10 Best Kinder Egg Toy 2022 – Reviews & Guide


The Kinder Surprise Egg is a milk chocolate egg that is produced by Ferrero. The egg contains a small toy that is encased inside of a hard plastic shell. This type of toy is produced in several countries around the world, including Canada and the United States, where it has been rebranded under different names.

The term “Kinder Egg” was first used in 1972 when Ferrero began marketing their product as an Easter treat for children. The company used the term “Kinder” because it means “children” in German and the word “Egg” represented the shape of the product.

This type of chocolate eggs were invented by Michele Ferrero, who was inspired by his wife’s homemade chocolates that she made for their children. He also wanted to find a way to make them more interesting for children to eat, so he decided to add a prize inside of each one.

The first Kinder Egg was produced in 1974, but it wasn’t until 1989 that they were introduced into other countries around Europe such as Sweden, Norway and Finland. In 1992, Kinder Eggs were introduced into Canada and then the United States a year later with its own brand name “Surprise Eggs.”


1. Kinder Joy Chocolate Surprise Egg 

Collect all 12 Kinder Joy chocolate surprise eggs and also get a free toy along with the treat inside! Each egg comes with an individually wrapped chocolate treat that includes a toy. Every egg has a different toy.

2. Kinder JOY Eggs

Our Kinder JOY Eggs are individually wrapped candies, individually cut to fit perfectly inside Kinder Surprise eggs. They come in a variety of flavors and contain assorted toys inside. Perfect for age-appropriate Easter baskets or as a movie-Theater treat, our Kinder JOY Eggs are a fun toy treasure hunt for kids of all ages! Made from all-natural ingredients, these treats are safe for children both younger and older than the recommended age.

3. JOYIN 48 Toys Filled Easter Eggs

Comfortably carry more of the toys you love on the go with JOYIN ‘s Easter Eggs.  Featuring 48 eggs in 4 vibrant colors, you can carry up to 192 toys on this set. Each egg measures approximately 2.5 inches in diameter, making them perfect for smaller hands to grasp and play with. The eggs are pre-filled with popular toys so you can get ready for Easter fun right out of the box.  Now that’s easy Easer!

4. Kinder Joy – FOUR pack 20g Chocolate Cream Eggs 

Nestle Kinder Joy Chocolate treats FOUR-pack 20g chocolate cream eggs with toy – imported from Germany. Each of these Kinder Joy Certified Organic Milk Chocolate-filled eggs comes with a toy inside! Chocolates contain no artificial flavors, colors, or preservatives. Kids love this classic treat! Imported from Germany, the Kinder Joy products were created by German doctor Paul Steinbach more than 75 years ago.

5. JOYIN 36 Toys Filled Easter Eggs

There are 4 different colors 36 eggs in all Kinds of 2.25 Inches Bright Colorful Prefilled Plastic Easter Eggs with 18 Kinds Popular Toys In Each Egg, 4 Colors 36 Eggs Total in PackageIn each egg contains a toyIn all there are Eight different color assorted models of toys, there are 18 kinds of toys in the toy package. It includes a plastic knife, tweezers, a puzzle toy, a mini rocket plane, a whistle, an eraser, etc.

6. Toys Filled Easter Eggs

Have fun with your kids by making an Easter Egg hunt this year! This product comes with 48 pieces of Easter Eggs filled with different kinds of little toys. It is a great Easter gift for both children and adults. Each egg is made of plastic, airtight, fill with surprise toys, a total of 48 pieces of colors are random, but there are no duplicates. We are sure your children are going to love them!

7. Funnlot 102PCS Easter Eggs 

Funnlot 102PCS Easter Eggs With Toys inside are shaped like giant eggs. Include with this set are lots of wonderful toys. Examples are included. Funnlot Product! 102 Pieces With Toys Inside Easter Eggs made of plastic, have an easy-open wide opening on top, are easy to fill with items, have cute baby animal toys inside, are colorful Easter Bunny colors, come in an attractive red metal tray that holds the eggs firmly in place.

8. Chocolate Kinder Joy 

How do you look forward to the chocolate eggs in Kinder Surprise eggs? Well, now you can know what you will get before you buy it. This Chocolate Kinder Joy Chocolate Egg with a surprise inside is exactly like the real Kinder Eggs but without the surprise. So, if want to know what is inside, buy this Chocolate, Kinder Joy. It includes 12 toys and 12 chocolate eggs!

9. Chocolate Egg

We make our milk chocolate with creamy cocoa and a blend of rich milk and white chocolates, and then we pipe cool crème into two crisp wafers to give it a truly distinctive texture. Then we enrobe the whole egg in our smooth milk chocolate for a taste that is as fresh as can be. It’s an experience that will delightfully surprise your taste buds.

10. Kinder Joy Treat

Kinder Joy is a shell made of wafer sticks, filled with a layer of creamy milk chocolate. To open the wafer shell, there are small plastic parts that need to be assembled by the consumer. A construction task is extremely easy, even for children. Inside the Kinder Joy, there are two chocolate eggs with toys inside. The great taste of Kinder Chocolate will give you real joy.