10 Best Samsung TV Remotes 2022- Reviews & Guide

10 Best Samsung TV Remotes 2022 – Reviews & Guide

If you have a Samsung TV, you probably want to pair it with a Samsung remote. The industry-leading manufacturer offers a wide range of models, including basic remotes that are easy to use and smart remotes that let you control multiple devices at once.

If you’re looking for the best Samsung TV remote control options, we have five Samsung remotes to recommend.

An important note: Not every Samsung TV is compatible with every remote. Check your device’s manual or contact customer support to verify that the model you choose will work with your electronics.

1. Universal Remote Control for Samsung


The one and only Premium Quality Universal Remote Control for Samsung available in the market that will control all brands of TV sets and Samsung TV models; with proper settings that do not require any programming codes and is very easy to setup and use. To setup, simply place your Samsung TV model number in the “TV-Model Code Search” and press “Enter” to program over 600+ supported functions to the remote.

2. Universal Remote Control for Samsung TV Replacement


Your Samsung remote will do more than change the channel with this replacement. The Universal Smart Remote Control for Samsung TV Replacements is a full-function remote that features a big lay-flat remote keypad. This universal remote works with more than 300 brands of devices, giving it the capability of controlling almost any of your TV’s components, including the Blu-ray player, set-top box, DVD player, even your TV itself.

3. OMAIC Universal Smart TV Remote Control 


The OMAIC Universal Smart Remote Control for Samsung Smart TV, LED, LCD HDTV is both a WiFi and IR controlled WiFi Joystick, the universal remote controller. It can be used to control most electronic devices with the easy smartphone app using the Bluetooth function. In addition, it comes with 10 R/C modes allowing you to control the motors of iRobot, Lego, and much more popular RCs.

4. Universal Remote Control compatible 


Are you struggling to control your TV from the couch? Forget about those days with this Samsung TV Universal Remote Control as your new handheld! It’s compatible with the majority of brands, with a handy Netflix and Prime Video button that makes it quick and easy to navigate the latest programming on your TV…

5. Universal Remote Control Replacement


Take control of your home entertainment with the help of this top-quality Universal Remote Control Replacement. It can be used to replace a lost or broken remote control, and it allows you to use the buttons on the remote to customize and program your device. This Samsung Smart-TV Universal Remote Control Replacement is compatible with all Samsung televisions and boasts built-in Netflix and Prime Video buttons that allow you to seamlessly access those popular apps. The remote features a sleek design and comes equipped with easy-to-understand graphics so that you can set up and use your device as quickly as possible.

6. Universal Remote Control 


Our remote control has a One for All simplicity with an ergonomic easy-to-use design that provides one-button on/off functionality for key devices, plus it can operate up to four devices on the same code. The One for All URC7350 is compatible with the vast majority of Samsung home entertainment devices on the market today. This One for All Universal Remote Control replaces your current remotes and provides a single source to control all your household entertainment equipment from one convenient location.

7. Universal Remote Control for All Samsung TV Remote

Powerful enough to control every TV in the house together with one easy click! This one universal remote control replaces all your lost or broken Samsung TV Remote controls, controls all family member’s TV channels, input source, volume, power on/off. Have access to Netflix, Prime video right at your fingertips without switching remotes! Plus this remote also controls Samsung Smart Hub for faster web browsing on your TV.

8. Samsung Universal Remote Control with Backlit Buttons 


The Samsung Universal Remote Control with Backlit Buttons for Smart TVs offers a simple way to control your smart TV from up to 100 feet away. It features a backlit LCD screen and a classic black color that blends in with any type of décor. The remote control allows you to conveniently manage cable boxes, audio devices, projectors, and air conditioners – all from one convenient location. The remote control is optimized for use with Samsung’s Smart TV line of products, but it is compatible with other brands as well.

9. Universal Remote Control for Samsung Smart

Do you want to replace all the other remotes that are strewn about your table or coffee? The Universal Remote Control for Samsung Smart-TV HDTV LED/LCD TV Controller will allow users to control the following functions: On/Off, Background Music, Channel, Input source, etc. Using high-frequency RF(radio frequency), infrared technology, the remote is easily programmed to operate your TV.

10. Newest Universal Remote Control

The Newest Universal Remote Control for All Samsung TV Remote Compatible All Samsung LCD LED HDTV 3D Smart TVs Models will simplify your life. As one of the most reliable Samsung remote controls, this device is the highest quality universal remote control that you could have ever expected.