10 Best Sticky Gel Pad 2022 – Reviews & Guide

Sticky Gel Pads are a must-have in every car. A Sticky Gel Pad can get you out of any situation. Whether it’s holding your phone in place on your dashboard, or storing a bunch of pens in one spot, the Sticky Gel Pad is one of those things you didn’t realize you needed until you had it!

We’ve all seen those late night commercials for the sticky gel pads that claim to hold any and everything, but do they work? The answer is Yes & No! They work great with certain items, but not so much with others.

So we’re here to help you figure out what exactly these pads can and cannot hold. We put them to the test with common household items like your cell phone and keys to see how well they hold up!

1. Sticky Pad Phone Gripper 

The Sticky Pad Phone Gripper is specially made for cell phones, tablets, and other electronic devices. With the pad sticks to your cell phone or other electronic devices easily and securely, prevent your cell phone from slipping when you are holding it in hand. Also, it can be used on the dashboards in the car when driving, so when you are turning it will not fall without any support.

2. TORRAS Adhesive Sticky Pad Mounting Disk

Our TORRAS Adhesive Sticky Pad Mounting disk is perfect for keeping your cell phone safe and secure while driving. It’s great for hands-free dining as well as talking hands-free with family and friends. With an 80mm diameter, it’ll hold securely onto your dashboard or windshield w/ or w/o glue to keep it in place. Stick the disk to the back of your device using the packaging tab if necessary, and place your phone on top of it for a solid grip.

3. Volport VHB Sticker Pads 

VOLPORT VHB STICKER PAD | 10 PACK NON-SKID RUBBER BASE ADHESIVE for MAGNETIC PHONE HOLDERS, WALLETS, DRINKING CUP. Comes in a pack of 10. 3M sticker base material. My stay VHB stickers are made from a high-quality adhesive that is a non-skid material that is also used in skateboards. The properties of vhb or vhhd have vacuum and vacuum holding power to strongly secure the object without being noticeable. The length of the double-sided tape is 1.38 inches.

4. I-MART 10.6X5.9 inches Non-Slip Mat 

I-MART 10.6X5.9 inches Non-Slip Mat is the quick and convenient solution for keeping your phone, sunglasses, GPS device, eyeglasses, keys, MP3/MP4 player, and more in place while you’re driving. The rubber material provides an excellent grip that prevents items from sliding or slipping around on your dash or console.

5. Pop-tech VHB 3M Sticker Pads


Sticky pads for cellphone flexible grip and stand back replacement. Each grip and stand base come with 1 set (9pcs) of 3M adhesive stickers and 4pcs alcohol prep pad. The pop-tech sticky adhesive replacement helps you hold the phone in your hands and talk rather than holding the phone in your palm all the time, it also helps to minimize interruptions while talking such as if you accidentally drop the phone, No need to worry that you’ll lose your grip or drop your phone when you’re busy catching up with friends or watching a movie.

These pad anti-slip pads for car and home was designed to bring a new level of freedom and allow freedom of access to anywhere they want, Fix the adhesive very strong glass and cell phone glass and auto windows glass, acrylic, tiles and wood, freezer, kitchen cabinets, and tables.

7. CloudValley Sticky Gel Pads

Take control of your gadgets with CloudValley Sticky Gel Pads. Super-sticky gel pads stick strongly to most surfaces but can be moved and reused without leaving a mark. The 5 Pack includes 1 table pad, 2 rear seat pads, and 2 dashboard pads. They can also be cut to fit almost anywhere, including cars, computers, speakers, mobile phones and more.

8. JIMISHA 2 Pack Anti-Slip Car Dash Sticky Pads

Keep your cell phone steady while driving on the highway with JIMISHA 2 Pack Anti-Slip Car Dash Sticky Pads. It features a non-slip center and a thick gel grip that allows you to go from 0 to 60 without dropping your phone. The adhesive surface is made from high-quality rubber that will not leave any residue on your dashboard or radar detector. Worry no more about getting a speeding ticket because this cell phone holder can stick steadily to almost any surface including dashboards, car vents, and windshields.

9. AZXYI 6 Pack Dashboard Pad Mounting Disk Adhesive Replacement Kit


Double-sided sticky adhesive pads are the perfect solution to help you get more usage out of your desktop dashboard mount. Even though they are designed to hold more than enough power, our standard double-sided adhesive strength needs a boost at times. AZXYI 6 Pack Dashboard Pad Mounting Disk Adhesive Replacement Kit is cost-effective and ready in three easy steps.

10. Bysameyee 5-Pack Anti-Slide Sticky Extra-Thick Dash Pad 

Bysameyee 5-Pack Anti-Slide Sticky Extra-Thick Dash Pad is a practical and beautifully designed dash mat. It has a super-strong adhesive waterproof backing to help it stay securely in place for lasting use. There are 5 pieces included that can be cut according to the need. The sticky pad provides a non-slip surface making sure your cell phone or GPS or any other items placed on it will never fall off the windshield again! Plus, you can quickly clean it by simply wiping it with a damp cloth.