10 Best Powered Subwoofer Under 100 in 2022 – Reviews

Obviously, you can’t go wrong with a pro-level subwoofer. But if you’re on a tight budget and looking to keep the cost of your system down, you’ll benefit from finding a great powered sub.

Subwoofers are becoming more popular because they provide a deeper and more powerful bass than that ordinary speakers. However, there are many things to consider before you buy one.

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If you’re not sure which powered sub to get, start by considering how much power you need. The most important question is “How loud will I play my music?” If you want to hear every nuance of the bass line in a new movie soundtrack or heavy metal album, you’ll need to be able to crank it up loud. A sub that’s capable of pushing 100 decibels of power might be too powerful for some people’s tastes, but if you’re going to go that loud, you may as well get the best possible sound quality.

The next question is “What size room do I have?” This is critical because there are three main types of powered subs: large cube-shaped subs (which are very heavy and take up lots of floor space), small bookshelf subs (which are lighter but still bulky) and tower subs (which are the smallest and least intrusive). Unless you’re living in a tiny apartment or a closet, it’s best to get a powered sub in either the small bookshelf or cube form

The Polk Audio PSW10 subwoofer is the perfect addition to any home theater system. It’s equipped with one 10-inch polymer-composite dynamic-balance cone driver and has a frequency response of 35Hz to 160Hz. The sub has a built-in 50-watt continuous average power amplifier and can handle up to 100 watts at its peak.

The sub’s adjustable crossover, volume control, and phase switch allow you to blend the subwoofer’s low-frequency tones with other Polk speakers as well as establish the ideal level of bass. The unit features a unique front firing port which is perfectly matched to the cabinet and woofer, for greater efficiency and bigger bass impact while keeping distortion down.

The PSW10 is magnetically shielded for safe placement next to your TV or video monitor, as well as in a bookshelf or on a shelf, so no matter where it goes, your picture won’t be affected by this powerful speaker.

The Acoustic Audio PSW-6 is a great sounding, powerful and affordable subwoofer. This unit is designed to be used with any home receiver or stereo with raw wire outputs. It has a long throw woofer with high rigidity PVA treated cone and a bottom slotted port. The 2” high temperature voice coil, 25 oz magnet and 250 watts peak power make this subwoofer perfect for larger rooms.

The bass reflex cabinet design with vibration absorbing feet prevents unwanted distortion from your music. The high quality MDF cabinet with added internal bracing eliminates unwanted resonance and distortion, giving you the ultimate listening experience.

This subwoofer has standard RCA inputs that easily connect to your home theater receiver’s dedicated subwoofer output. It also features a signal sensing auto ON/OFF function which saves power when not in use.

Creative has been known for its high-quality speakers for quite a while now. The company has been known to set new standards in the speaker industry. Recently, the company launched a speaker which can give a tough competition to other smart speakers available in the market.

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However, the only drawback of this speaker was that it was not portable and was wired. But now Creative has come up with an expansion pack for the iRoar smart speaker called iRoar Rock. This portable subwoofer is powered by Lithium ion cell and can easily be carried around for your convenience.

In terms of design, this subwoofer does not have many surprises as it looks just like any other regular subwoofer with a boxy design and rounded edges. The surface of the subwoofer is covered with a black fabric. The volume is controlled by physical buttons on either sides of the subwoofer body. There is also a glowing light on top that shows whether or not the Bluetooth connection is active.

On the back of the device, there are two ports — one is used to power up the device using USB cable and another port is used to connect to iRoar Smart speaker using USB Type C cable provided in the box. If you want to use this Dock as.

The subwoofer has a frequency response range of 50 to 250 Hz with a lowpass crossover filter, which can be adjusted from 50 to 150 Hz. This lets you match the bass output of the subwoofer to your stereo or surround speakers.

High-level inputs accept a full-range signal from the amplifier’s stereo speaker outputs. When connecting the unit as part of a 5.1 system, these would be taken off the Front Left and Front Right outputs in parallel to the standard pair of front speakers. In this case, the subwoofer is expected to reproduce only the lowest bass frequencies and send them on to the main pair of front speakers.

If you are using an amplifier without a special subwoofer output, you can connect these to the left and right line level outputs on the amp. The subwoofer will then combine the signals to process the mono bass signal it needs to drive the speaker. If you are using an amplifier with a single mono subwoofer line level output, simply use an RCA “Y” cable to split the output and send it to the two line level inputs on the subwoofer.

Subwoofers are an essential component for home entertainment systems.  They provide the low-frequency sound that most movie speakers and TVs lack, without the need for a separate subwoofer speaker cabinet. Subwoofers are also great for reproducing bass guitar and kick drum sounds at concerts and in large venues, or to improve the dynamic range of music played through headphones.

The KINYO AW-630 powered subwoofer has been designed with high-performance audio in mind – delivering excellent performance at an affordable price. The speaker features a single 6″ driver which is powered by a 300W high current amplifier, delivering an output of up to 900W RMS (peak power). The unit also features Bass Reflex technology with a direct radiator design, ensuring that the subwoofer gets plenty of bass power from the available power supply.

The AW-630 comes with a built-in digital volume control and includes both line and speaker level inputs for connection to your home cinema receiver or preamplifier.

It has been designed as a truly versatile speaker system, giving you the freedom to create your own personal sound experience. For example, it can be used as a stand-alone speaker in conjunction with your existing stereo system.

Acoustic Audio PSW250-6 features a 250 watt peak power amplifier and a 6.5 inch long throw woofer with high rigidity PVA Treated cone. Bottom slotted port, bass reflex cabinet with vibration absorbing feet and high quality MDF round out the package!

This system was designed to be used with home theater receivers that feature a subwoofer output, or can be used in conjunction with any stereo receiver that has pre-amp outputs. Use the standard RCA inputs to connect this powered subwoofer to your home theater receiver’s dedicated subwoofer output or you can use the included “Y” adapter to connect the inputs to your stereo receiver’s left and right channel pre-amp outputs.

High quality MDF wood cabinets with advanced engineered acoustic designs deliver both incredible volume and bass response for all of your home theater applications. The grille is removable and paintable if desired.

The Acoustic Audio PSW250-6 includes a 9 foot dual RCA/LFE cable, RCA “Y” adapter, instruction manual and a full function remote control. Each system is backed by Acoustic Audio’s one year warranty and lifetime customer service!

7.Acoustic Audio WS1005 Passive Subwoofer Amp

I use this to power a pair of HSU Research VTF-3 Mk3 subwoofers. I installed the amp inside a large, vented enclosure with the subs, where it is protected from dust and debris. I am very pleased with the sound quality and the performance of this little device. It has plenty of power and sounds great.

In my system, I set the crossover control to maximum (200Hz). This prevents the amp from trying to reproduce high frequencies that are outside of its capabilities. The HSU subwoofer contains an active crossover that filters out the high frequencies before they reach the amp. This is a common practice among many home theater enthusiasts who use powered subwoofers.

I have it connected to my audio receiver via an LFE cable and RCA cable. There are several ways you can connect a powered subwoofer to your audio receiver or TV, so you may want to do some research if you’re not sure what method you should use in your particular situation.

I was able to make all of my connections using components I already had on hand, so I didn’t have to buy any additional cables or adapters.

The SVS 13.5″ 1200W Subwoofer uses a potent new amplifier, the Sledge STA-1200D, which can supply up to 1200 watts (continuous) of power to the driver. The driver itself is an all-new design that employs an aluminum cone with a carbon fiber dust cap and dual high-grade ferrite magnets.

SVS has been making subwoofers since 1998 and has built up a reputation for designing drivers that can play loud with low distortion. While many home theater enthusiasts tend to focus on room size, speaker brand and surround sound formats, subwoofers are just as important when it comes to making your system sound its best. That’s because bass frequencies are not only felt more than they are heard, but they also interact with our listening spaces in unpredictable ways that are difficult to correct for without lots of testing and measurement equipment.

The PB4000 was designed specifically for large rooms or those who want really deep bass. It’s larger than many other subs on the market and as such it weighs more as well (154 pounds). The PB4000 is ported, which means it uses a significant amount of air space inside the cabinet to help produce lower frequencies. Ported subs have an advantage in that they don’t have.

The Sonart active subwoofer can be connected to virtually any receiver or processor. The easily accessible line and speaker level inputs and speaker level outputs allow simple connection to most systems.

Equipped with high-power amplifier, the subwoofer is designed to deliver deep, accurate bass for movies and music. The high density MDF bass-reflex enclosure is internally braced and damped to eliminate internal standing waves and other performance-robbing resonances.The subwoofers extend the bass response of your system beyond the limitation of most speakers.

This active subwoofer features an adjustable volume control, so you can balance the bass output with the rest of your home audio system. Also, to conserve energy, the subwoofer will power off after a long period of inactivity.

The Dayton Audio MKSX4 subwoofer is designed to match the Dayton Audio MK Series, but would be a great addition to any system. A unique four-driver design is housed in an optimized ported cabinet made of 3/4″ MDF. The result is a subwoofer that blends form and function seamlessly.

The MKSX4 utilizes the same high excursion drivers as found in the Dayton Audio MK402 bookshelf speakers and shares their musical characteristics. Dual slot ports minimize air turbulence, which results in less audible distortion and greater control over the woofer cone.

A manifold driver layout minimizes unwanted vibration and resonance. The removable rubber feet allow you to lay the subwoofer flat or stand it upright when installing it under a desk or other tight space.

This subwoofer delivers earth-shaking bass for your home theater, but also has what it takes to convey the subtle nuances of music with its fast transient response, low distortion, and superb linearity.