10 Best Xbox Controller Charger 2022 – Reviews & Guide


10 Best Xbox Controller Charger 2022 – Reviews & Guide

The Xbox One is one of the best gaming systems currently available in the market. The controller, in particular, has received rave reviews from a lot of users and critics alike, one user was quoted as saying “playing with an Xbox gamepad has never felt this good”.

If you’re a gamer, you know what it’s like to play all day and into the night. The best part of gaming is being transported to another place, but the worst part is having to stop when your controller runs out of battery.

Tired of constantly plugging in your Xbox One Controller? You can finally put an end to replacing batteries with this Xbox One Controller Charger. It has a built-in rechargeable battery so that you’ll never need to spend money on batteries or have dead controllers when you want them the most.

There’s no need to worry about this Xbox charger dying on you during the middle of an important game because it features a long-lasting rechargeable battery that keeps your controller powered up for 40 hours. This Xbox One controller charger has a charging time of 3-5 hours, so you’ll be able to enjoy 15 hours of continuous gameplay before needing to recharge it again.

You can even charge two controllers at once thanks to its dual ports, though it will take longer for both batteries to be fully charged since they are drawing power from the same source. Each port has its own indicator light, letting you know when they’re fully charged.*

Despite its great quality and comfortable feel, many players still face difficulty going through long gaming sessions due to the slow charging times of the original controller’s battery. This is made worse by the fact that it has a limited number of charges it can go through before it wears down.

To help tackle these problems, companies such as PDP have come up with ways to make charging a more seamless process.

What Chargers do Xbox One controllers use?

You can charge your Xbox One controller using a Micro USB Cable. You can connect the Micro-USB end of the cable to your controller and the other end to a standard USB port on your computer. The Xbox One console will not charge your controller.

If you have an Xbox One Play & Charge Kit, you can also charge via any USB port, such as those on the front of your Xbox One or on a PC. The Play & Charge Kit comes with one rechargeable battery and a USB-to-Micro-USB cable.

The charger cable is also available separately from all major retailers, though you’ll have to provide your own rechargeable battery pack if it’s not part of a larger kit.

Do Xbox controllers charge with USB-C?

Yes, the Xbox Series X controller can be charged with a USB-C cable.

In fact, there’s nothing stopping you from charging it with the same cable you use to charge your phone. In fact, since the new controller is compatible with the Xbox One and Windows PCs, you can use any USB-C charging cable to charge it.

The Xbox Series X controller doesn’t come with a USB-C cable in the box though, so you’ll need to provide your own if you want to use this connection method.

1.Beboncool Controller Battery Pack


The new Beboncool Controller Battery Pack is the perfect item for those long gaming sessions. This rechargeable battery pack fits perfectly inside most Xbox One controllers and provides up to 50 hours of gameplay when fully charged. 

The Xbox One battery pack is specially designed for Xbox One/S/X controller and it can work with the Controller charging station. No need to buy AA batteries anymore, just plug into the USB cable of your Xbox system, computer or Power Bank to recharge.

Each 2550mAh high capacity battery provides up to 20 hours of playtime on a single charge. It also features short circuit protection and overcharge protection, when the battery is fully charged, the charging will automatically stop.

The package includes 3 pack 2550mAh Xbox battery and an Xbox one controller charger. The controller charger can be connected to a USB cable for charging or directly plugged into the Xbox console for charging. When you insert the battery into the charger, the LED indicator lights turn red and turn blue once fully charged.

2.Smatree Controller Battery Pack

Dualsense controller is the newest upgrade, but it’s not compatible with old batteries. If you prefer to use your old battery, Smatree 2-pack rechargeable battery and charger will fulfill your need.

Each Smatree battery comes with a high capacity of 600mAh, which is twice as large as that of the original Xbox One battery. What’s more, the charging time is 1.5 times quicker than the original one.

Smatree controller battery is made of environmentally friendly materials. With the help of intelligent control chip and protection board, it is much safer during charging and discharging.

Smatree controller battery has over 500 charge/discharge cycles in total, making it a long-lasting product for your use.

Smatree charging dock can charge two batteries at same time for Xbox wireless controller, saving you 70% charging time. Two light bars are equipped on this charger to indicate the remaining power level: Red color indicates 30% or lower power left; Green color indicates 30%-100% power left; Flashing red light indicates an error while charging; Flashing green light indicates an error while using the batteries.

3.Rii Play and Charge Battery Kit

Normal battery is not rechargeable, it will be used up once it’s dead. Rechargeable battery can be charged over and over again, which can save your money and protect environment.

1200mAh is the highest capacity on market with this size (673721mm). It’s enough for a long time gaming with LED indicator to remind you when it’s time to charge them.

Our batteries have passed CE, FCC, UN38.3 certificates and made of high quality lithium polymer materials by professional manufacturer, so they can last longer than other batteries on market which are made of low end materials.

4.Taiker Controller Battery Pack

Xbox One batteries are 8.4 volts, but they are made up of two rows of six AA cells that run in series. That means each individual AA cell will be charged to 4.2 volts.

When you insert a battery into the charger, it has a current limiter that keeps the current at about 0.1 C (so 0.1 times the capacity of the battery, or 200 mA). A fully charged AA cell will have about 500 mAh capacity, so 200 mA is about 40% charge.

After running for 10 hours (the time limit on the charger), this would give you about 2 Ah from each AA cell, which is about half its full capacity. This is pretty good for a NiMH battery (and an acceptable charging method for NiMHs).

5.Amazon Basics 100 Pack 


Battery life is a major topic in the consumer electronics world, and there are a lot of reasons to have a battery backup system for just about everything. One of the most common questions I get asked is about batteries — specifically, alkaline batteries.

The fact that alkaline batteries can last for several years means they’re good for things like flashlights and remote controls, which don’t have to be plugged in. But where alkaline batteries really shine is in their ability to provide power for devices that are constantly connected and being used — like your digital camera or your cell phone.

The reason alkaline batteries can last so long is the amount of energy they lose when they’re charged. When you use an alkaline battery in a device that requires constant power, the battery will drain down pretty quickly. So manufacturers need to make sure the battery never loses its ability to hold a charge at all costs. In order to do this, they create batteries that won’t corrode or lose their juice if they’re left on a shelf for years at a time.

6.BEBONCOOL Charging Station for Xbox One Controller Dual Charger

Controller Charger Station for Xbox One, Charging Station for Xbox One Controller Battery Pack, 2 x 1200 Rechargeable Battery Pack Compatible with Xbox Series X|S/Xbox One/Xbox One S/X/Elite

Unique Design: Our controller charger station is designed specifically for the Xbox one controller battery pack. The two rechargeable batteries can charge two Xbox one controllers at the same time. The charging time is about 2 to 4 hours.

Dual Port Charger: The charger is equipped with dual ports for charging the controller and built-in lithium batteries simultaneously. Includes a 5V 1A adapter, you don’t need to buy an extra adapter.

LED Indicator: The LED indicator on the charging station will turn red during charging and green when it’s fully charged. It will not be charged if you don’t insert it correctly and the light does not work when charging.

Warranty: Since we are so confident in our product quality, if you have any questions about the product, please contact us and we will provide 100% satisfactory service in 24 hours.

7.Xbox One/One S/One X Controller Charger

LED Charging Indicator: The 2 controller charging station has a unique design, which can be used not only as a base but also as a home or office decoration. With the LED light indicator, you can know clearly when to charge and when to stop charging.

Comes with Two 1200mAh Rechargeable Battery Packs: The battery pack is specially designed for Microsoft Xbox one wireless controllers. The high-capacity battery pack provides up to 20 hours of playing time, and is fully charged in 4-5 hours. (Charging time may vary depending on the remaining power of the battery). The charging dock will stop sending charge once the battery is fully charged, which ensures safety and saves energy.

More Protections: The charger has overcharge protection, short circuit protection and automatic standby mode. It will automatically stop charging after full charge to prevent damage from overcharge and prolong battery life.

Package Contents: 1 x Controller Charger Dock for Xbox One; 2 x 1200mAh rechargeable batteries for Microsoft Wireless Controller; 1 x USB Cable; 1 x User Guide.

8.Controller Charger for Xbox Series S X,Charging Dock 

[Two Charging Ways] Designed for Xbox One/One Elite/Series X|S Controllers, The OIVO Charging Station provides an easy and quick way to charge and store your Xbox wireless controllers. Plug the USB plug into the Xbox console USB port, Place the controller on the charging dock, and then you can start charging.

When charging, the corresponding LED indicator will be on, when fully charged, all indicators turn off. You can use a 5V/1A AC Adapter (NOT INCLUDED) to charge the Xbox controller by connecting to the Micro USB port at the bottom of the station.

[Dual Charging Dock] The Xbox Controller Charger has dual conductive posts that allow for charging 2 controllers simultaneously. Each conductive post is equipped with its own LED indicator light; Red means it’s currently charging and green means it’s fully charged and ready for use. When not gaming, securely store and charge up to two controllers with this Dual Conductive Charging Station.

[High Capacity Rechargeable Battery] The rechargeable battery kit can be used as replacement battery or spare battery for your Xbox One/One Elite/Series x|s Controller. High capacity 1300mAh Ni-MH battery can provide up to 9 hours of continuous gameplay after.

9.Y Team Xbox 360 Controller Charger

If you’re a gamer, the controller that comes with your Xbox 360 console is an essential piece of equipment. But it’s not the only way you can control your games, thanks to custom controllers and accessories like this one that strap onto the original controller.

Y Team’s battery charger kit allows you to keep two rechargeable batteries on hand for as long as you need them. The kit doesn’t come with a battery, but since it’s designed for the Xbox 360 controller, it fits right in. The kit even includes cables for connecting the controller to your console so you can play without swapping batteries in mid-game.

Designers Andrew and Tim from ITEAD have created a clever design here, because the charger itself attaches to the original controller via a flexible cable that wraps around the back of the controller and plugs into the bottom of the console. If you’re playing on an Xbox 360 Slim or one of its newer models, there’s a good chance this will work just fine.

10.Controller Charger Compatible

All-In-One Charging Solution: The all-in-one charging station can charge up to 2 Xbox One/Xbox One Elite/Xbox One S/Xbox One X/Xbox Series X|S controllers simultaneously. A great gift for Xbox gamers.

2 x 1300mAh Rechargeable Battery Pack: The rechargeable battery pack with 1300mAh capacity provides up to 30 hours of continuous playtime on a single charge and keep you out of the game.

Smart Charge & LED Indicator: Automatically stop charging when the controllers are fully charged, preventing overcharging, and the LED indicator lets you know the charging status at a glance.

High Compatibility: Compatible with Xbox One X / Xbox One S / Xbox One Elite controllers, Xbox Series X|S controllers, and AA batteries (not included). NOTE: Please do not use it while playing games in order to avoid damage caused by overcurrent.

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14 41pujmuomel-_sl160_-5081824 Rechargeable Battery Packs for Xbox One/Xbox Series X|S, 4 X 1500mAh Xbox one Controller Battery… $25.86 Buy on Amazon
15 Rechargeable Battery Pack for Xbox Controller,4x1200mAh Batteries with Charger,Rechargeable… $24.99 Buy on Amazon