10 Best Night Lights For Hallway 2022 – Reviews & Guide

A night light is an electrical or battery-powered light source that illuminates areas of a building, spacecraft, or other structure in which the lighting is not adequate for human activities. Night lights are often used to enhance safety when moving around at night and using the toilet.

Electrical wall switches can be used to turn the lights on and off temporarily for security purposes, or automatically as a timer turns them on at night and turns them off in the morning. Night lights are also sometimes used as makeshift holiday lights when interior lighting fixtures are not present.

1. MAZ-TEK Plug in Led Night Light

HOW IT WORKS- MAZ-TEK Plug-in Led Night Light with Auto Dusk To Dawn Sensor,Adjustable Brightness Cool White Lights for Hallway,Kids Room, Kitchen, 2 Pack lights up at night with just the flip of a switch when its dark.

The adjustable brightness feature allows you to choose between three options for just the right amount of light and energy savings. This versatile design can be used anywhere and everywhere your kids play-from the bathroom to the closets (great for saving energy and keeping things tidy). Thanks to its long-lasting LEDs and automatic on/off sensor.

2. Mr. Beams LED Stick-Anywhere Nightlight

Next time you come home late and need to check on your sleeping child, or walk into your room in the middle of the night, turn on the Mr. Beams MB720A Stick-Anywhere Nightlight to see where you’re going without having to turn on a bright overhead light that could wake your partner.

This battery-powered, motion-sensing night light has an amber LED light that provides soft lighting for getting up during the night so you won’t disturb your partner.

3. Hatch Baby Rest+


Hatch Rest+ is the perfect solution for your little one’s sleeping needs, combining a baby sound machine, night light, an audio monitor, and a toddler sleep trainer in one sleek device. Features include a calming nighttime sound library with expert-recommended white noise and lullabies and a gentle wake function that helps parents naturally develop healthy sleep habits for children aged 0 to 3 years.

Hatch has a long history of innovation in baby products. With the Hatch mobile app at your fingertips and the convenience of Amazon Alexa voice compatibility, this product will revolutionize your nightly routine for you and your baby.

4. SYCEES Plug-in LED Night Light

Our SYCEES Dusk-To-Dawn Night Lights are the perfect solution when looking for a way to light up your hallways or bathrooms without having to turn on the main overhead lights.

Featuring a built-in light sensor that automatically turns on when it’s dark enough and off when it’s light enough, these night lights provides comfort and convenience without costing you any extra energy.

Offset plugs allow for multiple nightlights to be used in one outlet with ease. Perfect for the kids’ bathroom, or as an accent light in the hallway leading up to their rooms.

5. Ailun Toilet Night Ligh


This Ailun Toilet Night Light comes with motion-sensor LED lighting. It is the perfect night light for your bathroom and makes a great gift idea as well.

The toilet light is easy to install, battery operated (not included), and is waterproof. This set includes 2 pieces of motion-activated toilet night lights that provide 8 different color-changing modes and two additional white light settings that can be used in place of motion sensors when needed.

6. GE 30966 LED Night Light


GE LED Night Light, Plug-in, Dusk to Dawn Sensor, 3000K, UL-Certified, Ideal for Kitchen, Home Office, Bedroom, Nursery, Bathroom is a great way to eliminate darkness and make your time spent at home more pleasant. This plug-in night light offers you a cost-effective solution and has been tested by an independent lab for safety.

Install one in your bathroom and one in the kitchen whenever you are not using them for a safer home environment. Start enjoying better light from this dusk to dawn bulb right away.

7. GE Color-Changing LED Night Light

Let GE’s Color-Changing Night Light add some color to your life. Simply twist the base to choose your favorite of the eight vibrant colors, or adjust the soft nightlight by turning off the lights in your room and flipping on this LED nightlight instead. This night light features three lighting modes:

solid-color mode lets you choose a favorite color; sensor mode auto-adjusts between eight different colors depending on the amount of light in the room; and fade mode gradually transitions through all eight available color options. When fully charged, it can run for up to 24 hours, offering plenty of soft lighting when you need it.

8. GE 44737 Vintage LED Night Light


Designed for any room in the home, this vintage-looking LED night light from GE covers up unsightly outlets. It provides soft, ambient lighting while reducing energy use and helps prevent children from bumping into furniture in the dark.

It automatically turns on when its built-in dusk-to-dawn sensor detects natural darkness, and the solid black cover blends into surrounding decor. The night light automatically shuts off using a built-in timer, allowing it to run for 15 minutes and is rated to safely use with 15 amps.

9. GE 46707 Ultrabrite LED Light Bar, 100 Lumens


GE’s Ultrabrite series of LED lights provide energy-efficient and long-lasting illumination. This LED night light features a dusk-to-dawn sensor, as well as an Auto/On/Off switch that allows you to control its automatic on/offsetting. It has a compact product design that eliminates the need for additional wall plates.

For added convenience, you can dim this LED light from 10% to 100% with a simple twist. GE-led night lights come with the same limited 10-year warranty that is offered by GE on all their household lighting.

10. Emotionlite Plug-in Night Lights

Emotionlite is a truly innovative and terrific LED illumination system anywhere you want or need – nightlights, closet, stairway light, hallway light, living room. T-shaped, bendable gooseneck of 6 pack provide ‘pick up to turn on’ & ‘lay down to turn on’ automatic sensor making it work safely in any direction – day & night.

 Made of top quality ABS plastic for the outer shell & durable high quality LED, each unit provides 360 degrees of even lighting area with an elegant glow effect as shown above in the image (other images are shown below)