10 Best Metal Engraving Tool 2022 – Reviews & Guide

For most people, the best metal engraving tool is a simple, handheld device called a scribe. Also known as an etcher, scribes are cheap, easy to use and can be found at any hardware store or online retailer. The downside is that scribes may only work on softer metals, so you’ll need another tool for harder materials like stainless steel.

If you’re looking for something with more power, electric engravers are a good choice. These tools require a bit more practice and finesse than a scribe but deliver far more precise results. They also work on just about any metal, from gold and silver to aluminum and steel.

If you want even more control over your etchings, consider a jeweler’s saw or rotary engraver. While pricey and difficult to use, these specialty tools allow you to create very detailed designs in almost any material — including glass, copper and even plastic.

1. Dremel 290-01 120-Volt Engraver Rotary Tool 


The 290-01 Dremel Rotary Tool is a perfect gift for any DIYer. This engraving tool features a Controlled speed of up to 7,000 rpm and 3/32-in.-diameter engraving bit. Use to add your own personal touch to wood, leather, metal, and glass. Choose from a variety of stencils or create your own designs using the Dremel Engrave & Create software on the Dremel website. The 290-01 comes with five engraved leather stencils, but you can use any surface as a blank canvas for creating your own design.

2. Utool Engraver, 24W Etching Tool 


Etching Tool with Soft Rubber Grip for Wood Metal Glass Engraving & Etching with 4 Replaceable Tungsten Carbide Steel Bits & Letter/Number Template – 24W POWERFUL AND SAFE: This Engraver is equipped with high quality 24W motor, which has the ability to cut any material you need. It runs quietly and cool, mini size makes it convenient to carry and handle. Powered by 2 x AA batteries (NOT Included), convenient and safe to use.

The General Tools 505 Cordless Precision Engraver is designed for engraving flat and curved surfaces. The tool features a slim profile to fit into tight areas, a cordless connection, and an all-metal construction with a convenient belt clip. The ergonomic design speeds up engraving and increases accuracy. And the tool comes with two batteries and a diamond tip bit to help it achieve maximum performance from the moment you fire it up.

4. Afantti Electric Micro Engraver Pen Mini DIY Engraving Tool Kit 


The Afantti Electric Micro Engraver Pen Mini DIY Engraving Tool makes it easy to label, personalized, or create a permanent record that will survive the rigors of everyday use. Ideal for nameplates, labels, crafts, and hobbies. This unique miniature electric engraving tool will make your ideas come to life with precision! Makes engraving easier and more accurate. The mini metal engravers can be used on all non-porous materials such as metal, glass, stone, and plastic. It’s also great for hobby and craft items like woodcraft carving, acrylic case making, or bone/horn crafts.

With FOLAI DIY Pen Electric Engraving Tools for Jewellery Making, Metal, Glass with Replaceable Diamond Tip Bits, it’s easy to engrave creative motifs on rings, bracelets, watches, and other gifts. The kit includes a pen handle equipped with a high-precision vise clamp for free adjustment and a replaceable diamond tip bit, as well as a power supply unit with adapter cartridges, to meet your various needs.

6. WEN 21D Variable-Depth Carbide-Tipped Engraver 

The WEN 21D Variable-Depth Carbide-Tipped Engraver from WEN is a versatile, powerful tool for engraving on a variety of materials. Whether you are carving wood, brass, or aluminum, this engraver offers clean and accurate cuts every time. The 21D has two depth settings of 0.004″ and 0.010″ to ensure deep etching in wood or shallow scratches on the metal.

7. Electric Micro Engraver Pen Carve Engraving Tool Kit Cordless Precision Engraver 

A great micro engraving tool kit, with elegant blue color, that is fast and compact. This is not a toy because this engraver kit has a very strong motor that can draw clear and steady lines on any surface. It is portable and compact, which makes it easy to hold in your hand. This carving tool can also carve different surfaces like metal, glass, wood, and leather. The replaceable diamond tip bit gives you the flexibility to use the engraving tool to carve different types of materials.

8. IMT Tungsten Carbide Tip Scriber 2 Pack, Aluminium Etching Engraving Pen 

Witness your favorite treasures with the IMT Tungsten Carbide Tip Scriber 2 Pack, Aluminium Etching Engraving Pen with Clip and Magnet. This is a kit that consists of two pens, each specifically made for optimum use on different surfaces. The first pen is an aluminum scriber used for etching or engraving logos or text onto metal surfaces. The second pen is a standard steel tip scribing pen that can mark glass or ceramic surfaces with precision and ease. Both pens come packaged with the needed replacement tips for continued use over time.

9. Engraving Tool Kits

The engraving tool kit includes 123 pieces of accessories and an instructional manual, the kit features delicate engraving burrs for detailed designs on small areas and precision cut for use with a variety of different materials, such as metal, wood, leather, glass, mirrors, plastic, fabric and ceramics. The toolset also includes rotary engraver burrs that allow the user to carve 3D-inspired designs on hard surfaces and dashboards. This set also includes mini sanding machines that offer different grades of sandpaper to help smooth out the final project.

10. Electric Micro Engraver Pen Mini DIY Vibro Engraving Tool Kit 

The Micro Mini mini engraver pen is feather-light and easy to handle. Compact & lightweight and can be powered by any USB port power bank or with an adapter. The pen is made of Aluminum&Brass, is cool to touch even during operation, and has a strong rear bracket to hold the pen steadily while working. Astonishingly create unique designs for your stencils on a wide variety of materials, from paper to metal, Flexible plastic, wood, glass, ceramic (with a provided adhesive), and so on.