is great for camping and hunting, as it effectively replaces several items needed in the wild. The survival multi-tool has a hammer, axe blade, bottle opener, 2 screwdrivers (small and large), knife blade, saw blade, 3 hexagonal wrenches, and a compass. The folding shovel is ideal for digging holes or trenches when you need shelter from the rain or snow. The axe head has an eye that allows you to hang your survival camp axe on a branch (or a nail). It also has a loop in the handle of the tactical tomahawk for attaching it to your belt.

The durable Fiskars 14″ Hatchet with Sheath is designed for chopping kindling and small- to medium-sized logs. The proprietary blade-grinding technique provides a sharper edge for better contact and cleaner cuts. Low-friction blade coating powers through wood and prevents head from getting stuck. Molded head will not loosen and prevents overstrike breakage. Shock-absorbing Dura frame handle is lightweight yet stronger than steel to prevent overstrike damage.

The patented blade-grinding technique and proprietary blade coating enable the Fiskars 14 in. hatchet to perform best when chopping small to medium logs. The low-friction blade coating powers through wood and prevents head from getting stuck while the ergonomic Dura frame handle is lightweight yet stronger than steel to prevent overstrike breakage. Designed with a molded handle that will not loosen, this hatchet can be used comfortably by both left-handed and right-handed users.

9. Fiskars Camping Axe XXS X5


For the most demanding campers, we offer the Fiskars Camping Axe XXS X5. The axe can be conveniently stored thanks to the included carrying and storage case. The high-quality material of the axe head ensures damage resistance and a longer product life. The handle is made of a high-strength fibreglass reinforced plastic that is particularly lightweight and weather resistant.

Handle moulded directly onto tool head for greater safety. Firm, comfortable grip thanks to innovative handle tip with flared finger guard for optimum finger protection. The axe has a long life span and will not rust because of its special non-stick coating on the cutting edge of the blade. Thanks to the light weight of this tool, you will have a lot more energy to go exploring in the wilderness.

The XXS X5 Camping Axe is the smallest axe in the Fiskars Camping Axe series. The axe features a non-stick coating and has a blade made of hardened steel. It is equipped with optimal balance between head and handle for maximum swing power. The clever design of its Fibreglass Reinforced Plastic handle makes it very sturdy, lightweight, and weather-resistant. With an excellent grip and optimum safety assured by its flared finger guard, the handle offers optimum finger protection. The axe comes with a storage case for safe transport.

10. Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel 

Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel with Axe is a total necessity for your camping trips, hiking or backpacking. It’s the perfect companion to go along with you on any kind of trail. Our versatile and durable shovel will help you dig holes so you can set up camp and lighten your load as well as dig latrines.

Our Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel with Axe is the key to ease your outdoor adventures. Whether you’re hiking, camping, or out in the field, you will know that you will be prepared for a survival situation. This survival shovel can chop wood and can dig trenches. Added to that is the axe tool, which can smash nails and chops firewood. The Sahara Sailor survival shovel is a great choice when considering a multifunctional tool that can handle all of your needs in the outdoors

The Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel with Axe is a must-have for any camping trip or hunting adventure. Not only does it give you a powerful blade to cut down trees, but also a mighty axe to split them in two after you chop them down! The Sahara Sailor Survival Shovel is lightweight and easy to store. It’s great for any outdoorsman or camper who doesn’t want to take up too much space in their car or backpack.