10 Best Zip Together Sleeping Bags For Couples 2022 – Reviews & Guide

Best zip-together sleeping bags for couples are a great invention of recent times as they provide a great deal of flexibility in terms of sleeping arrangements. A couple can use these sleeping bags either to camp outside in the wilderness or just sleep somewhere in the confines of the warm home. Sadly, choosing the best zip-together sleeping bags for couples is not an easy task and it would help if you had some idea regarding their benefits in comparison with other types.

Sleeping bags are great for traveling on any school or family trip, especially those in which you might be sleeping outdoors. As the name suggests, zip-up sleeping bags, also known as double sleeping bags, have zippers that run along the tops of them. This makes them easy to separate so that every person has their own sleeping bag and is not disturbed by another’s movements in their sleep. The interior lining of these bags is also made to create a better heat reflection that keeps each person using the zip-together sleeping bag warmer at night.

Zip-together sleeping bags are an essential part of tent camping.  There is no limit to the number of people that you can fit in a tent. However, if you have too many people in one sleeping bag, you will run the risk of being too crowded and having difficulty getting into a relaxed mode for your night outside. This is why zip-together sleeping bags are such a popular option for families and large groups of friends who are planning to go camping.

With these sleeping bags, you can split into separate sleeping bags at any time and set them out on opposite sides of the tent. The use of zip-together sleeping bags also allows everyone to be comfortable. If one person feels hot they can unzip their portion of the sleeping bag while another may be cold, they can then zip themselves into their section without disturbing their partner. This allows both people to be comfortable at all times without having to share extra layers of clothing or blankets.

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Xperience It All Couples Double Sleeping Bag. 3 Season, 2 Person, Queen Size Ideal For Camping, Hiking, Backpacking. Cozy And Warm (down To 30 Degrees Fahrenheit) – Stay comfortable in cold weather down to about 30 degrees, or near freezing, with this 3 season sleeping bag. Lightweight Filling Adds Warmth Without Bulk – High-quality filling adds warmth without bulk; cozy and soft to the touch.

Waterproof Coating – Keeps moisture out so you don’t get wet when it rains; also comes with a drawstring stuff sack for easy transportation. Oversized When Laid Out – Spread it out for a concert, picnic, beach date, or sporting event. Extra Large Fits Up To 6’4 Tall – This sleepover bag fits tall men and women up to 6 foot 4; a luxurious sleeping bag will make any couple feel closer than ever before.

2. Oak Creek Double Sleeping Bag

Our Oak Creek doubles sleeping bag bundle is perfect for a romantic getaway or even a family camping trip. When you zip together two individual sleeping bags you create a queen size space that is 85 inches long by 58 inches wide. The regular weather rating is 40 degrees F with a high loft synthetic fill that provides comfort and warmth in any climate.

The outside layer is made from 210T taffeta that is lightweight yet durable and features a water-resistant finish to help keep you dry in inclement weather conditions. Zip the two sleeping bags together to form a cozy double or simply use each one separately. Our Ultralight Sleeping Bags are no more than 5 pounds, so they are easy to lug around on your next adventure. Each individual sleeping bag comes in a compression sack making them easy to pack without the hassle of folding or rolling.

3. Ayamaya Sleeping Bags

Made of water-resistant polyester with Nylon filling, our lightweight sleeping bags provide you with plenty of room for comfort and warmth. A comfortable drawstring hood fits closely around the face to keep out drafts. Adjustable shoulder straps allow you to give sleeping bags maximum foot room when closing up the mummy zipper. Our versatile sleep bags can be used year-round in a variety of ways; try them at home as an extra blanket on your bed or take them camping to stay warm on those chilly nights. Whether you’re camping at the beach or snuggling up for an evening movie, our high-quality sleeping bags offer you the ultimate comfort and warmth.

When the temperature drops below freezing you will want to be warm and comfortable while tent camping. The 2-person 20-degree sleeping bag provides exceptional comfort in a compact size. It will fit into your backpack so you can easily carry it along on your next camping trip. It is designed with a high-quality ripstop exterior shell as well as an anatomically shaped foot box that provides added comfort and warmth. A double layer of insulation at the head, shoulder, and feet area ensures maximum heat retention to keep you comfortable. Inside, the sleeping bag has a 100% polyester lining that is smooth and soft.

The sleeping bag also features two zipper closures for better ventilation and easy access. At the bottom of the sleeping bag, there is a built-in pillow pocket for extra comfort. This helps provide additional support for your head so that you can get a good night’s sleep. On the outside, a 70d nylon + 210T polyester taffeta shell provides water resistance to help protect the sleeping bag during inclement weather conditions such as rain or condensation; while an aluminum zipper adds increased durability and enables easy access in and out of the sleeping bag.

4. Conway Double Sleeping Bag

 CONWAY Double Sleeping Bag is made of waterproof 210T polyester+flannel liner+300GMS filling, which gives you enough warmth and comfort even in below-zero weather conditions. Moreover, it can keep you safe from insects and harmful stuff. Multifunctional sleeping bag with a detachable design which makes it easier to use. You can use each part independently or together on the same trip. The Good choice when camping, traveling, hiking, having a picnic, or any other outdoor activities with your family or friends!

Large Size: 210″ x 101″ (can fit 2 adults comfortably) Detachable design makes the whole double sleeping bag into two individual sleeping bags, easy to pack and carry. Lightweight and highly portable for backpacking. SUPER HUGE SIZE – 5 Feet 10 inches long, 4 feet 5 inches wide (210x101cm) with a soft flannel lining, water-repellent and warm; Economically and practically efficient – No need to buy several thin, small-sized sleeping bags anymore.

5. KingCamp Sleeping Bag

The KingCamp Oversize Sleeping Bag Double Sleeping Bags for Adults 2 Person 3 Season Backpacking Sleeping Bags Cold Weather for Hiking Backpacking Camping 87”x59” can be separated into two individual sleeping bags, (separate the integrated stuff sack), and it is a great option for couples, families, or groups to share. The best travel sleeping bag is designed with your comfort in mind. Made out of water-resistant polyester fabric, you can use it in damp conditions and humid climates.

The Big and Wide KingCamp double sleeping bags are made of soft, comfy, and durable polyester fabric. They are water-resistant and great for all kinds of weather. Whether you’re camping, hiking, or just hanging out on a cool summer night, these sleeping bags will keep you warm and snug all night long. These sleeping bags have a detachable design so that you can use them as two individual sleeping bags for your friends or family members.

6. VENTURE 4TH Backpacking Sleeping Bag


The VENTURE4TH backpacking sleeping bag is our highly rated lightweight, super warm, and cold weather sleeping bag with a durable, breathable, skin-friendly shell and filling made with 210T water-resistant polyester to keep you warm during trips in temperatures of 40 degrees F. The rectangular shape offers plenty of room around the shoulders while hugging the body for a comfortable sleep. This premium family-sized sleeping bag has a high-gauge zipper making it easy to slip in and out. It’s best to use with mummy and camping bedding sets.

The VENTURE 4TH Backpacking Sleeping Bag is a waterproof, compact, and lightweight sleeping bag for children and adult hikers, backpackers, campers, students, and athletes camping at scout or 4-H events. It features three heat-retaining layers that keep the body warm in cold weather like spring, fall, and winter. The inner layer is constructed with 210T waterproof polyester that prevents moisture from seeping through while maintaining breathability.

The middle layer made of 100Gm high-loft padding retains heat while the outer layer is water-resistant and soft against the skin to give you a pleasant sleeping temperature ranges between 40F to 50F degrees respectively. It comes in two sizes – single and XXL. It can accommodate people of different age groups comfortably. This comfortable double sleeping bag comes with an attached compression sack and is highly compressible making it easy to carry along even when backpacking or hiking. Many use it for other uses such as traveling on long journeys, outdoor sports like rock climbing, or camping at scout or 4-H events.

TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Double Sleeping Bag: Lightweight backpacking sleeping bag for hiking and camping outdoors; Double zippers on each side help you make your ventilation as you please Hide-away zipper to prevent snagging; Includes a shrink wrap compression + carrying sack; Pack size:20″x5.5″+7.5″,600x270x80cm(L×W×H); Color: Green+Khaki; Material: Ultralight Microfiber Nylon; TIP: It will be better than the sleeping bag can breathe freely when opened out completely; Product weight:3.2lbs(1.45kg)

The TETON Sports Tracker Ultralight Double Sleeping Bag is constructed with a soft, yet durable microfiber material that is both warm enough for cold weather and comfortable enough for a snuggly evening in your own bed. This lightweight sleeping bag will compress well in a backpack, due to the fact that it is constructed with an innovative microfiber combination insulation that makes up the majority of the sleeping bag.

The sleeping bag will also come with a compression sack for easy packing. The zippers on this double sleeping bag are easily opened and closed, allowing quick and easy entry into the bag for two people! You will also notice an added functionality of hanging loops along with the zipper-storage sack; these loops allow you to hang your sleeping bag to lengthen the life of your sleeping bag by keeping it loftier. In addition to all of these added features, you will find every aspect of this product is carefully crafted and manufactured in the USA with durable materials to ensure a long-lasting trip into nature.

This Cloud Layer Sleeping Bag compacts for easy storage and convenient transport because the smaller the better. Yet at the same time, it’s a spacious sleeping bag, great for two people. It has double zipper ventilation to prevent restlessness, side baffles for extra height from bottom to top for maximum roominess, cotton sheets that can be removed for easy machine washing and it is lightweight enough to fold into a small duffle and contain pockets and zip-lining allowing for ultimate utility.

The SylvanSport Cloud Layer Sleeping Bag is a 2 person double-layer sleeping bag ideal for camping, backpacking, and trips with the kids. It features an extra roomy design with side baffles that create extra height from bottom to top for maximum roominess for two people. It is made of a durable polyester taffeta fabric that is water-resistant and has dual zipper ventilation allowing open ventilation for your feet and side zipper access for those warm summer nights. The entire bag is also machine washable.

The Sierra Designs Backcountry Bed 20 is the revolutionary new bag that has eliminated the zipper. To start, unzip, tuck, and smooth. With this patented zipperless design, you have an ultra-comfortable lightweight sleeping bag that gives all the comforts of your bed at home. Take it on all of your campouts so you’ll always sleep well in a down bag.

This unique design totally eliminates unnecessary weight, bulk, and noise created by the zipper. Plus, the full-length integrated comforter creates a dependable barrier between you and any outside drafts. The insulated hand/arm pockets keep your hands warm for late-night snacks or trips to the facilities. The patented self-sealing foot vent provides fast and easy ventilation without feeling cold or drafty.

Pursuing adventure requires a good night’s sleep. The Backcountry Bed 20° 650 fill sleeping bag stands up to your most extreme adventures, whether it be winter camping in the backcountry or taking an early spring ski trip. The patent-pending zipperless design of this award-winning sleeping bag gives you a plush and insulated sleeping pad, eliminating the cold spots associated with zippers and zipper draft tubes.

The big comforter top won’t blow off during the night, extending your sleeping bag’s life, and features a large collar to keep you warm on chilly nights. The oversized integrated comforter also doubles as a pillow. Crafted from lightweight and durable water-resistant materials, this is an ideal three-season bag for all your outdoor adventures. 

Nemo partnered with kayak legend Steve Fisher to design the ultimate sleeping bag for all your backcountry adventures. The Forte™ Ultralight Sleeping Bag is ultra-compressible, water-resistant, and comes in both 20 and 35-degree versions so you have the warmth you need, where you need it.

Using our patented fabric technology, we created a sleeping bag that is lightweight enough to be carried over long distances yet warm enough to withstand frigid temperatures at high elevations. During testing, men and women reported feeling more comfortable than in any other sleeping bag they’ve used. And the integrated pillow pocket allows for a restful night’s sleep even when you’re far from your bed at home.

We make sleeping bags we use ourselves. And when you’re sleeping in your bag, it makes all the difference. Other bags might look like ours and claim similar things, but rest assured, there is a reason why we are the only dedicated manufacturer of synthetic sleeping bags.

Since 1992, our two superpowers have been warmth and moisture protection. While many brands just slap a shell of Pertex to their bag and call it “Synthetic” or “All-Season,” we have spent 25 years testing materials and construction techniques to achieve ULTIMATE WARMTH + ULTIMATE MOISTURE PROTECTION for 3 season backpacking.

Come to the first frost on your attempt at winter camping? We’ve got you covered. Need that extra warmth on a winter hike through Yosemite? Not an issue. Moisture Protection? Never worry about it. We spent 18 months developing the Forte Ultralight with only three goals in mind – to make it warm, lightweight, and waterproof from top-to-bottom – so you can enjoy natural comfort while backpacking in all conditions.”