10 Best Keyboard For PS5 2022 – Reviews & Guide

10 Best Keyboard For PS5 2022 – Reviews & Guide

If you are looking for the Best Keyboard For PS5, it not only can provide you with the whole set of games that provide fun and enjoyment but also help you learn more information about it. To choose a keyboard for PlayStation 5 is to choose the best partner for your PS games.

The ps5 was a new thing that comes with the fifth generation of the Playstation consoles. In order to make its function as simple as possible, it provided a clear and visible keyboard on its body. In the comparison with the keyboard of the previous series, this one had bigger keys and featured a backlight. And it also offered some other improvements.

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But since there is a huge number of different keyboards for ps5 on the market, a high probability exists that you may encounter a keyboard that doesn’t meet your expectations or is of really poor quality.

# Preview Product Price  
1 41x6hey-exl-_sl160_-3687368 Logitech Wireless Combo MK270 $27.99 Buy on Amazon
2 41q8wd1h5xl-_sl160_-4834398 Amazon Basics Matte Black Wired Keyboard – US Layout (QWERTY) $12.97 Buy on Amazon
3 51voykgeal-_sl160_-7119187 Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard with Multimedia Keys… $35.98 Buy on Amazon
4 41nn6afnlnl-_sl160_-3767655 Verbatim Slimline Full Size Wired Keyboard USB Plug-and-Play – Compatible with PC, Laptop – Black $9.98 Buy on Amazon
5 41jangj7rzs-_sl160_-2052503 Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard, Tactile Responsive Typing, Backlighting,… $119.26 Buy on Amazon
6 51hpdoj8twl-_sl160_-6200194 Gaming Keyboard RGB USB Wired Rainbow Keyboards Designed for PC Gamers, PS4, PS5, Laptop, Xbox,… $19.81 Buy on Amazon
7 41sbkloymml-_sl160_-3199862 Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard: Individually Backlit RGB Keys – Spill-Resistant Design -… $39.99 Buy on Amazon
8 41ohnsyustl-_sl160_-5727085 Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard, LIGHTSYNC RGB Backlit Keys, Spill-Resistant, Customizable… $44.99 Buy on Amazon

Can you use keyboard on PS5?

Some PS5 games can use a keyboard to input text, but none of the console’s launch titles supports it.

You can, however, use a USB keyboard to enter text on your PS5. You won’t be able to use it for all games, though.

Sony says that some PS5 titles may support the use of a wireless USB keyboard for entering text and chatting online with friends. The company says that it is up to each game developer or publisher to decide whether they want to include this feature in their games.

The PS5 comes with two USB ports — one on the front of the console and one on the back — so you can simply plug in any standard keyboard if you wish. However, there’s no indication that Sony’s own Pulse 3D wireless headset will work with a PC or Mac via USB. Sony has confirmed that the headset will work with its next-gen console but hasn’t said if it’ll work with other devices like PCs and Macs.

Can I use Bluetooth keyboard with PS5?

Yes, you can use a Bluetooth keyboard with your PS5.

Bluetooth keyboards work great with the PlayStation 5, and there are tons of them on the market to choose from.

The only real catch here is that you can only use a Bluetooth keyboard in games that support it natively. Sony’s DualSense controller doesn’t have a built-in mouse, and while you can emulate mouse input with a gamepad, it’s a clunky solution at best.


  • Keyboard Description:USB
  • Connectivity Technology:Wireless
  • Special Feature:Wireless
  • Brand:Logitech
  • Color:With Mouse
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH:13.95 x 5.5 x 0.93 inches
  • Operating System:Windows 8, Chrome OS, Windows 7, Windows 10

What you’ll love:

This compact and lightweight keyboard would be a great addition to your living room. With its built-in touchpad, you can control your entertainment from anywhere in the room. The touchpad is large enough for easy navigation, but small enough that it’s not obtrusive when typing emails or chatting with friends and family. The 10 m range gives you plenty of freedom to move around while typing, so even if you’re standing at one end of the room, you won’t need to yell commands at your TV. And with a battery life of 18 months, this is an investment that should last as long as some relationships do!

This keyboard also makes controlling your media simple. Its dedicated media controls let you play, pause and mute videos and music instantly without having to search for the right functions on your remote control. Plus, its integrated multi-touch touchpad allows users to scroll through content and zoom in or out with no lag time between movements–so the days of accidentally pausing a movie when all you wanted was more volume are over!

Comfortable, quiet typing

You can type comfortably on a flat surface like a table or your lap. With 18 mm key pitch and 3.2mm key travel, the keyboard is quieter than most mechanical keyboards for comfortable typing without disturbing others around you.

Bestseller No. 1 41-xt1nqs-l-_sl160_-6191797 2022 HP Pavilion 17 Laptop, 17.3″ FHD IPS Display, 11th Gen Intel i5-1135G7(Up to 4.2GHz, Beat i7-10710U), 16GB RAM, 1TB PCIe SSD, Backlit Keyboard, HDMI, WiFi, Bluetooth, Webcam, Windows 11+JVQ MP

The full-size keyboard provides maximum space between keys to reduce typos and increase comfort while typing. The full-size quiet keys have generous spacing & are not too small, so they’re easy to use.

Long range wireless

  • Long range wireless. Control your TV-connected computer from the comfort of your couch–up to 30 feet (10 meters) away.
  • Compact and comfortable. The K400 Plus is designed for laid-back control. It’s a full-size keyboard layout and touchpad in a compact size.
  • Easy typing, even in the dark. You can type easily—even in the dark—thanks to automatically backlit keys. A 24-month battery life* means you can go for months without the hassle of changing batteries. Plus, you’ll enjoy plug-and-play setup when you connect using Logitech Unifying™ receiver or Bluetooth® Smart wireless technology

Plug-and-play simplicity

  • Plug the Logitech Unifying receiver into your laptop or computer, turn on your keyboard and you’re ready to go. No need to worry about tinkering with settings: the keyboard syncs automatically with your device. If you are using a Windows PC or an Android device, you’re all set.
  • However, if you plan to use this keyboard for other purposes—like playing games on an Xbox One or interacting with a Roku—you will have to do some setup first. Programming custom hotkeys for these devices is pretty easy, and since Logitech has included a dedicated gaming mode button on the K400 Plus, it’s a breeze to switch between modes.

This is a great way to get wireless control of your computer hooked up to a TV

The Logitech K400 Plus Wireless Touch TV Keyboard with Easy Media Control and Built-in Touchpad is the best keyboard for navigating a computer hooked up to a large screen. It’s easy to install, use, and carry around. We recommend it for most people who want to watch videos on their TV or make presentations using an external monitor.

Pros and cons

Positive points:

  • Allows you to stream content directly from your computer to your TV.
  • Works great with Windows and Android devices, including smartphones and tablets.
  • Simple setup—just plug in the receiver then start working!
  • Compact design makes it easy for travel or storage. No need for a bulky keyboard on those trips around town!
  • Compatible with all major browsers (Internet Explorer 11+, Firefox, Chrome). You can even use this device to type an email—it’s that versatile!

Negative points:

  • This keyboard does not work well if you have large hands or fingers. The keys are very small, which could make typing difficult even for someone who is used to smaller keyboards. It’s best if only people with normal-sized hands use this device because they will be able to type faster without having any issues at all when using their fingers instead of thumbs like children do when playing video games on consoles like Nintendo DSi XLs or PSPs.


Touchpad has a small vertical scroll area: That is, you can only scroll up or down by moving your finger in the right vertical strip on the touchpad. Though this might take some getting used to, it’s helpful to have the right-hand vertical strip be a scroll area because you can use it while moving the mouse pointer with your left hand. If there were no scroll area at all, you’d have to move the cursor over a scroll bar to use it, which could be annoying if you’re doing intensive scrolling.

  • Size: Blue Switch
  • Color: Space Silver
  • Color:Space Silver
  • Brand:ZJFKSDYX
  • Connectivity Technology:USB

The ZJFKSDYX C87 Wireless Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo with 87 Key RGB LED Backlight Rechargeable 3600mAh Battery Mechanical Feel Anti-ghosting Ergonomic Waterproof RGB Mute Mice is a keyboard and mouse combo that sells for $18.98 in the United States. The keyboard features 87 keys, including a numeric keypad, with RGB backlighting and a rechargeable 3600mAh lithium battery. The mouse also has RGB backlighting.

87 Keys Compact Gaming Keyboard for professional PC gamers, saves your space.

This 87 keys compact gaming keyboard will save your space and bring you ultimate experience. You’ll have more room to operate mouse if setting this keyboard in front of you. It also can be a great choice if you are eager for a smaller-size, portable and fashionable keyboard. The ergonomic design will give you the best touch feeling. If you need a comfortable mechanical feel keyboard to improve your typing speed, this 87 keys RGB LED Backlight Gaming Keyboard will meet your demands!

Waterproof design.

This keyboard has a protective anti-spill design that makes it waterproof and dustproof, allowing it to be used without worry in wet or humid environments, such as bathrooms. It can also be cleaned with a cloth if necessary. Additionally, it is sturdy enough to be used outdoors, making it versatile enough to be used around the kitchen while cooking dinner or even in the garage while working on a DIY project.

Rechargeable 3600mAh lithium battery, non-slip design, mechanical feeling.

In addition to the long battery life provided by the rechargeable 3600mAh lithium battery, this keyboard is also excellent for long gaming and typing sessions. Its non-slip design makes it comfortable and easy to use, while its tactile feedback provides a pleasant full-bodied feeling. Gamers and typists alike will appreciate this keyboard’s mechanical feel.

Cool RGB LED backlit, 18 backlit modes are available for this keyboard.

This keyboard have 18 pre-set modes of RGB backlighting. They are: Wave, Rainbow, Ripple, Aurora, Breathing, Spectrum Cycling, Raindrop and so on. The LED lights can be turned on and off depending on your preference. It will give you more joy to use the keyboard in a dark environment which makes it perfect for gaming and working in the dark.

Ergonomic design of the mouse for a comfortable grip, 6 buttons, accurate positioning and multi-function.

This high-quality mouse is ergonomically designed for comfort and constructed to fit the natural curve of your palm. With its perfect size, feel, weight and shape, it’s a good choice for long-time gaming. The six buttons are easily accessible with the thumb, which makes for a more efficient use of the mouse and requires less movement during gameplay. The anti-slip wheel helps you get better handling without skidding.

The location of the USB receiver is in an easy-to-find spot on the bottom of this unit which has a cool RGB light feature to make it easy to find at night or when you’re not looking straight down at it. The wide range of color combinations allows you to personalize while showing off your gaming skills in style!

This is a good keyboard and mouse combo.

If you are looking for a good keyboard and mouse combo, this is it. At this price, it does the job. It’s good for games, office work, writing, and coding.

Pros and cons

  • The keyboard and mouse are not waterproof.
  • The mouse is a bit difficult to get used to.
  • The keyboard is smaller than a normal keyboard, so it is easy to carry around.
  • There is no mousepad included in the package, but you can buy one separately.


The only real negative is that the gaming keyboard isn’t actually fully backlit. Most keys are, with a single row of function keys and other extra buttons left unilluminated (no big deal) and the mouse wheel is not backlit either.

The mouse buttons are a bit loud when pressed, but not enough to really affect gameplay overall. The mouse itself might seem a bit small and lightweight for some people, but this is more of a personal preference issue as larger/heavier mice feel better in some people’s hands.

Also, it should be noted that there is no separate left/right button on the RGB LED backlight mouse; instead there is just one solid piece for each button to press down against which can take some getting used to if you’re used to using mice with individual left/right buttons.

In addition to that, the scroll wheel on the RGB LED rechargeable waterproof mouse may be a bit stiffer than you would like when scrolling through documents or web pages and can sometimes require two fingers on the scroll wheel at once—again this comes down to personal preference rather than any kind of major flaw in either product.

Finally, it should be noted that neither product is ergonomic so if you have any kind of hand issues due to carpal tunnel or something similar it’s probably best for your health overall if you use an ergonomic gaming keyboard and mouse combo instead


  • Keyboard Description:Wireless, QWERTY
  • Connectivity Technology:Wireless
  • Special Feature:Wireless, Lighting
  • Compatible Devices:Computer
  • Brand:Logitech
  • Model Name:K800 Wireless Illuminated Keyboard
  • Color:Black
  • Keyboard backlighting color support:Single Color
  • Number of Keys:104
  • Style:Keyboard Only

You’ve never seen a keyboard like this before. A full-size, fully equipped keyboard with all the keys you’re used to—plus dozens of shortcuts. You can type day or night with brightly backlit keys that provide precise illumination. There’s even an on/off button for the backlighting, so you can save power when it’s not needed. Plus, Logitech PerfectStroke key system makes every stroke natural and fluid, and quietly soft key presses eliminate noise and distract others around you.

The rechargeable batteries last up to 10 days or more between charges and get three hours of use from just one minute of charging*. And the tiny unifying receiver stays in your laptop—no need for extra USB plugs! It also connects to your computer from up to 30 feet away thanks to our powerful 2.4 GHz wireless connection.

Comfortable, bright backlighting

If you ever work in a dark room, then you know how handy a backlit keyboard can be. The K800 has bright, even backlighting that can be adjusted to suit your needs and personal preferences. You can choose to turn the illumination off completely or keep it on at all times. Or, if you prefer the K800’s backlighting to turn off after a certain amount of time, you can adjust the timeout from 1 second to 10 minutes. In addition, the keyboard automatically dims when your computer goes into sleep mode and wakes up when you hit any key.

Incurve keys

The keys on the K800 have a slight curve to them, designed to fit the shape of your fingertips. This allows you to apply less effort and achieve faster typing speeds with fewer errors.

PerfectStroke key system

The PerfectStroke key system distributes typing force evenly across the key surfaces, making every stroke natural and fluid. With softly rounded keys, discreetly integrated into a modern design that will complement your workspace and sense of style.

With more comfort comes increased efficiency. Logitech’s Incurve keys are ideal for touch typists because they are so quiet and feel so soft on your fingertips.

Palm rest and adjustable tilt legs

The keyboard has a padded palm rest that helps you situate your hands comfortably as you type. It also has adjustable tilt legs, allowing you to customize the keyboard’s position to suit your preferences. The legs flip out easily and provide two different options: you can either tilt the keyboard backwards or forwards. This is great if you want a more stable typing experience without sacrificing comfort. The tilt legs don’t change the angle of the keyboard; they simply prop it up in one direction or another, tilting it towards the user instead of an essential part of the laptop (which is usually placed on top of other surfaces).

We know that some people like their keyboards angled so that their arms are in a comfortable position while typing. The adjustable tilt legs help with this by creating an elevated typing surface with just one movement—no need to pull out any tools!

Pros and cons

Pros: If you’re still using a wired keyboard because you haven’t found one that can replace the tactile feel of your wired keyboard, then you need to check out the Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800. Rechargeable, backlit and comfortable to use—this is the best overall wireless keyboard on our list.

Cons: While not bad per se, the Logitech Wireless Illuminated Keyboard K800 is expensive compared to other similar keyboards on our list.


We get it. You may have a lot of reasons that you’re considering buying this keyboard, but there are still some drawbacks to consider. It doesn’t have a number pad, and the price is high.


  • Keyboard Description:Gaming
  • Connectivity Technology:USB-C
  • Special Feature:Wireless, Lighting
  • Compatible Devices:Gaming Console
  • Brand:Redragon
  • Model Name:DITI
  • Color:Blue Switch
  • Number of Keys:42
  • Number of Buttons:5

The Redragon K585 DITI is a one-handed mechanical keyboard, featuring a compact design that makes it extremely portable. Of course, one of the best features of this keypad is its ability to connect wirelessly via Bluetooth or 2.4GHz connection.

This compact gaming keypad also includes three different modes: PC, Game, and Android. It comes with seven programmable buttons and has both wired and wireless capabilities. This keyboard boasts full N-key rollover so all keys are registered when pressed simultaneously. The dedicated multimedia keys make it easy to play, pause, skip songs, adjust volume while gaming.

The DITI is one of the few keyboards that incorporates a fully customizable one-handed keyboard without the need for additional software.

The DITI is one of the few keyboards that incorporates a fully customizable one-handed keyboard without the need for additional software. You can make all the necessary changes in-keyboard, making this one of the most painless RGB customizations you’ll ever do. It’s also worth mentioning that Redragon makes use of USB-C, as opposed to Micro USB, and even includes a small extension cable if you need it.

There are 42 programmable keys for macros or key remapping and 8 different lighting effects (off, breathing, wave, raindrop, ripple, color cycle, gradient and reactive). While this may not seem like a lot compared to some other RGB keyboards on the market today (it isn’t), it more than meets our needs.

Beyond its RGB customization and programming capabilities is its ergonomic design which places less strain on your wrist with its angled design on a cushioned wrist rest. The keyboard has an all metal body construction with ABS plastic keys which feel very solid in your hands when using it.

The K585 DITI keyboard works in Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. The keyboard comes with both a USB cable and a USB-C cable, making it useful for both PC and mobile gamers.

The K585 DITI keyboard works in Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS. The keyboard comes with both a USB cable and a USB-C cable, making it useful for both PC and mobile gamers.

The K585 DITI’s switches are hybrid optical mechanical and come in either blue or red. This means that pressing on a key sends out two signals: an electrical signal to register the stroke and an infrared signal to register the release of the stroke. Optical switches are considered more durable than standard mechanical switches because there are no metal contacts wearing down over time.

The backlighting on the K585 DITI is also robust, featuring 16.8 million colors to choose from across 8 different preset themes. You can change between these modes with a single key press.

If you’re looking for something a little more advanced, the keyboard offers up to 8 separate macros that can be fully customized for each individual key and stored within onboard memory (no additional driver or software required). Each macro has its own record button so it’s easy to keep track of which one you’re currently recording or editing. The DITI is one of the few keyboards that incorporates a fully customizable one-handed keyboard without the need for additional software, making it very portable since you don’t have to worry about keeping drivers installed at all times just in case you want to change your settings while away from home!

While the keys do have backlighting, they do not have any other RGB effects such as wave or ripple. You can set specific keys to remaining illuminated while others are off, but that’s about all you get here.

RGB backlighting is a common feature found in gaming keyboards, but the level of customization can vary greatly by the keyboard. Many keyboards have several different RGB effects, such as waves or ripples that shift color across the keyboard. Other keyboards allow you to set specific keys to certain colors, while others only glow with one color at all times. The K585’s backlighting falls somewhere in between these two extremes.

While the keys do have backlighting, they do not have any other RGB effects such as wave or ripple. You can set specific keys to remaining illuminated while others are off, but that’s about all you get here. With all of the customization options considered, most people will probably find this keyboard lacking in light show prowess compared to its competitors.

Overall, the Redragon K585 DITI is a solid choice for a one-handed keyboard. It’s generally affordable and offers nearly everything you’d want from a one-handed keyboard at its price point.

Overall, the Redragon K585 DITI is a solid choice for a one-handed keyboard. It’s generally affordable and offers nearly everything you’d want from a one-handed keyboard at its price point.

The RGB lighting is tasteful, and can add another layer of immersion to your gaming experience if that’s something you’re into. The macro keys are situated in such a way that they can be used comfortably without interfering with the rest of your key setup, and the removable wrist pad gives you an option to prioritize comfort during long gaming sessions. If you’re looking for something more ergonomic but don’t necessarily need all of the features offered by higher-end keyboards, this may be exactly what you’re looking for.

For one-handed gaming on a budget, this is an excellent option.

If you’re on a budget and just want to try out one-handed gaming, then this is the one for you. It does have some issues, but for the price, it’s tough to beat. If you want to invest more money in your one-handed keyboard, I recommend taking a look at other models that have dedicated media keys or perhaps even go with another brand entirely.

Pros and cons

  • The Redragon K585 DITI is a solid option for one-handed gaming. The macros are easy to set up and use, the lighting is fully customizable, and it’s easy to move between two different computers.
  • It’s not the most feature-rich keyboard out there, but it’s also not the most expensive. If you’re looking for something to take with you on the go or want something you can quickly switch between two computers with, this is a great compromise.
  • The Redragon K585 DITI is an excellent choice for a one-handed keyboard. The build quality is top notch and it feels like a premium product without costing too much money. It comes with everything you need plus some bonus features like being able to change your LED colors depending on what program is running in foreground mode!


While I’ve enjoyed the K585, it’s not without its faults. Some features that could have made this keyboard even better are missing, leaving me to think they might be included in a later version. For instance, there’s no wrist rest—not even a detachable one—so your hand will feel the strain of typing for long periods of time.

The other thing is the cable that connects to your computer is USB-C and only about 20 inches long. Most of the reviews on Amazon mention this being an issue because they didn’t have a USB-C port next to their mouse so they had to drape the cable over something or through something beneath their desk.


  • Keyboard Description:Gaming
  • Connectivity Technology:Bluetooth, USB
  • Special Feature:Wireless, Bluetooth, Lighting, Water Resistant
  • Color:Black
  • Number of Keys:87
  • Number of Buttons:87

The RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK87 Sink87G RGB 80% Mechanical Keyboard is a stylish keyboard with a very unique aesthetic. With a combination of black and silver, the keyboard is both sleek and sleek at the same time. While this might sound like it’s just an aesthetic choice, the fact that it’s machined from stainless steel allows for the change in color to be an actual performance enhancer. You’ll find quickly that typing on this keyboard feels extremely crisp, which goes hand-in-hand with its low keystroke feel.

The inclusion of RGB lighting adds another dimension of style and appeal to the overall design. The LEDs are located within the switches themselves (instead of on top), which means that you can customize your lighting exactly how you want it. This can be particularly helpful if you’d like your left or right ring key to blink slightly faster than its neighboring keys (e.g., so one side blinks one second per second while its neighbor ticks two seconds per second).

Sink87G TKL Mechanical Keyboard: 80% size, 87 keys with shortcuts, save your space and increase your productivity.

Sink87G TKL Mechanical Keyboard: 80% size, 87 keys with shortcuts, save your space and increase your productivity.

You can connect the keyboard with up to three devices via wired USB or Bluetooth and switch among them easily. It also comes with a type-c cable to ensure stable data transmission and fast charging for you.

Sink87G TKL Mechanical Keyboard is able to adapt to multiple systems like Windows, MacOs, iOS, Android and Linux. You can fully enjoy the fun of typing without worrying about compatibility issues.

Bluetooth/Wired Dual Mode: BT 5.1 version supports a wide range of devices, and wired mode allows you to enjoy games instantly with the USB Type-C cable.

Customization has never been easier. Bluetooth 5.1 version supports a wide range of devices, and wired mode allows you to enjoy games instantly with the USB Type-C cable.

Complete RGB Backlit Modes: A colorful RGB backlit starts when you turn on the keyboard, FN+F1~F6 switches to single color backlight, FN+F7 switches to dynamic backlight.

The keyboard RGB backlit comes with 6 colors, 8 kinds of single light effects, 3 kinds of dynamic light effect,s and adjustable brightness. FN+F1~F6 switch single color backlight. FN+F7 switches to a dynamic backlight. FN+F9~F12 adjust backlit brightness.

The default “RK87-color” is the most special one. You can choose your own favorite color or effect by using our software to drive the keyboard.

Dependable Design & Quality Build: The keyboard base is made of top-grade ABS material, has excellent hand feel, and is durable; Mini style design is perfect for a business trip.

This keyboard is built with one of the most durable materials on the market: ABS. It makes for a perfectly balanced blend of feel and function that’s just plain good. The keys are responsive and have a great hand feel, with just enough give to keep your fingers happy. You’ll be typing for hours without feeling it. This keyboard is perfect for business trips because of its compact size and easy portability.

RK87 Sink87G is a TKL Mechanical keyboard for you

The RK87 Sink87G is a TKL Mechanical keyboard. If you are looking for the best of the best when it comes to mechanical keyboards, then look no further! This keyboard is perfect for gaming, typing, home office use, business, travel, offices all over the world, outdoorsy people, musicians of all genres that can’t get enough piano action in their lives with 88 keys not just 87 and don’t even get me started on drummers… This keyboard is perfect for college students and high school students as well! Ladies! Gentlemen! Kids and adults of all ages! You need this keyboard in your life today. Seriously. How did you ever live without it?


The good old brown switches are back, and they’re better than ever. They’re quieter than the clicky blue switches without sacrificing any of that satisfying tactile bump you love. And with 87 keys, you’ll be able to use your mouse on either side of your keyboard—no more reaching across with your right hand to click something!

Great for typing and gaming alike, this model comes with programmable keys that can be set up in a number of different ways to make your life easier. You can even use it in Bluetooth mode if wired is not an option!


No Cons


The biggest drawback of this keyboard is the lack of dedicated multimedia keys. This means you will have to use the function key in combination with other keys to adjust your volume and monitor other aspects. If you are used to using dedicated multimedia keys, this can be a bit of an inconvenience, but it doesn’t take all that long to get used to not having them.

The software could use some improvement; it is a bit difficult to set everything up and organize the files in a way that makes sense. It doesn’t help that there isn’t much information on how the software works or should be organized, so figuring out how to do anything is just trial and error until things work correctly.


  • Keyboard Description:Gaming
  • Connectivity Technology:2.4GHz wireless, Bluetooth, Type-C USB wired.
  • Special Feature:Wireless, Bluetooth, Lighting
  • Compatible Devices:Laptop, Tablet
  • Color:Classical Red
  • Number of Keys:68
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH:11.8 x 1.5 x 3.9 inches
  • Number of Buttons:68
  • Operating SystemP:Mac os

RK ROYAL KLUDGE RK68 Wireless Hot Swappable 65% Mechanical Keyboard, 68 Keys Compact Bluetooth Gaming Keyboard with Stand-Alone Arrow/Control Keys, Quiet Red Switch

This keyboard is designed for typists who prefer a small form factor. It also has hot swappable keycaps. This means you can easily change the caps to fit your needs and style.

Compact Size

keyboard is a 65% keyboard. It’s not as small as a 40% keyboard like the Planck, nor as big as a full-size keyboard like the CODE Keyboard. This type of keyboard is smaller than a full-sized keyboard but bigger than 75% and TKL keyboards. The RK68 has 68 keys – it has all the keys found on a TKL board plus 2 sets of arrow keys and 1 set of page up/down, home and end key. Overall, this makes for an easy to carry around keyboard that isn’t overly big but still has all the functionality you need. If you have limited space on your desk or want to use your mouse without having to reach for it too much, then this might be just what you’re looking for!

Portable & Dust-Resistant

The design of RK68 is simple and trapeze, which makes it easy to carry. Unlike the traditional mechanical keyboard that you should take a lot of space and can’t be taken anywhere, RK68 has compact 68 keys and gives you more available space for your mouse movements. It’s perfect for office work.

It is dust resistant. The buttons are inset in a frame to prevent dirt from entering the keyboard inside when typing or moving around. You don’t have to worry about the keys being blocked by dust anymore!

It’s also water resistant. Typing in rainy days will no longer affect your daily work and entertainment time! Enjoy your cool summer with this magical keyboard!

After a period of long-term use, you can easily pull out the keycaps on RK68 and clean them up with some detergent. It’s very convenient!

Anti-Ghosting & Hot Swappable

The RK68 is a hot-swappable keyboard. That means that switches can be swapped out or replaced without soldering. Many competitors who offer hot-swap keyboards have a tedious swapping process, but the RK68’s hot-swapping is simple and convenient: just pull out the old switch and plug in your new one. The board recognizes the new switch immediately.

Switches come in different colors, each with its own feel, sound, weighting, and actuation force. The default red switches are quiet with a linear feedback feel, but if you want something clickier or more tactile you can visit mechanicalkeyboards.com to pick out new switches for your RK68!

The RK68 has N-key rollover (NKRO) on USB mode and anti-ghosting on wireless mode. NKRO lets you press as many keys as you need at once without any key presses being lost; anti-ghosting makes sure that even if too many keys are pressed at once they’ll still be registered properly; this is particularly helpful when gaming.

RGB Backlit & Driver Free

The light effect on this wireless keyboard is amazing with 16.8 million colors and multiple modes, you can play it by your own ways. It also provides driver-free design for easy operation, which makes the gaming keyboard more convenient and simpler to use.

you can use it with different devices

As an added bonus, the keyboard can connect to up to 3 devices at once. This is great if you are using a gaming computer and have your phone or tablet nearby. If you want to quickly switch between devices, simply press Fn + Q/W/E to switch between device 1/2/3.


  • Compact size: This is a 65% keyboard, which generally means it will take up less space on your desk than a standard keyboard. This makes it easier to move your mouse across the board without having to adjust the position of your other hand. For people who need to type for long periods of time, this can be an important thing to consider.
  • Portable & dust-resistant: As well as being compact in size, this keyboard is also portable and dust-resistant. This means that you can easily carry it around with you and not worry about leaving any keys behind when they get dirty or wet!
  • Anti-ghosting: If one key is pressed down too long then another nearby key will start responding incorrectly (this is called “ghosting”). However with this keyboard there are special anti-ghosting features that prevent such problems from occurring so you don’t have to worry when typing fast on this product!
  • Hot swappable: You can change out switches on individual keys at any time without needing tools – just use some force while pulling back gently until they pop off! The switches themselves come in different colors/styles as well if you want more customization options like Cherry MX Brown/Blue etc…


  • Battery life is only a few days on a full charge, even with backlight turned off. (see below)
  • No software customization for this keyboard. The keyboard is fully programmable, but you have to do it through onboard commands that you access by pressing Fn + Left Ctrl + O on the keyboard. There are no macros or layers with this keyboard… no light control either, just ON/OFF or OFF/ON if you want to save battery life. If you want lighting effects like I had with my Das Keyboard 4, then this KB is not for you! But if you’re looking for good feel, great sound and a hot swappable board that is fully customizable at least in terms of key mapping, then this might be what your looking for as it was for me!


Though there are a few downsides to this keyboard that are worth noting:

  • It’s not a mechanical keyboard. This may discourage some, as many prefer the clicky, tactile feel of mechanical switches. However, the rubber dome keys do offer a decent gaming experience.
  • It lacks macro keys and RGB. If you’re into competitive play and require macros, then this won’t be the keyboard for you. Likewise, if you prize RGB lighting effects and want to customize your setup with them (and who doesn’t love a pretty light show?), then look elsewhere. This one does not have per-key lighting or dynamic RGB customizability.
  • It lacks several other features too (dedicated media keys, dedicated macro keys, dedicated volume wheel). Like many compact keyboards in its price range, it’s barebones on basic functionality such as media controls and doesn’t include extras like volume wheels or macro keys. There is no built-in wrist rest either; if you need one for ergonomic reasons or comfort while playing longer sessions of games such as ESO or WoW, then you’ll have to invest in an external rest separately.


  • Keyboard Description:Gaming
  • Connectivity Technology:Bluetooth 5.0, Wireless 2.4G, Wired
  • Special Feature:Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Compatible Devices:Gaming Console
  • Color:White
  • Keyboard backlighting color support:RGB
  • Number of Keys:84
  • Number of Buttons:84

Are you a fan of mechanical keyboards? Then you’ll love this RK84. This wired keyboard has all the best features, including 87 keys and a USB interface. Designed especially for desktop computers and gaming, this ergonomic keyboard is great for anyone looking to maximize their productivity while keeping their wrists safe from injury.

This keyboard has been designed for maximum convenience and efficiency for people who like gaming or working on multiple devices often

If you love gaming, or if you work on multiple devices, then this keyboard is for you.

This keyboard has been designed for maximum convenience and efficiency for people who like gaming or working on multiple devices often. It comes with three modes of connection – Bluetooth, USB-C and wired mode. You can use it with your laptop via Bluetooth, but also connect it to your desktop PC using the USB cable. All connections are seamless and flawless; I have tried them all and they work great. The switches are hot-swappable which means that they can be easily replaced if necessary (or just because you want to). The RK84 uses low profile PBT keycaps which not only look good but are very comfortable to type on. This is important in high speed typing situations where your fingers need to glide across the keyboard smoothly and effortlessly.


As a keyboard, I want to inform you of several very important things about myself. For example, I’m wireless. Also, I’m RGB. My profile is low and my switches are hot-swappable. Because I am so compatible (I am broad), I am able to function in multiple modes: usb-c or bluetooth 5 or 2.4Ghz wireless (however you prefer, really). No driver software is required for me. Oh, and that quiet red switch? It’s super quiet!


  • PROS:
  • It is a very nice keyboard, the keycaps are very thick and feel really nice when you type on them.
  • The lighting looks very nice and is customizable with software support for multiple devices at once even if they use different OS’s (tested on Windows 7, Linux Mint 19, Windows 10).
  • Very good feeling switches with a tactile bump but not too loud, in my opinion Cherry MX Browns would be a good comparison point.
  • The wireless connection works flawlessly with no lag and I’ve never had any issues so far with it disconnecting or failing to connect initially unless the issue was my computer itself turning off Bluetooth for some reason which was easily fixed by switching the wireless mode of this keyboard and then back to BT 5 again.*PROS:
  • It is a very nice keyboard, the keycaps are very thick and feel really nice when you type on them.
  • The lighting looks very nice and is customizable with software support for multiple devices at once even if they use different OS’s (tested on Windows 7, Linux Mint 19, Windows 10).
  • Very good feeling switches with a tactile bump but not too loud, in my opinion Cherry MX Browns would be a good comparison point


You can also save some money by choosing a keyboard without the RGB lighting features. Like I mentioned, it’s not a necessity, and it would be hard to notice a difference in performance between two keyboards with similar features but one with RGB lighting and one without. There are lots of options out there that don’t have RGB lighting, so it should be easy to find one that’s right for you if you’re looking to save a few bucks.

  • Keyboard Description:Multimedia
  • Connectivity Technology:Wireless
  • Compatible Devices:PC
  • Brand:IKBC
  • Color:Cherry MX Blue
  • Number of Keys:87
  • Number of Buttons:87
  • Operating System:Windows & Mac

The iKBC W200 Wireless Mechanical Keyboard is a full-size mechanical keyboard with 87 keys. Its specialties are high-end tactile and audible feedback, anti-ghosting, and long-lasting Cherry MX Red switches. It has 2 modes: wireless 2.4GHz for Mac OS or Windows, and Bluetooth 4.0 for simple pairing to mobile devices running Android or iOS (iOS needs a 3rd party app). The 4 brightness levels can be customized from 30% to 100%, and the backlit LED indicator lets you know when your CapsLock is on or off.

It comes with PBT Double-shot keycaps that have an uneven texture which prevents oil buildup over time. It has a detachable USB cable, so you can decide how it sits in your workspace; also included are some extra keycaps just in case something happens to any of the original ones. The dimensions of the keyboard itself are 14 X 5 X 1 inch; it weighs only 1 pound 8 ounces (1 lb 8 oz), which is very light for a mechanical keyboard! Its price ranges from $109–$113 USD depending on where you buy it online (eBay, Amazon etc.).

iKBC W200 wireless mechanical keyboard is the first wireless mechanical keyboard from iKBC. It has RGB backlit, high quality keycaps with Cherry MX and double shot PBT keycaps

iKBC W200 wireless mechanical keyboard is the first wireless mechanical keyboard from iKBC. It has RGB backlit, high-quality keycaps with Cherry MX and Doubleshot PBT keycaps. You can customize your lighting effects through FN+F12 combination keys or using their software. With the 2.4G dongle, you don’t need to worry about connecting too many devices in one place as it can support up to 6 devices simultaneously.

iKBC W200 is designed for Windows and Mac OS, enabling the Windows key, media control key, Mac OS function key and LED light indicator. Also, come with a 2.4G dongle for a stable connection

The iKBC W200 is designed for Windows and Mac OS with a Windows key, media control key, Mac OS function key, and LED light indicator. The 2.4G dongle ensures a stable connection.

The battery of W200 can last up to 20 days. With the help of a charging dock, it takes only 4 hours to fully charge the battery, which enables fast charging function to save waiting time

The W200 battery can provide up to 20 days of use. This can be extended by using the keyboard’s power-saving mode function, which disables the LEDs for up to a month of non-charging usage. With the help of the charging dock, it takes only 4 hours to fully charge the battery—which enables fast charging function to save waiting time.

With 1ms latency time and 1000Hz polling rate provide a responsive, comfortable typing experience. A stable connection offers a perfect typing experience and is more stable than a Bluetooth connection

  • No Bluetooth
  • High latency
  • No gaming mode
  • Some keys not working
  • No RGB backlighting
  • Not wireless
  • Only 87 keys (can be good or bad)
  • No software

Pros And Cons


  • The keyboard is compact, but has all the keys.
  • Because it is wireless (for the most part), you can connect other devices to your computer without having to unplug them from the keyboard.
  • It comes with 2 rechargeable batteries and a charging cable for when you need to switch them out.
  • It has a nice backlight.


  • You have to use the included dongle or Bluetooth to connect it wirelessly—it doesn’t just come with built-in wireless capability.
  • The keys are a bit sticky at first, so be prepared for some adjustment time before you get used to it and feel comfortable typing on it again.
  • The USB dongle that plugs into your computer’s USB port is flimsy; if you accidentally knock it out of place on your desk or table, then chances are good that your keyboard will stop working until you plug in another one of the extra dongles (or your old wired keyboard if only those two options aren’t available).


The battery life is not as long as expected. The keys are not as sensitive as other keyboards. It is not as good as other keyboards with the same features. It does not have a numeric keypad.

  • Keyboard Description:Mechanical
  • Connectivity Technology:Bluetooth, USB
  • Special Feature:Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Brand:Thermaltake
  • Color:Titanium Gray
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH:17.39 x 8.5 x 3.17 inches

VeloFire K30 is a professional gaming keyboard for the serious gamers. It features the renowned Cherry MX Blue switches that offer accuracy, enhanced reliability, and durability. With its Bluetooth function and low energy technology, the VeloFire is easy to connect with other devices such as your phone or tablet. The VeloFire comes with a USB cable for charging purposes.


The K30 is built to last using the highest quality materials. The top panel of the K30 features a solid aluminum plate that gives it a sleek aesthetic. The bottom frame is made from a durable steel, and the palm rest is detachable and magnetic so its never in your way unless you want it to be. To top it all off, we chose high-quality ABS plastic for the keyboard frame which will help prevent chipping and scratching during your day to day use of this keyboard.


Customize the lighting effects with 16.8 million colors and a range of enhanced lighting modes to choose from. Lighting modes are adjusted by pressing FN + F3/F4/F5. You can also turn on/off the backlight by pressing FN + INS.


N-Key Rollover (NKRO) over USB. You can simultaneously press every key on the keyboard without missing a single stroke, while features an anti-ghosting matrix that ensures every key press is correctly detected, even if you hit up to 32 keys at once.

Full Anti-Ghosting: Activate multiple keys simultaneously. Anti-Ghosting ensures that each keystroke is detected even when multiple keys are pressed at once. This allows for greater flexibility and control of your game play and will increase your overall productivity.


Switching between three different platforms is easy with the W1. With just one keyboard, you can connect to your Windows desktop, Android smartphone, and iOS tablet at the same time.

The keyboard can be connected to up to three devices and easily switched between them with a single button press. Your life just got easier!


Thermaltake W1 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard offers a detachable magnetic palm rest with soft-touch rubberized surface. Our palm rest is designed to be incredibly comfortable and durable, you can enjoy long typing sessions with ease.


The W1 keyboard comes with 104 standard keys and extra 16 multimedia keys, which is a great feature for gamers. The multimedia keys are easy to access and are used to play, pause, stop, skip, mute, volume up and down. The keyboard gives a very comfortable and relaxing feel. With the 7 different lighting effects (Full lighted, Reactive mode Rainbow Wave, Single color Rainbow Wave, Breathing mode Rainbow Wave Gradual mode), it illuminates all your gaming moments.


  • PERFORMANCE: This keyboard is fully backlit with red LEDS and the keys are illuminated in three different modes. The lighting effects were developed for clarity and visibility for a better gaming experience. The K30 has anti-ghosting technology which allows you to press multiple keys simultaneously, and with full N-key rollover (NKRO) it will register every key press.
  • VERSATILE DESIGN: It’s well-made and sturdy, with no unnecessary frills like extra macro keys or a wrist rest, making it perfect if you want a keyboard that supports all essential features without breaking your bank account.

As a professional gaming keyboard, VELOCIFIRE K30 has been built from ground up to be the best for gaming and office productivity.

As a professional gaming keyboard, VELOCIFIRE K30 has been built from ground up to be the best for gaming and office productivity. Enjoy extreme responsiveness with an advanced anti-ghosting technology that allows you to press all keys simultaneously. The mechanical switches are optimized with a low actuation point of 1.5mm and the linear switch will register keypresses faster than conventional keyboards for your competitive advantage. It provides tactile feedback without any audible click, making you more focused in the game or at work.

Pros and cons


  • Good gaming performance
  • Cherry MX Blue switches
  • Connects wirelessly via Bluetooth 4.2 or USB Type-C
  • Low energy technology for less power consumption and longer battery life


  • Keys are clicky and noisy, which is distracting for typing


Finally, you should know that the W1 Keyboard is not for everyone. It’s a bit pricey and a bit bulky, so it’s going to be difficult to find room for this on your desk. If you’re looking for a gaming keyboard with a ton of features and some extra power in your battery life though, I highly recommend taking a look!


  • Keyboard Description:Gaming
  • Connectivity Technology:Wireless
  • Special Feature:Wireless, Bluetooth
  • Compatible Devices:Gaming Console
  • Brand:Logitech G
  • Series:G613
  • Color:Black
  • Number of Keys:104
  • Style:Keyboard
  • Item Dimensions LxWxH:18.82 x 8.5 x 1.33 inches

The Logitech G613 LIGHTSPEED Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard is a wireless mechanical keyboard, which means it’s a keyboard that has keys that move using springs, as well as a connection to your computer without wires—you can see where the name comes from. It also features multihost 2.4 GHz + Bluetooth connectivity, meaning it can connect to your computer via either the industry standard 2.4GHz frequency or via bluetooth: no dongles required! It also has a rechargeable battery and onboard memory, so you can move it between computers easily.

A Mechanical Keyboard Built For Gaming

  • LIGHTSPEED wireless technology for super fast 1 ms report rate
  • Connect to multiple devices using either LIGHTSPEED or Bluetooth and easily switch between them.
  • Durable mechanical keys are quiet, consistent, and come with a 70 million click lifetime.
  • Fully programmable keys with onboard memory make it easy to quickly setup one-touch controls for your favorite games.
  • Romer-G mechanical key switches deliver quiet, precise mechanical performance and 70 million click life for incredible feel and durability.

Real Mechanical Switches

You can’t go wrong with the G613. It’s a solid, durable board that offers a great typing experience. The keys feel light and responsive, but not so light you’ll accidentally press them. I’ve noticed that I’m much more accurate and confident typing than I am with my Logitech G915, which is nearly double the price of this keyboard. On top of that, the Romer-G switches are rated for over 70 million key presses each—that’s 10 million more than standard mechanical switches!

They’re also quieter than traditional mechanical keyboards, so you won’t be as obnoxious to your colleagues (or housemates) when it’s time to get work done. You don’t have to worry about waking anyone up in the middle of the night either; according to Amazon reviewers who procured their G613s at an even lower price (we’re talking less than $70), they were very impressed by how quiet it was when they used it in bed.

Keystroke Signal Processing

Logitech G613 delivers up to a 1 ms report rate and is the first wireless mechanical keyboard designed for gaming. G613 features LIGHTSPEED wireless technology for a super-fast 1-ms report rate and Bluetooth connectivity to easily toggle between devices.

Unbeatable Wireless Performance

Effortlessly switch between up to 3 connected devices with the touch of a button. LIGHTSPEED wireless technology is super-fast, ultra-reliable and energy-efficient, delivering an incredible 1-millisecond report rate from up to 45 feet away. Unlike other wireless technologies, LIGHTSPEED provides a reliable connection for low-latency, high-performance gaming. ROMER-G mechanical switches provide responsiveness and precision with a short 1.6mm actuation distance and durability for up to 70 million keystrokes.

The 6 programmable G keys let you quickly execute in-game macros or commands on the fly. The G613 keyboard is fully customizable using Logitech Gaming Software (LGS), enabling full reprogramming and macro creation for greater productivity and more complex gameplay sequences.

Dedicated media controls let you adjust volume or mute without interrupting your gameplay or typing experience while USB passthrough lets you connect another USB device like your mouse through your keyboard without taking up another USB port on your computer.

Multi-Host Connectivity

The G613 offers both Bluetooth and 2.4GHz wireless connectivity, allowing you to switch seamlessly between game consoles and computers by simply pressing a button. Switching between devices is as easy as changing the channel on your TV remote—no fiddly settings or complicated menus involved. You can also pair up to two Bluetooth devices simultaneously so that you can quickly toggle between them—or even use them together in a variety of interesting ways (like using one for chatting and one for gaming, perhaps).

Advanced Romer-G Tactile Switches

Romer-G switches are the heart of the G613. They’re 25% faster than other mechanical switches, and they have a 70 million keystroke lifespan. The actuation point is 1.5 mm—that’s 1.5 mm from pressing the key to it being registered on screen—and you get full-keyboard anti-ghosting and 26-key rollover. That’s not just for use with games, either; it helps make sure your typing is fast, accurate, and efficient no matter what you’re doing.

Fast and Easy Recharging

You can also connect to a second device via Bluetooth and switch between the two with the press of a button. The familiar Romer-G Tactile switches offer quiet, precise mechanical performance and 6-month battery life.

Support for Multiple Operating Systems

You can use the G613 keyboard on Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, and Linux. To personalize your gaming setup, use Logitech Gaming Software to customize keyboard lighting and special features like F-key macros. You can also use Logitech Options software to personalize your keyboard, mouse, and touchpad.

If you want advanced gaming features like key programming and backlighting control, you can use the Logitech G HUB software. For more information about these programs and how to download them for free from Logitech’s website, visit https://www.logitechg.com/en-us/support/options-software-windows

This keyboard is a great value gaming keyboard that offers a lot of features.

The Logitech G613 wireless mechanical gaming keyboard is a great value and offers a lot of features that gamers are looking for. It has LIGHTSPEED wireless technology for super fast 1 ms report rate and Bluetooth connectivity. Multihost 2.4 GHz lets you wirelessly connect up to two devices, including computers and mobile devices, at the same time as well as easily switch between them.

ROMER-G TACTILE MECHANICAL SWITCHES provide an excellent gaming performance with 25% faster actuation than standard mechanical switches. The onboard memory lets you save your settings so they will be recognized on any PC without additional software or apps to install.

6 Programmable G Keys let you assign custom macro commands per game or app profile, while dedicated media controls let you play, pause, skip or adjust the volume of music right from the keyboard with no need to interrupt your game to access other screens

The Logitech G613 also has a really nice wrist rest for support as well as dedicated media controls. The battery life is also really good, lasting around 18 months on just two AA batteries (included).

Pros and cons

  • You can use this keyboard wirelessly, or wired.
  • The keyboard is powered by a pair of AA batteries that are included in the box.
  • You can connect to the keyboard via Bluetooth or via LIGHTSPEED wireless. The latter requires the included USB dongle.
  • It uses Logitech’s Romer-G switches, which are different from other mechanical switches: they’re quiet and tactile with a fairly short actuation distance (1.5mm) and travel distance (3.2mm).
  • The keys are backlit with individual LEDs for each key (per-key RGB lighting is not supported here), and you can customize the brightness in three steps using special function keys built into the board itself.


While the G613 may have a lot of appealing qualities, it has some drawbacks you should consider. The keyboard doesn’t have dedicated macro keys, which can be a deal-breaker for many gamers. Other gaming keyboards have keys that are easy to program specifically for your favorite games, but the G613 makes you choose between macro keys and losing media controls.

A small issue is the num lock and caps lock LEDs on this keyboard. They can be hard to see since they’re placed where your hand rests when using the numpad. It’s easy to accidentally press one of them and wonder why you suddenly can’t type anything at all!

Finally, this wireless gaming keyboard does not come with a wrist rest (or even one you can buy separately). Some people don’t mind the lack of a wrist rest at all, but if it bothers you then your only option is to find an aftermarket solution.

# Preview Product Price  
1 41x6hey-exl-_sl160_-3687368 Logitech Wireless Combo MK270 $27.99 Buy on Amazon
2 41q8wd1h5xl-_sl160_-4834398 Amazon Basics Matte Black Wired Keyboard – US Layout (QWERTY) $12.97 Buy on Amazon
3 51voykgeal-_sl160_-7119187 Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo RGB Backlit Gaming Keyboard with Multimedia Keys… $35.98 Buy on Amazon
4 41nn6afnlnl-_sl160_-3767655 Verbatim Slimline Full Size Wired Keyboard USB Plug-and-Play – Compatible with PC, Laptop – Black $9.98 Buy on Amazon
5 41jangj7rzs-_sl160_-2052503 Logitech MX Keys Advanced Wireless Illuminated Keyboard, Tactile Responsive Typing, Backlighting,… $119.26 Buy on Amazon
6 51hpdoj8twl-_sl160_-6200194 Gaming Keyboard RGB USB Wired Rainbow Keyboards Designed for PC Gamers, PS4, PS5, Laptop, Xbox,… $19.81 Buy on Amazon
7 41sbkloymml-_sl160_-3199862 Razer Cynosa Chroma Gaming Keyboard: Individually Backlit RGB Keys – Spill-Resistant Design -… $39.99 Buy on Amazon
8 41ohnsyustl-_sl160_-5727085 Logitech G213 Prodigy Gaming Keyboard, LIGHTSYNC RGB Backlit Keys, Spill-Resistant, Customizable… $44.99 Buy on Amazon

What to look for in Best Keyboard For PS5

Design and Build Quality

A keyboard’s design is a very important factor. The keyboard should not be too big or too small. It should be easy and comfortable to use. A good design will also help you in using it for better and for longer periods of time.

You want to make sure the keyboard is made from good quality material. You don’t want a cheap, plastic keyboard that will break after a few months of use. You want one that is going to last you a long time so you don’t have to keep replacing your keyboards often.

These are just some things you need to look at when it comes to buying the best keyboards for PS5 gaming consoles.


You should generally be willing to spend between $40 and $90 for a good keyboard. It doesn’t really make sense for you to buy a keyboard that costs less than about $30, because it won’t have any extra buttons on it, and those extra buttons are really useful.

That said, don’t worry about spending more than about $200 on a keyboard, because the laws of diminishing returns kick in at some point and once you start having more than 50 or 60 buttons it becomes nearly impossible to remember what each button does.

The amount of money you spend will also depend on how many keyboards you already have. If this is your first keyboard, you should get one with as many buttons as possible. But if this is your second or third keyboard, then don’t go overboard: just get something with a few dozen more buttons than what you already have.


The lighting feature with the keyboard is essential to buy. It will help you use the product in a better way, as well as it will give you light if you are using it in the dark.

The keypad has buttons that can be used to control the lights on your product. These buttons can be found on most keyboards, and they are very helpful when you are trying to play a game or type out a document for work. It is important to know that there are many different kinds of buttons on keyboards, and each one of them works differently from one another.

There are also some other types of switches that will allow you to change the colours on your keyboard’s backlight, which can be very useful when you want to create an accent wall around your computer desk.

If you have an RGB system installed on your PC, then this may not need much explanation; however, if not then there is no reason why should not get one of these devices installed right away so that can add some vibrant colours into the room without having any trouble at all!


  • Volume controls: Increase or decrease the volume of the sound emitted from your keyboard.
  • Media keys: These controls allow you to skip to the next track, pause and play music, as well as control other media such as YouTube on your computer.
  • Macro keys: These functions are often found on gaming keyboards and are programmed by you. They can perform any function you want them to perform, ranging from a single keystroke to a long series of keystrokes.
  • Wheelchair buttons: Wheelchair buttons allow you to easily adjust the height of your keyboard from zero degrees (flat) to thirty degrees (15 degrees on each side).


Choosing the best keyboard for ps5 can be a hassle. With hundreds of options available in the market, it is easy to get overwhelmed by all the features and factors that you need to consider. We’ve got you covered! In this article, we have covered 10 keyboards for you and give you a buying guide that includes all the factors necessary to help you make an informed choice.

The first thing to look at when choosing your new keyboard is its purpose: will it be used as a gaming keyboard or as a typing one? If so, how long do you expect this purchase to last? Will it be replaced every year or two with another equally good option?